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Friday, November 1, 2013

Onome's tales....episode 7

The following week, Friday precisely, it was raining cats and dogs, and the usual Lagos flood was battling for land ownership with the sons of the soil, so many people had their shoes in their hands as they waited for buses at the bus stop ,Onome was not left out , as she went to make her hair, she was busy trying to get back to the hostel and didn’t realise her phone was ringing all the while ,she finally got to the hostel  and recalling all that had happened the weekend before she decided to go home for the weekend, she knew Mrs Sylvia was a bit  suspicious . As soon as she picked her phone to call her aunt and tell her  she was going to be home  for the weekend and saw Alex’s missed calls, she immediately called him back;
Onome: Hey
Alex: hi, have been calling like forever
Onome: so sorry , went to make my hair and got to the hostel under the rain, didn’t even have an idea my phone was ringing
Alex: awwww…sorry dear, was just told by my boss that I have training in Lagos; I’m actually coming with my boss.
Onome: wow! So when is the training?
Alex: it starts on Monday. I would love to see my baby
Onome: same here, but my aunt is already suspicious, so I have to be careful
Alex: so? Onome I mean well for both of us, I can come see your aunt if you wish
Onome: wow…ermmm ok!
Alex later got introduced to Mrs Sylvia , the relationship was no longer a hide and seek game, the two love birds kept on dating, three years later , Onome was in her final year, she got too busy with project and all sorts, in fact sometimes she used Alex’s name to get away from home to be with other friends, Alex in that same year had to go to the UK for his masters, Onome wasn’t sure if she could cope without Alex for the next one year ,she was really sad, but Alex reassured her of his love and also pleaded with her to wait for him that he would definitely come back for her , but Onome was really scared about Alex not coming back again or coming back with another girl, she had so many things running through  her mind.
Alex : I would come back for you
Onome: I know, I’m just scared
Alex: of what?
Onome: a lot! What if you come back with another girl? What if you get a job there and don’t come back?
Alex : I  am not coming back with another girl and yes if I get a job there , I will come and take you there,.
Onome: I love you baby
Alex : I love you too……and by the way even more  than you think
Onome: *smiles*
A month later Alex left for the UK , Onome was still working on  her project, Coincidentally , Onome had same project supervisor with Mimi , so they always get to meet often even when they don’t want to. One Wednesday morning they were both waiting for their project supervisor (Mr. Lanre) , Mr Lanre was in a meeting with some lecturers in his office, so his secretary asked Onome and Mimi to wait a little, as Mr Lanre was busy at the moment, so both girls sat patiently opposite the secretary , Mimi started the conversation;
Mimi: see how she said the *at the moment* same way MTN will say * the number you have called is not available at the moment *
Onome: lol….you are just a silly girl
Mimi: so how’s our Alex?
Onome: did I hear you say ‘our’?
Mimi: hahahahahaha….relax jor
Onome: he’s fine, he called yesterday
Mimi: so when are you going to visit him?
Onome: babes!!! Relax…he’s in the UK for his masters ….to study not play! Moreover he just left some weeks back, I had better get done with school and go for my NYSC, He will be back soon .
Mimi: I know, but you know what they say, life isn’t a dettol advert, if you don’t take care of your man, sweetheart, another woman will!
Onome: (looked at Mimi like she was sizing her up and finally got hold of her words) not to worry , mine would be like dettol advert…silly!
Mimi: just saying
At this point the secretary beckoned on  both girls to come see Mr Lanre
Mimi & Onome: Good day sir
Mr Lanre: Ehennnn… (adjust his chair ) how are you girls doing?
Mimi& Onome: fine sir
Mr Lanre looked at their work, Onome was in chapter four while Mimi was in Chapter five, Mr Lanre asked Mimi to go ahead and start putting her work together, as hers was certified okay, he turned to Onome and said ‘I am not pleased with your work , take note of the corrections I am making , write it again and bring it back tomorrow, you can see your mates have started typing their project work’
Ok sir…replied Onome.
As soon they left Mr. Lanre’s office, Mimi said to Onome;
Mimi: Looks like you want to stress yourself
Onome: How do you mean?
Mimi:  trying to write this project all by yourself is tedious, just give that office assistant five thousand naira, he would give you a project of your choice from the Head of department’s store and then you can just copy and paste….finish
Onome: I knew it
Mimi: knew what ?
Onome: you were too fast with your project, I knew there was more to it .
Mimi: I am just advising you as a friend
Onome: Thanks but I had rather I do it myself
Mimi: whatever.