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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Corper KOFO......Episode 18

Was totally amazed by the speed with which it happened and to think that he just smiled and walked away like he didn’t do anything ………..this guy is just a little rascal.
  I have been sort of shy around him and guess what? He’s been all smiles like he won a trophy.
On Friday morning, my Yomi had an impromptu meeting alongside four of his colleagues in Abuja, so he called me at around 8am to say his just arrived Abuja and will be leaving be leaving the following day because he needed to see me .
  At around 4pm (that’s an hour 30 mins to close of business) I got an sms from Mr Osita;
     ‘Hey, do you have plans for tonight?’
My reply…
‘Yes I do, have plans.’
Mr. Osita,
   ‘Can I fit into your plans?
  ‘Nope! A good friend of mine is around and I need to see him’
Mr. Osita;
  ‘ LOL, Kofo what is it that this guy gives you that I can’t give you????Just give me 10% of the attention you give him and see what I am capable of ‘

  ‘pls don’t start ,this isn’t up for debates, he’s in town and I need (NOT WANT) to go see him, period!!!

At about 5,30pm,Yomi was in front of my office waiting so we could leave to his place, when Mr. Osita remembered I had to arrange the hard copy files on savings account that the auditors made use of…..
OMG!!! well I started and fortunately a colleague came by to give a helping hand and we finished  in no time ,I left the office 6.15pm ,Yomi had to wait for 45min(a guy has to always wait, right?) and wasn’t smiling(of course ,I won’t too) we got to the hotel where Yomi lodged at 6.30pm.
After dinner ,Yomi started complaining about the fact that I don’t give him the usual attention(why is everyone looking for attention though, what you can’t do continuously for a guy ,don’t start because when you stop you’re cheating on him #morallesson) , he said;
    ‘ Kofo , you hardly call these days ,even when you see my missed calls ,you don’t deem it fit to return my calls, what is happening???? Are you seeing some guy????
KOFO: C ‘mon baby, how can you even imagine that, you remain my one and only Yomi, it’s just the pressure from work
(At this point he got really upset)

YOMI: oh pls don’t patronize me! Pressure from work you said, have you changed your place of primary assignment? So what? When you started you were not like this ,so what has changed? Kofo I really am tired of the lackadaisical approach you give to issues concerning us, I really want to settle down, I don’t know about you…….

KOFO: Yomi I am very sorry and I promised we are gonna be better.
(At this point his phone rang it was Tunji his friend and colleague)
Tunji: Guy sup
Yomi: M good
Tunji: We are going to the movies, you wanna come?
Yomi(he asked if it was cool with me, and I said yes) yea, but hope you don’t mind my coming with Kofo?
Tunji: sure, it’s cool, meet us downstairs.

..........Kofo's story continues