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Friday, October 12, 2012

BOBBI KRISTINA'S engagement ring is an exact replica of KATE MIDDLETON'S -minus a few carats,says expert

It’s a ring fit for a princess! So it makes sense that it should decorate the fingers of both Kate Middleton and the daughter of the “Queen of the Night,” Whitney Houston. It was revealed today that Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19, is indeed engaged to Nick Gordon, who the late singer raised as her son. On Twitter, Bobbi Kristina posted a photo of the bling her 22-year-old beau gave her: a 15-carat sapphire stunner surrounded by 1.5 carats of diamonds that may look a little familiar … like the one that adorns the hand of Prince William’s wife! “It’s a definite copy of her ring,” Anthony Sarkissian of Premier Jewelry Lenders in Beverly Hills tells omg!. “The shape of the stone, the way it’s set, having it made in platinum, the thinness of the shank … it’s a carbon copy of [Kate’s ring].” 
Bobbi Kristina’s is just a teeny bit smaller. Kate’s sapphire, which once belonged to Princess Diana, is 18 carats. The teen’s version could be worth anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, depending on its oval-cut center stone. Sarkissian explains that some sapphires are heated in order to give them a more brilliant blue color, yet it’s impossible to judge Bobbi Kristina’s based solely on a photo of the gem. He adds that the round-cut diamonds surrounding the sapphire add approximately another $10,000 to the ring’s worth. It’s unclear how Gordon, who ostensibly does not work, could afford such a pricey rock. 
Colored stones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies have become very popular in recent years, thanks to Middleton, Jessica Simpson, and Halle Berry – although “generally it’s done on a smaller scale, like a 3-5 carat sapphire and a half a carat of diamonds around it,” says Sarkissian. Still, given Bobbi Kristina’s age, “to have one of this size is a bit ridiculous, but I guess in today’s era anything is possible.”
Bobbi Kristina and Gordon, who began dating immediately after Houston’s February death, announced their engagement to her family in a new clip to promote their E! reality show, “The Houston’s On Our Own,” which premieres on October 24. In the preview, Houston’s brother Gary confronts Gordon, saying, “No one knew that from a godson you would turn into a boyfriend,” to which Gordon retorts, "Nobody has to be in my business."
After Houston’s death, Bobbi Kristina was spotted wearing her mother’s diamond ring, which initially sparked rumors that she and Gordon were engaged. In recent photos posted on Bobbi Kristina’s Twitter page, she wears the sapphire on her left hand and her late mother’s diamond on her right.

DANGOTE targets N100 billion flood relief funds!

The Presidential Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation says its target is to raise N100 billion to support the Federal Government in its effort to provide relief to sufferers of this year’s flood tragedy.

While inaugurating the 34-man committee, President Goodluck Jonathan said that, their selection was based on merit and their record of immense humanitarian assistance to the government and Nigerians.

The co-chairman of the committee, billionaire Aliko Dangote, said, members of his team will not hesitate to make huge donations for the victims because, they have done similar things to assist victims of such disasters in other countries, he believes they will do more in their own country.

Alhaji Dangote, while appreciating the government and the people of the country said, as executives and business magnets, they have benefited from Nigeria as a country so, they owe it to Nigerians to reciprocate the gesture.

He said, “We are targeting N100 billion minimum. We do not want to look at it as a government issue. For some of us when there were disasters in other countries we helped and so we expect people to help us.”

“Government is doing their own but we as a private sector, we are very serious because we are donating our money out of our own goodwill and I believe Nigerians know that with the calibre of people that we have in the committee, these are people that have actually benefited from Nigeria, without Nigeria we wouldn’t have been where we are today.”
Promising Nigerians that they will make sure their efforts reach the victims of the disaster, he said, “We are ready to come out and assist and so if anybody donates his money he wants to be reassured that his money will be judiciously spent, the people who are affected will get what they deserve.”
President Goodluck Jonathan while inaugurating the committee members told them that, he knows their capabilities and he believes they will not make any delays in discharging their responsibilities because they were selected based on their proven integrity and not credentials.
The President explained, “All of you here are in one way or the other been involved in philanthropic duties because this is an assignment that you need people with empathy not people that will see it as a privilege of touring or getting allowances for travels.”

While expressing confidence in Dangote and Agbakoba as the head of the team, the President said, “With the credible people that we have here, this assignment will be carried to the letter and will be an honour to our fatherland.”

Piqued that a whole lot of the country is presently flooded, including his home state, Bayelsa, the President said, at least 25 per cent of the country is affected, and the issue is no longer domestic but international.

The President observed, “I spoke to my governor yesterday, he was so desperate because he said people do not even have food because all the channels of communications to Bayelsa State has been blocked by water. What we are expecting next is to begin to see the goodies coming and we will try as much as possible to raise funds both locally and internationally to compliment’s government’s effort in terms of making sure that our fellow Nigerians do not really suffer from the devastating calamity. We will go round and see what needs to be done to ensure this does not reoccur again.”

In a nationwide broadcast on Tuesday morning the President said, the committee was inaugurated because “Nigeria was facing its own unfair share of the global phenomenon of flooding.” In addition, the committee was responsible for “raising funds to compliment or augment federal government’s effort to cushion the immediate effect of flooding and the resettlement and recovery of affected persons,” and “advise government on how to handle victims.”

“We believe that this committee can conclude this job in 12 months. The flood, God willing by middle of November, will go down, after that what next? You will still be working and I belief that within 12 months we will be able to see how we can resettle these people and they will begin to live their normal live,” he continued.

“So you have enormous responsibility but we believe you are equal to the task. Let me especially thank our development partners for accepting to serve on this special committee, Nigeria will continue to be grateful to you especially to the organizations you represent. Let us assure you on behalf of government and people that we are grateful for your commitment and efforts to serve our country,” he added.

“Let me also use this opportunity to assure Nigerians again that the present administration will do everything possible to ameliorate the impact of this devastating flood on our people. We will do everything to cushion their pain, and we have put up a strong team made up of credible men and women who will also help government to achieve this,” he concluded.

N2.6 billion naira to be spent on the upgrading and maintenance of the presidential villa

The Presidency plans to spend over N2.8 billion to “rehabilitate and repair” residential buildings for the President, the Vice President and their entourages next year – going by details of the budget.

Besides, the Presidency estimates that it will spend N733,893,900 on refreshments and meals, foodstuff and catering materials supplies for both the president and the vice president, according to a document stating the ABC of the budget.

The Presidency, comprising the offices of the president and the vice president, intends to spend N2.96 billion on local and international travels next year.

Under the capital expenditure of the Presidency, the Villa, as it is popularly known in Abuja, the capital city has proposed to spend N2,879,000,000 on residential buildings.

A breakdown of the expenditure shows that N2.6 billion is to be spent on the upgrading and maintenance of Villa facilities. No details were given as to which facilities the cash will be spent on.
About N120,000,000 will be spent to model the new guest house at 41, Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Asokoro for the Vice President. Besides, N120,000,000 will be spent on the completion of the rehabilitation of security quarters at Mpape Artillery, Asokoro.

Just like last year, the Presidency plans to spend N10 million to rehabilitate the presidential and ministerial chalet at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja, N89 million will be spent to rehabilitate the State House Medical Centre (SHMC) service quarters and N30 million for the SHMC infrastructure.
On food stuff and refreshments for the Villa, there was a slight reduction in the figures for 2013. The President’s food stuff and catering materials supply is to cost N294,238,969. The Vice President’s is estimated to cost N112,500,000.

For refreshments and meals, the President wants to spend N203,752,432 while the Vice President is asking for N123,402,499.
The vice president wants an additional N40,784,248 in 2013 for the printing of non-security documents.

According to the details of the 2013 budget figures reporters stumbled on last night, the President plans to spend N1,289,624,428 on his foreign travels and N1,035,319,145 on local travels. The Vice President is seeking for N387,219,988 for international travels and N249,775,990 for local travels.
A simple but symbolic task of budget presentation by the President has become the subject of a big row between the executive and the legislature.

The Presidency responded with anger yesterday to what it described as scathing remarks by the Senate President David Mark and House Speaker Aminu Tambuwal during the presentation of the 2013 budget estimate by President Goodluck Jonathan to a joint session of the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Mark, after the presentation, described the budget proposal as mere estimates and warned the President not to expect the National Assembly to rubber stamp the document.
Tambuwal criticised the executive for the poor implementation of this year’s budget, stressing that the assessment by members of the House was not impressive.

Apparently miffed by the reaction of the leaders of the legislature, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs Dr. Doyin Okupe, decried what he described as “unfair treatment of the President” by Mark and Tambuwal.

Addressing reporters in Abuja yesterday, Okupe took exceptions to Mark’s description of the budget as “mere estimates”, saying the Senate President was derisive in his remarks.
According to him, the budget, as presented by the President, is a product of rational thinking and not mere estimates, as Mark stated.

“In a democracy, there is useful idea about deliberations, until useful conclusions are reached. Referring to the budget as mere estimates is unfair and does not speak well of the entire process.
“President Jonathan and his administration do not see the National Assembly as a rubber stamp. The President does not expect the National Assembly to be a rubber stamp,” Okupe said.
The President’s aide faulted the Speaker’s non performance verdict on the 2012 budget, saying the document was signed into law only in April and that there was no way the budget could have done better under the circumstance.

Okupe maintained that despite the late signing of the 2012 budget, the executive has released N711 .6 billion for capital projects to the various MDAs.

This, he said, represents 53 per cent of capital release in just six months into the life of the budget.
The aide disagreed with Tambuwal over inadequate release of funds to the MDAs, saying that many of them did not utilise a substantial chunk of their quarterly budgets. There is no sense in releasing more money to them when they did not exhaust the previous one.

“The Speaker should know that the era of releasing funds without due process is over and government cannot continue to play Father Xmas with budgetary allocations,” Okupe said.
He described the move by the legislature to fix the budget benchmark at $80 per barrel for the 2013 budget as uncalled for.

Citing other oil producing countries, such as Algeria, Angola, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where the benchmark is far below the $75 proposed by the federal executive, Okupe said the $80 benchmark proposed by the legislature was unrealistic.
Okupe accused Tambuwal of being dictatorial and over authoritative, saying that the National Assembly and its leadership should not be seen to be playing to the gallery.

5 misleading dating tips your friends are telling you

 I saw this article and thought to share;

Stop asking your girlfriends for dating advice. Wait. Ill amend that. Be very careful which of your female friends you turn to in times of romantic distress. The problem with most of said advice and reinforcements is that it's rarely objective. Here are five misleading things girlfriends say. 

1. "You look great!" Thanks to social media, we have an endless supply of people who are happy to toss off this attaboy whenever we post a new Facebook photo. I can remember reading one such status update a few weeks ago. The woman had recently lost a fair amount of weight and, to her credit, it showed.

The string of comments underneath her picture ranged from telling her how hot she was to how "skinny" she was. As I perused the list of people commenting, I wasn't surprised to see that there was nary a man in the bunch.

The lesson for women here, when trying to determine what men find attractive, is to pay close attention to both who is offering affirmation, and who isn't. You'll rarely hear a woman say, "Sweetie, time for you to cut back on the booze. Your skin looks awful." A man
will say it ... in the form of a rejection, leaving the woman perplexed.

2. "You can do better." This statement is dangerous because it feeds the idea that we "deserve" a certain caliber of partner. It's also misleading because, in many cases, water has sought its own level. Meaning the man our friend is dating is exactly what she prefers, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, she possibly can't do better. 

Due to all the self-flagellation that occurs when women get together, women sometimes develop an over-inflated or distorted perception of themselves. Also, if it's true that we can do better, we should always remember that he probably thinks he can too.

3. "Men are intimidated by you." This is probably the most egregiously inaccurate statement ever uttered by a female. No, men are not intimidated by you. Women take this as a compliment, and it's not. Women like to say this to each other because it implies that they (the women) are so scary intelligent, clever, successful, beautiful and witty that men immediately fear they aren't good enough for them.

When a man says it, what he's really saying is that men find that particular woman unlikeable in some way. He is not saying that men are threatened by the woman's assertiveness or outspoken nature or success. That is a fallacy. Most men are not turned off by those things. The ones that are, are men that these women wouldn't want anyway, ergo who cares what they think? A woman should take a very long pause and do some personal inventory should a man ever tell her that men find her "intimidating." 

4. "You should ask him out." Unless you genuinely believe that a man is too timid or shy or otherwise in the dark about your interest, you should wait for him to do the asking. The reason is simple: because men freely admit to arbitrarily raising and lowering their standards depending on the situation. Meaning that, if sex is offered, he's likely to take it regardless of how attracted or interested he actually is. Since there isn't the rampant slut shaming amongst men like there is women, men aren't particularly concerned with being labeled "easy."

5. "Never settle." The key to dating, if you ask me, is finding and embracing your audience. Thinking that your life will play out like the plot of "She's All That" is counter-productive. Plus, let's be honest. Rachel Leigh Cooke was already beautiful before they stuck glasses and overalls on her.

If a woman sends out message after message through an online dating site and rarely to never hears back from those men, then she's going for men with many options. She can either accept her place in his harem or, if she wants something committed and lasting, get really comfortable with the idea of settling. Or she could develop her own harem and enjoy herself and stop worrying what everybody thinks.

Many women have bastardized the term "settling" to imply that it's only done out of desperation. This just in ... most people settle. They just convince themselves that they didn't.

This all brings me to my final point: choosing which female friends to look to for dating advice.

The friends who always manage to say, "Ugh. That's like the time when Guy X … " should immediately be crossed off your list. Not only can't they be objective, but they'll make the situation about them, which is the opposite of supportive. You should also count out the women who have a negative impression of men or who stereotype them. Women who steadfastly insist that all men want is sex should be relegated to "dating advice Siberia."

Lastly, avoid the women who emulate behavior that even men consider alarming and annoying when exhibited by men. That would include immaturity, combativeness, bragging and anger. These women have based their perceptions of men on a small segment of the male population. Whether these women will admit it or not, they actually find this kind of boorish behavior attractive. That should speak volumes about their perceptions and insight.

Lastly, don't be afraid to ask that single female friend for advice. Women who like to use a woman's single status as a reason why her opinion is invalid or wrong do so in an attempt to discredit her. It's shocking to me how many women see this as acceptable. To imply that a woman couldn't possibly understand the intricacies of dating and relationships unless she has a man is probably one of the most sexist things women can say about other women.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

BEN AFFLECK admits to staying in touch with J.LO 'i like her'

The first "Bennifer" period of Ben Affleck's life may be one he'd like to forget — remember when he kissed Jennifer Lopez's famous backside in her "Jenny From the Block" music video?! — but he doesn't look back at it with regret. "There was only one way to handle a situation like that: Go straight through it," the "Argo" director, who is now married to another Jennifer (Garner) and the father of three beautiful kids, tells  Although he has redeemed himself from "Gigli"-gate (the 2003 J.Lo project that earned a paltry $7 million at the box office and earned itself a spot at the top of Yahoo! Movies' Bottom Rated Movies of All Time list) and successfully carved out a respectable career as both an actor and director, he hasn't turned his back on his tabloid-fixture past — or the woman responsible for it. In fact, Affleck, 40, admits that he and Lopez still talk.

"We don't have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice," he says, "but we do have the kind of relationship where there'll be an e-mail saying, 'Oh, your movie looks great.' I remember when she got 'American Idol.' I said: 'This was really smart. Good luck.' I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She's put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I'm really pleased to see her successful."

CORPER KOFO (Episode 11)

I'm so not myself anymore...not like I'm in love with my boss but I'm not just comfortable with him feeling all 'I'm in love with this girl thingy'....everything i do at work is right ,just because he wants to have his way with me and i still do not feel good with this ,apart from the fact that so many of the branch staff have different opinion about me "KOFO DANIELS" i am not learning what others are learning....even when i make terrible mistakes he doesn't yell at me like he does to others......*did i hear you say 'that's bad' oh its worse than you can imagine*.
   About an hour ago i got alert on my phone from the bank that a sum of N100,000 has just been paid into my account but the name of the person who paid it in was 'Peter Richards'  well this is quite strange as i don't know anyone who bears that name...i wasn't comfortable with this and decided to call Tobi if she paid any money into my staff salary account...She said NO...and i'm like who could have done this????? My boyfriend YOMI doesn't even have my salary account number neither does my parents....i was still wondering who 'PETER RICHARDS' is when i got an sms from my boss which reads;

        'My dear Kofo please  make do with the N100,000 for the weekend, i was planning to take you out but i have to be in Lagos this weekend and as such won't be able to make it........cheers'

Now i sank into my chair and was actually sweating.....whats with all these pranks?did i beg him for money? what makes him feel i would have loved him to take me out during the weekend? and the questions i asked my myself was Chioma she noticed something was wrong with and she immediately asked ....Kofo sup, why are you looking depressed? i told her everything(ehen whats there to hide after all she has seen the other day ) she laughed so hard that it got me upset .....

KOFO: so Chioma whats funny?

  CHIOMA; U!!! you are so wa to you oh, biko withdraw the N100,000 and give me since you are allergic to good things...whats your problem Kofo ???? spend this money wise!!! after all you didn't ask for it.

KOFO: Chioma awuf de run belle oh.... i don't like this kind of thing, i have a boyfriend that i love so much,i need to focus on my relationship not on some boss forming 'lover man'

CHIOMA: Kofo, are you the only one in a serious relationship? relax and spend this cash ,infact buy recharge card and call your boyfriend....lwkmd!!! Kofo you are such a kid.

So this man actually went to another branch to pay in this money with a different name??? Now i don't know if i am to say thank you for some cash i did not beg for.........A few minutes later he got back and was smiling at me ,i tried my best to avoid him....he sent another sms;

Why are you giving me attitude ? did i do something wrong?

This time i had to reply;

No sir . Thanks i got the alert.

Now ,i have to go and see Tobi briefly so as to to discuss this over lunch......I'm fed up,this wasn't the service year i looked forward to...........

REVEALED:Secrets to getting a dude tell the truth......(true or false?)

High levels of testosterone may make men more trustworthy, a study has found.

The male hormone, which boosts libido and builds muscle, is often associated with aggression and anti-social behaviour.

But testosterone-fuelled hunks may also be less likely to lie and cheat than some of their wimpier brothers, the research suggests.

Scientists boosted the testosterone levels of 46 men by smearing their skin with a gel containing the hormone.

Another 45 men were treated with a 'dummy' placebo gel lacking any testosterone.

Both groups were then asked to take part in a behavioural study which involved playing a simple game of dice in an isolated booth.
The higher the scores they entered into a computer, the more money they received as a reward.
Neuroscientist Professor Bernd Weber, from the University of Bonn in Germany, said:

'These experiments were designed such that the test subjects were able to lie.
'Due to the separate booths, nobody knew whether they were entering their real scores into the computer, or higher ones in order to get more money.
'However, the scientists were later able to determine if any of the volunteers had been cheating.

'The results, reported in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE, showed that men with boosted testosterone lied less.
'Test subjects with the higher testosterone levels had clearly lied less frequently than untreated test subjects,' said co-author Professor Armin Falk, an economist also from the University of Bonn.
'This result clearly contradicts the one-dimensional approach that testosterone results in anti-social behaviour.

'The hormone was likely to increase a man’s sense of pride and the need to develop a positive self-image,' he added.

'Against this background, a few euros are obviously not a sufficient incentive to jeopardise one’s feeling of self-worth,” said Prof Falk.

Nigerians should prepare for FOOD SHORTAGE------PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday asked Nigerians to be prepared for imminent food shortage.
The party said scarcity of food would be one of the effects of the floods that ravaged some parts of the country recently.
Rising from its National Working Committee in Abuja, the PDP however commended President Goodluck Jonathan for steps taken so far to cushion the effects of the flood on victims.
According to a statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh, the PDP said Nigerians must know that flooding was a global phenomenon.
The statement reads, “PDP has commended the President for the firm and reassuring steps the Federal Government has taken to mitigate the impact of flooding across the states of the federation and forestall further threat to the nation.
“The Party has also called on relevant government agencies and entire Nigerians to brace up for the challenge of food shortages which the impact of the flooding may likely occasion.
“Flood disasters are a global phenomenon but our peculiar challenges of development demand deeper insight and capacity which the President has demonstrated.
“We therefore commend him for the medium and long term measures being put in place to first ameliorate the suffering of the affected Nigerian communities as well as for the steps already being taken to permanently put under check, the incidence of flooding in future.”
The party further appealed to federal, state and local governments as well as farmers to take measures to avert imminent food shortages on account of the flood.
It promised to liaise with all the relevant agencies of government to work out plans to forestall possible food shortages arising from the food.
Metuh said in the statement that the party noted with happiness that the Presidential Technical Committee set up by the President urgently rounded off its interim impact assessment of the flood ravaged states upon which government energised its agencies to offer immediate relief.
He added that the party had also noted that the President had been in synergy with the leadership of the National Assembly and Governors of the affected States in confronting this menace.
The party particularly commended the President for releasing the sum of N17.6 bn and for setting up National Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation to further assist it in raising fund for what it called the “post impact rehabilitation of the affected victims.”

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

14 Killed in a resumed fresh attack on the Plateau

Jos, the Plateau State capital, was again thrown into mourning following the report of a resumed attack by suspected Fulani herdsmen on Riyom Local Government Area of the state leading to the death of at least 14 persons.
Confirming the report, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Abuh said it was true that there was a massive overnight attack on Riyom but the details are still sketchy: “I will let you have it when it is available”.
But THISDAY gathered among those killed was a family of eight.
A similar attack had left three dead in Barkin Ladi Tuesday.

EFCC Arraigns Abdulahi Alao,four others in fresh oil subsidy scam

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Wednesday October 10, 2012, arraigned three individuals and two companies before Justice Lateefa Okunnu of the Lagos High Court on a six count charge bordering on conspiracy to obtain money by false pretences, forgery and uttering to the tune of N1.110,049,444. 35 (One Billion, One Hundred and Ten Million, Forty Nine Thousand, Four Hundred and Forty-Four Naira, Thirty-Five Kobo).
The three persons and two companies are: Opeyemi Ajuyah, Abdulahi Alao and Olanrewaju Olalusi, Majope Investment Limited and Axenergy Limited. They are alleged to have conspired to obtain the money by false pretence contrary to section 1(3) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act, 2006. They are also accused of forgery, uttering and defrauding the Federal government of over N1.1billion by falsely claiming that the sum represented subsidy accruing to them under the Petroleum Support Fund.
The accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to them.  Counsel to the EFCC, Rotimi Jacobs, SAN, told the court that he had just been served with the bail application and so needed time to respond.
Justice Okunnu adjourned the case to 19 October, 2012 for hearing of the bail application while fixing 13 and 14 December, 2012 for trial. 
Abdulahi Alao and Axenergy Limited are also standing trial before a Lagos High Court, on another seven count charge bordering on obtaining the sum of N2, 640, 141, 707.75k (Two billion, Six hundred and Forty Million; One hundred and forty one thousand; Seven hundred and seven hundred naira, seventy five kobo only) being payments obtained from the Petroleum Support Fund for the purported importation of 33.3 million litres of Premium Motor Spirit.

TOYOTA recalls 7.4 million vehicles for balky window switches in reversal

Toyota announced this morning it would recall about 2.5 million cars and trucks in the United States and 7.4 million vehicles worldwide to fix power window switches that can stick, smoke and potentially cause a fire. There's no reports of major injuries from the problem, but it comes after Toyota told U.S. officials earlier this year that the problem wasn't that serious and didn't require a recall.The recall -- the largest by any automaker since 1996 -- involves inspecting and if necessary replacing the driver's side power window switch. Toyota says a combination of wear that causes the switches to get sticky over time and the grease applied to the switches when they are built can combine to cause overheating.
The move reverses a stance Toyota took earlier this year, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation in February after 32 complaints of smoking, overheating or small fires from the window switches; data from Toyota revealed an additional 129 complaints. NHTSA found 10 reports of minor injuries, none more serious than a blister on a driver's left hand.
In April, Toyota told NHTSA that after extensive analysis, it had found no problem with the window switches themselves, blaming the issue on dealers using cleaning products in an attempt to solve sticking complaints. "Toyota does not believe there to be a defect trend nor an unreasonable risk to safety," the automaker wrote federal officials.
NHTSA did not agree. It had upgraded its investigation in June, a step that often leads to a recall. Toyota has recovered from a string of recalls in 2007 and 2008 that involved over 10 million vehicles worldwide and led to Toyota paying NHTSA $48 million in fines for delaying recalls or hiding safety defects found overseas. Since then, Toyota chief executive Akio Toyoda has vowed to make the company more responsive to safety or quality complaints.
Owners will start receiving notices to have their cars checked at dealerships later this month; the procedure should take about an hour. The models covered by the recall include:
• 2007 to 2008 Yaris
• 2007 to 2009 RAV4
• 2007 to 2009 Tundra
• 2007 to 2009 Camry
• 2007 to 2009 Camry Hybrid
• 2008 to 2009 Scion xD
• 2008 to 2009 Scion xA
• 2008 to 2009 Sequoia
• 2008 Highlander
• 2008 Highlander Hybrid
• 2009 Corolla
• 2009 Matrix

LYNKAY MAKEOVER: a brand to reckon with!!!

I came across a young entrepreneur whose business is all about making ladies look beautiful(sorry guys you are not left out , she still can help make you look more handsome*winks*) her work is just fantastic(anyway a trial would convince you).....below are pictures from a wedding she actually made the bride up recently.....
That's her tying the gele,

 what is so interesting is how she articulately does it,

The folding of the gele.....(with all seriousness,yea i hear you say that )

AND yes ,this the gele finally ,the bride is MRS  TOLU ATUNDE........

Here is the brand should get in touch with her to make your wedding classy,her email address is ***A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU***

Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend spends THE NIGHT at his L.A Home

After complaining about the burden of being in love with two people, it seems Chris Brown has found a solution — just be with both women! On Monday morning, his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, whom he split from because of Rihanna, was spotted leaving Brown's Los Angeles home in the same outfit she wore to go clubbing the night before.
 Karrueche's blue Porsche parked outside of Chris' home

And the sleepover doesn't seem to have sat well with Rihanna, who had been boasting about her feelings for her "baby" in recent weeks. On Sunday, she tweeted her horoscope, which referenced an "important person" in her life who she should leave to "mull over their poor choices and wallow in regret." On Monday, she continued with, "You ask me if I'm alright... N---a is you blind?!?" and then followed it up with two more tweets that hint at romantic strife with a man.
Last week, Brown, 23, released a video he made in which he admits to being "a little drunk" before going on a rant about his love for two people, presumably Tran and Rihanna, both 24, since the clip is spliced with footage of him hanging out with both ladies (separately, of course). "You know when you share history with somebody, then you tend to fall in love with somebody else," the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer says in the black-and-white video. "It's kinda difficult. You know what I'm sayin'? Is there such a thing as loving two people? I don't know. I don't know if that's possible but for me, I just … I feel like that."
After Brown posted the, um, visual diary on Thursday night, Tran responded on Twitter with "Wtf is going on? All I'm saying is… You don't mess with people's genuine feelings. You just don't!" Still, that didn't stop her from going over to her ex's house for a late-night booty call!

OMG!!! i hope these ladies know what they are doing...........

JENNIFER ANISTON vs ANGELINA JOLIE: compare their engagement rings

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are both rocking out in 2012!
In Santa Fe, New Mexico on Saturday, Aniston, 43, finally offered a glimpse of her huge engagement ring from Justin Theroux, who proposed back in August.

"It looks like a radiant cut center diamond, approximately 8 carats," jewelry designer Peter Meksian from Michael M. tells Us Weekly of the We're the Millers star's new bauble. And it appears that sexy screenwriter-actor Theroux, 41, didn't spare any expense for his love of a year and a half. Says Meksian: ""Estimated price tag for a top quality diamond of this size: $500,000."

Aniston's first husband Brad Pitt, meanwhile, proposed to longtime love Jolie, 37, this past spring with a stunner he helped design with jeweler Robert Procop: a tablet-shaped diamond engagement ring estimated at a 16 carats and also worth an estimated $500,000.
Pitt, 48, proposed with all six of their kids present. "Angelina cried and smiled," a source told Us Weekly. "Everyone hugged once she put [the ring] on. She went around and showed it to each of the kids."

Aniston was similarly weepy when Theroux popped the question in NYC over the summer. "Jen cried," a confidante told Us Weekly, adding that Theroux's proposal was "simple."
Tell ME: Whose engagement ring do you prefer?

AMBER TAMBLYN'S unusual wedding dress

Her unusual wedding dress was spotted when she said 'I DO ' to  David Cross over the weekend.
Also see who else was present at the wedding
Well ,i think this issue of wedding dress is a thing of choice, whether white,yellow or blue...its one's choice really....its not really weird to me!

The apex bank (CBN) returns N5bn illegal bank charges to customers

The Apex Bank in Nigeria has said that it has recovered and returned to customers a total of N5bn wrongfully taken from depositors by banks operating in the country.(But why won't these bank wrongfully credit our accounts,yea like seriously i have been thinking )

It also said it would focus on the protection of consumers of products being brought to the market by banks over the next three years,.
The Deputy Governor, Financial Services, CBN, Dr. Kingsley Moghalu, told the Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions on Tuesday, that there had been a crisis of confidence between banks and their customers regarding charges on deposits.
He said, “In the next few years, between now and 2015, we will be focusing on consumer protection. There are ranges of bank charges that are acceptable.
“As I speak to you, we have recovered from the banks N5bn as wrong charges, which have been returned to Nigerians.”
Well done Mallam Sanusi!!!

UNIPORT shut down after students started rioting

Not less than 12 houses was set ablaze at Omuokiri-Aluu by angry Nigerian students who came upon the  small village in their hundreds yesterday  evening protesting the  murder of four of their schoolmates. UNIPORT students were mobilized by students of other universities under the umbrella of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS(aluta continua....victoria ascerta). The students blocked some major roads in  the city Port Harcourt and afterwards moved  to Aluu but luckily for the indigenes, they were all gone before the students got there. it was on TV, the whole village has been  deserted, not even domestic animals could be seen anywhere.

The school authority has shut down UNIPORT until further notice..atleast until normalcy returns to the environment.
 #Naija which way forward...when did we become this barbaric???? May God come to our aid

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A man just committed sucide,jumps from an 8-storey building

Another tragic news coming from the city of Portharcourt this morning ,Tuesday 9th of October,2012, a certain man jumps from the top of an 8-storey building of the federal secretariat with the intention of committing sucide, as at the time of writing this ,the man's full identity hasn't been discovered.
....May God help us.


The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said that dozens of HIVand AIDS patients in the tiny West African state have been cured using his secret concoction of boiled herbs, Reuters reports.

Jammeh first announced he had found a natural remedy to cure HIV and AIDS in 2007, stirring anger among Western medical experts who claimed he was giving false hope to the sick.
“Who am I to expect that everybody would praise me,’’ Jammeh said in a state television broadcast on Sunday evening, announcing that 68 patients had been cured and discharged from a treatment centre.
“Just as the Prophet Mohammed prevailed and established Islam, I have also prevailed to cure HIV/AIDS to the point that 68 are being discharged today,’’ he said.
The World Health Organisation and the UN have said Jammeh’s HIV/AIDS treatment is alarming mainly because patients are required to cease their anti-retroviral drugs making them more prone to infection.
The president said the cured group was the seventh batch of HIV/AIDS patients undergoing his herbal remedy to have been discharged since the treatments began five years ago.
Jammeh came to power in The Gambia, a sliver of land on Africa’s west coast that is popular with sun-seeking European tourists, in a bloodless military coup in 1994.
He is accused by activists of human rights abuses during his rule, and recently drew international criticism for executing nine death row inmates by firing squad.
Jammeh said on Sunday that his government would fully integrate “natural medicine’’ to all the country’s hospitals, to complement Western medical techniques.
Other African leaders have drawn criticism for extolling the power of natural remedies to combat AIDS.


Millions of television viewers all over Nigeria can now look foward to seeing the first/former host of the Gulder Ultimate Search, Chidi Mokeme. He is back as the anchor of this year's reality television show.

Gulder Ultimate Search 9 finalists were unveiled last Sunday, at the selection in Lagos.At a glamorous final selection party held inside the New Expo Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites, Mokeme was announced as the host of this year's edition by the event compere, Cool 96.9 FM on-air personality, Freeze. Also at the event, the last 12 finalists were unveiled.

They are: Female: Kofya Brown, Bornford Patience, Ayo Ojueromi, Uzor Osimkpa, Udodi Onyinyechukwu, and Ezeh Priscillia. Others are: Male: Ujam Emmanuel, Nuhu Haruna, Ogbuefi Michael, Ifet Iniobong, Ojezele Paschal and Adah James.This year, over 30,000 young and agile Nigerians registered to participate for the search. They all went through several physical and mental exercises at locations in Owerri, Benin, Makurdi and Lagos. 

Out of these, 30 contestants were selected and invited to Lagos for the final selection process.Last night, 12 were selected to proceed to the Usaka Forest in Obot Akara Local Government area of Akwa Ibom State, where this year's edition of Gulder Ultimate Search will hold.The GUS 9 winner will walk away with a cash prize of N9 million, N500,000 wardrobe allowance and a brand new SUV worth N10 million.

Monday, October 8, 2012

You can call it BLEACHING.......whatever!!!......ACTRESS RUKKY SANDA

“I’m light o, and I’m going to do everything I have to maintain my complexion. If they like they should call it bleaching or washing, whatever they want to call it. Me and my cream, we are best buddies. Whatever they want to say, they should continue. Me I am making money. When nobody is talking about you, then you are not doing something right.
In Nigeria, they don’t even know what a face lift is. It is when your skin starts to sag, they lift it up around your temples and cut the excess one off. How old am I that I would need a face lift? Someone said I had a lipo . OK, I’ve done everything, I’ve even done the one they’ve not yet said.”

CHIEF ,12 Others arrested for the MURDER of 4 UNIPORT students

A Chief in Omokere Aluu community and 12 others have been arrested in connection with the killing of four students of University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, last Friday over robbery allegation.

The students were burnt in Omokere Aluu by some irate youths for allegedly stealing blackberry phones and laptops.

State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ben Ugwuegbulam, in a statement, said those arrested would be thoroughly quizzed over the incident.

The Police image maker was silent on whether the deceased students were robbery suspects or not, but appealed to their parents and students of the University not to take the laws into their hands as a result of the killings, and condemned the killing of the students.

He said: "Rivers State Police Command unequivocally condemns the gruesome killing of four UniPort students on October 5, by irate mob from Aluu community. The command sympathizes with the families of the slain students and also appeals to them not to take the laws into their hands.  Students of the university are urged not to engage in any reprisal attack as such could lead to chaos and anarchy.

"The command has commenced investigation into the incident. Amazing success has been recorded in that regard as 13 persons, including the chief of the community suspected to have been involved in the reprehensible, barbaric  act, have been arrested based on credible intelligence and video clips of the killings. Suspects are being interrogated by crack police team." 

#which way naija....... 

CORPER KOFO (Episode 10)

I left the office at about 7pm and was there at 7:30pm , of course with Chioma ,Tobi met us there with a police man dressed casual. Myself and Chioma made ourselves comfortable , then a young lady approached me and asked if i was Miss Kofo Daniels,i said yes ,so she asked me to follow her, she took me to the VIP section ....with Chioma (my handbag for the evening) ,she offered us wine ,Chioma asked for red wine, i told her to just give me a glass of juice (i needed to be in my right senses for the evening) at the mention of juice ,Chioma started laughing,i just wondered what was funny (this omo igbo sef can fit to vex person atimes) well in about 5minutes time i started getting nervous, because i don't know why whoever the guy was should keep me KOFO DANIELS waiting .....emi oraye nonsense mehn(i don't have time for nonsense mehn)....10 minutes later my fears were confirmed ,i saw a tall guy ,chocolate in complexion, expensively dressed ,he was soooooo on point like he was standing on a needle ....waoh, i perceived the fragrance of his perfume from afar ,,,,,, and when i looked closely it was my BDM!!! I ALMOST FAINTED !!!!why in God's name is this man doing this?????? he came to meet myself and Chioma....(he was all smiles,now Chioma almost fell off her chair,we were both short of words and couldn't even say hi') he sat and was like hi girls...we managed to say hi Kofo Chioma is your police, i smiled.... well she offered to come along because i was a lil bit nervous....... he replied my dear Kofo you are still nervous.....myself and Chioma smiled again, he called on the waitress and she took our order....
We had alot to eat and tried to keep the conversation clean (probably because Chioma was there) ....Tobi was having a glass of wine on a different table like she wasn't there with us....LOL
now it was time to leave ,he got a cab for Chioma(i got nervous again) Kofo you're still nervous....he said,ah,,,,,no sir I'm not, so ,can i take you home ermmmm sir ,i will go with my friend,which friend he asked, that's her over there(i pointed to Tobi) he started laughing at me seriously(what was i supposed to do , these days that people get missing mysteriously)so you brought a full squad with  you,he said........KOFO: not really,just playing safe...BDM: kofo dear, i like you a lot ,i won't ever think of harming you,KOFO: THANK YOU!!!(yimu***) so can i at least have a hug and probably a kiss(he winked at me)KOFO: HUG? YES....kiss no!!!BDM: C'MON stop acting like a i gave him a 180 degrees hug(side hug), he said* whats that about*he turned and hugged me fully (360 degrees......yay!!!!)....and planted a kiss on my forehead..... (Tobi was already disgusted ,could see her from afar) so he said i will leave after you girls and at least drive behind you a little bit, i said thanks,i beckoned on Tobi to come lets leave,she came with her policeman and we all left......Now today is monday i am at work now and have been trying to avoid him, Chioma has been smiling(whats funny na,Chioma behave yourself)....I don't really know where this is heading , and the man is not even shy about the fact that Chioma is now aware of the whole isssshhhh........Don't you all think i ,KOFO DANIELS need a new place of primary assignment???????