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Monday, January 28, 2013

Corper Kofo_____Episode 19

(Could it be that I am falling head over heels in love with Mr. Osita ?how come Yomi is around and the thoughts of Mr. Osita can’t get off my head. Oh c’mon Kofo don’t be silly ,he has nothing to offer, he’s just in some situations, I know ,but I can’t help it either) OOOOHHHH!!! Sorry guys, was just thinking aloud.

  Of course, Yomi left on Saturday evening after much pleading with him to stay till Sunday fell on deaf ears(now he wants to show me he’s really angry or what?) . I called him on Sunday night to give him his usual bedtime blues(winks***) but he wasn’t picking his calls until I pinged him and massaged his ego ,we made up and for the first time Yomi was scared of losing me, he said “Kofo mi(my Kofo) please do not allow the devil take away what we share ,we have come a long way, gone through a lot ,please I beg you in God’s name ,don’t give the devil a chance ,no matter what’(now, Yomi has become very religious, hmmm, when a guy starts talking this way he’s becoming very responsible and has his eyes on #altertinz, OKKK, don’t be deceived, not all of them).

  On Monday morning , Mr Osita came to the office looking like he fought with the devil in his dreams ,but who cares ,we all fight some battles in our everyday life right? but his is pathetic, he looks really bad, Twenty minutes after his arrival he called on Goke and myself ;

Mr. Osita: The two of you will go for a meeting on my behalf in central area, we are trying to get the major account of JNX company, please try to convince the CEO to open this account and please I am really expecting positive results from you two.

Goke & Kofo:  Yes Sir.

Mr. Osita: Meanwhile Kofo ,how was your weekend ?

Kofo: very well Sir.

Mr. Osita: of course your looks says it all (he winks at me) you look elegant though.

Kofo: (smiles) thank you sir.

(Obviously, this man saw assistant devil, because if he saw the real devil he won’t be winking at me this morning)

So myself and Goke set out, I noticed was smiling for no just cause and so I was forced to ask;

Kofo: Goke what’s with the plenty smiles*abi your girlfriend don carry belle*

Goke: LWKMD!!! *abeg make she nor carry belle ooh, eye de red* But Kofo you won’t deny you don’t know Mr. Osita has a crush on you

Kofo: OH really?

Goke: c’mon spare me the pretence, its obvious! He couldn’t even hold it today, in my very before he was winking at you.

Kofo: Goke!!! C’mon winking at me meant nothing really, you of all people should know Mr. Osita likes to see ladies well dressed, sure he was just appreciating what I am wearing.

Goke: Ok oh.

Kofo: Yea, so stop having ideas. Ok we are here now Goke,I heard the CEO of JNX is a lousy old man, I hope he gives us the attention we deserve.

Goke: I hope so too.

...........corper Kofo continues!