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Thursday, February 6, 2014

ASABE Episode 3


That evening was one of those evenings when Laraba wished she was staying in the hostel, she got back within the hour and got in quietly through the back door ,all thanks to Ladidi,she was very upset with Ladidi for letting their parents know she went out, but of course Ladidi immediately exonerated herself by telling her who the culprit is, while they were still talking, Junior rushed downstairs to the kitchen to fetch a glass of pineapple juice prepared by their mum that evening, as soon as Ladidi saw him he turned to Laraba and said ‘talk of the devil’ .
Laraba: Ehen come here, (dragged him by the collar of his pyjamas),is keeping your nose out of my business too much to ask for?
Junior: No! but not telling mum & dad the truth is too much to ask for!
Laraba raised her hand to spank Junior and he immediately said, if you dare lay your hand on me, I will scream and for your information daddy is downstairs , so my advice is ….do not get your situation complicated than it is already! Laraba angrily made her way out of the kitchen pushing Ladidi and Junior out of the way,Ladidi almost fell over the basket of oranges  Mrs Adams bought from bendel for madam Lydia but with juniors’s support she was not hurt, Mrs Adams is a very good friend to Madam Lydia, she is a full housewife and  good at nothing else than travelling  and shopping, she always uses her spare time to come gossip with madam Lydia.
Laraba climbed the stairs gently to avoid drawing either her dad or mum’s attention, she just wanted to go sleep off the anger, as soon as she opened the door to her room she met her mum sitting on her bed, she tried to apologise, but madam Lydia wouldn’t even let her speak;
Madam Lydia : You are a disgrace, you see, this is one of the reasons I didn’t buy the idea of you staying in the hostel, if you can do this under our noses, what will you be doing if left alone? No responsible man will come take you out of your parent’s house without even saying hello, he sneaked you out of the house Laraba, you have become a common item without value
Laraba: Mummy he loves me
Madam Lydia: I don’t think so, if he really does ,he would come and see your parents, we don’t even have an idea of what he looks like, what if he hurts you? We won’t even have any link as to who he is let alone trace him.
Laraba: Mummy you are over reacting, Nelson won’t do such to me
Madam Lydia: I am overreacting right? Wait until your father sees you! Idiot! Tomorrow everyone will say you don’t have home training, of course you don’t see anything wrong with what you have done tonight…….I am overreacting!(shakes her head  in disappointment)hmm!...if you know what is good for you, just avoid your daddy this night, I will be kind enough to let him know you are back.
Madam Lydia  that evening wore her dark blue silky night wear, she bought it from M&S London, this night wear has a good way of showing all her curves, she went down the stairs in a funny way trying to draw her husband’s attention, she usually does this when she is trying to plead with her husband over something , but this time Mr Dan ignored all her moves, she didn’t give up she went and sat by his side, leaning on his shoulder, and in a very soft way told him that Laraba was back a while ago, he didn’t utter a word, he simply took a sip of his champagne….
Madam Lydia: honey I am talking to you, I just said Laraba is upstairs and on her behalf ,I have come to apologise, I asked her not to come and see you yet since you are still upset with her.
Mr Dan: woman I have heard you! I know she is back, Junior  told me already!
Madam Lydia became worried at the rate at which junior losses control of his tongue, but of course ignored Junior for now since there is a bigger issue at hand.
Madam Lydia: Honey please, I have spoken to her and I am sure she won’t try such again. Meanwhile its bedtime and there is something I have been wanting to show you,
Mr. Dan probably understood her, looked at her and smiled (in his mind he was like * and so this bitch still has my mumu button even after 28years*)
Madam Lydia kept on smiling as she held his hand and sort of pulled him towards her.
Weekend came and Asabe was home, apart from Junior and his dad who were excited about seeing Asabe, every other person acted like-----à what’s the big deal, she is home and so? Asabe immediately settled in and started cutting the vegetables as Madam Lydia already went to the market to get a whole lot of food items,infact Junior asked with a lot of sarcasm ‘mummy are we having a carnival, this is way too much for just dinner’ the mother ignored him .Asabe in no time was done with the vegetables and immediately carried on with making the vegetable soup, everyone who knew otunba very well knows that’s his favourite, he likes it with pounded yam,Mr Dan from the living room could perceive the aroma of the soup and made his way to the kitchen, well done everyone, I trust my Asabe, now where is Laraba and Ladidi??? They are upstairs,Junior answered ! Go and call them, they are not here now, later they will make half done rice for me, silly girls!!!

 The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.  - James .M. Barrie

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