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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Munya finally marries his long time love Adiona Maboreke

Big Brother Africa star and film producer Munyaradzi Chidzonga and songbird Adiona Maboreke tied the knot at an intimate wedding held at the exquisite Rivertree Paungano in Chisipite over the weekend. Munya who was affectionately known as the “Diamond Boy” and now “Mr Diamond” was dressed in all white suit with a matching blue cravat while Adiona looked gorgeous in an all white designer wedding gown. Father Fenga of the Anglican Church solemnised the wedding under the Acacia tree that added a touching and sentimental element to the already blissful ceremony.
Adiona walked down the aisle looking resplendent in her gown and veil, the sight of which brought tears of joy to the eyes of many in the audience.
The groomsmen responded by “kupfugama vachiombera nekutenda tezvara” for the gift of Adiona. It was emotional.
The couple then went for a photo shoot with close relatives and the bridal party.
The reception started with the bridal party performing the traditional “step-dance” for the gathering but they added a modern and youthful feel to it. The reception carried the emotional vein of the ceremony and kept the whole gathering on their feet. Adiona sang a touching song for Munya called “I Love You” that she wrote and Munya in turn put in an impromptu dance for his new wife and mother of his two-year-old son Pfumai.
The couple will leave today for Nyanga for a week-long honeymoon and then spend another night at the Meikles Hotel when they return.
According to Munya he is over the moon and still can’t believe he has done it.
“I am excited that Adiona and I are now officially and spiritually husband and wife. The wedding went well and it really feels good and a blessing to the family,” he said.....

awwww congratulations to you both.....

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