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Friday, December 13, 2013

Onome's tales Episode 10 (Final episode)

  Things got more  complicated between Alex and Simisola,Alex now had all the reasons in the world to pester Onome, but of course Dr. Efosa guarded his dearly beloved Onome, for him that was is his one stop lady, a lady in whom he’s found all he needs in a woman.
Alex would call Onome even at ungodly hours just to get her attention, Onome at some point got fed up and told Alex she was in love with another, she explained to him that she had moved on and advised him to do same, Alex however did not give and continued to push his luck.
Three  months later Onome’s mother took ill and was hospitalised,he situation was getting worse and Dr. Efosa got uncomfortable with it, he felt the medical amenities available in the village wasn’t good enough and advised Onome to bring her mother from the village to the city, which she did. Dr. Efosa made sure she got the best medical services available, mama Onome was overwhelmed with the love showered on her by Dr. Efosa, as soon as she was discharged from the hospital, she immediately called Onome;
Mama Onome : My pikin ,I just wan thank you for how you bin don de take care of me, maybe I for don kpeme if you nor come carry me from village.
Onome: God forbid mama, you shall live to see your great grand children
Mama Onome: How?
Onome: ahn ahn , mama I make you vex?
Mama Onome: This one wen you de do nor pass vex? Wetin de worry you? That man nor fine reach?him fine, him get better work, anyhow person must sick, so him nor fit broke, you self dey kampe, you get better work, tell me wetin you de wait?
Onome: hahahahaha maale(mummy) ah !relax, I nor de wait anything, but as soon as him don ready we go marry
Mama Onome:ready? You go make am ready, nor wait, man nor de ever ready!
Onome: ( in order to calm her mother down) ok mama nor worry, I go make am ready very  v-e-ry soon
Mama Onome: ehen na now you de talk.

Dr. Efosa encouraged mama Onome to remain in the city, but she refused as she couldn’t afford to let go her fish business in the village, she returned back to the village after Dr. Efosa took her for a massive shopping and also told her of his intention to marry her daughter but of course told mama Onome not to break the news to Onome as the proposal was meant to be a surprise, Mama Onome got to the village and became a village champion , she bragged about all her experiences in the city , most especially about her daughter who is doing well and ‘ she go soon marry sef’ she always added.
It was Onome’s birthday three weeks later and Alex felt it was a good opportunity to make Onome understand he wants her back in his life for good. Onome dressed so nice that day like there was more to it asides that day been her birthday.She got to the office and met a lot of gifts from colleagues on her desk, but one which drew her attention was a card which had a rose attached to it, she was eager to open it as she thought it was from the YIN to her YANG, Dr. Efosa, she opened it speedily and to her surprise it was from Alex! She immediately helped herself with the waste bin by her desk and said in a low but irritated tone ‘ what effrontery!’ Efe immediately asked what was getting her nerves worked up
Onome: Can you imagine this idiot sending me a card and a rose
Efe: well a brother has to keep trying; you know what they say about not giving up right?
Onome: but I have told him severally that it’s over
Efe: awwww, sorry boo, doesn’t look like this brother feels the way you feel, he still loves you…maybe ….just Oh please smile, it’s your birthday (go shawty).
They were still talking when Onome’s intercom rang, it was Laura ,the receptionist, she called to inform Onome that she’s got a delivery to take, Efe ran to the reception before Onome could ,Laura said to Efe ‘ you are what Yoruba people call Gbegborun….’ Efe just gave her a spiteful look and said ‘ wareva(in jenifas tone)’ Onome ignored the two drama queens and took her delivery, it was a cake  from Dr. Efosa with a rose by it ,on which hung a ring, written on the cake was ‘will you marry me?’ As soon as the delivery man stepped out Dr. Efosa called Onome and said;
Happy birthday my love, the weight beneath my wings, I have known you for a short while,but I have never felt right about this until now,Miss Onome Freeman will you marry me’
Onome: (with so much tears in her eyes) yes! yes!! Yes!!! I will marry you Dr. Efosa Smith
Dr. Efosa told her to come outside her office, she came out with the ring and he put it on her finger, in tears Onome asked ‘Promise me I will be the only woman in your life”
Dr. Efosa: ermmmmm, there will be one other woman
Onome: Excuse me?
Dr Efosa: Yea, but she will call  you mummy
At this point ,she couldn’t help but laugh , a few other colleagues apart from Efe were outside to clap and scream.
Onome immediately called her mum to share the good news, it was the best birthday ever as far as Onome was concerned.As soon as Mimi got to know,she  rejoiced with Efe and asked;
Mimi: so whats gonna happen to Alex?
Onome: does it look like I care?
Mimi: He called yesterday to say he wanted to come see you
Onome: ehn? Please ehn kindly tell him I belong to someone else now, he had his chance he used it the way he felt like, why is he now acting like a chicken beaten by the rain?
They both laughed and ended the call. Alex however called Onome later in the day to congratulate her, he said;
Alex: Mimi told me I lost you to another, I feel like I lost a part of me, I feel defeated and ashamed, I pray time heals this wound in my heart, congratulations, it hurts though, but its all my fault. All t.e best.

Six months later Onome Freeman became Mrs. Efosa Smith and they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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