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Monday, July 7, 2014

Who shouldn't be invited for the wedding?????---Asabe Episode 14

Otunba: Dan! When a man realises his woman is this wicked, he figures out a way to handle her, not telling her to go back to her parents after giving him three lovely children.  Calm down man, we would figure out something.
Dan: How? I can’t imagine sleeping under the same roof with Lydia! I just can’t!
Otunba: Arhhhh! Just stop it for your own good oh jare! It is now you are going to show her more love….haven’t you heard that unkind folks are the ones who needs kindness most? Please I still need you as a friend and a brother, so you are going to calm down and be reasonable about this whole situation, after all I’m the one who is suppose to be this vexed but I’m not, Why? Because life happens!
Dan: (adjusts himself on the sofa, and kept stamping his left foot on the floor- anxiety) Ok! I have heard you. I want to thank you for being a good friend and for your understanding, Asabe would need to move to your house pending when we conclude the marriage rites and then herself and Dotun can go to the states, I really don’t think  she is safe in that house with Lydia anymore.
Otunba: Naaa, she knows all fingers would point at her, if anything goes wrong with Asabe, so she won’t even dare, not with all that has happened. I know Lydia can’t handle embarrassment, she‘s going to be cool,calm and collected…trust me!

Dan: Ok, I’m just a bit confused here! I should be on my way to the house, I need to see Asabe and be sure she is alright, don’t know how she would take the news!
Otunba: yea….let’s get out of here, I need to make sure Ekaette is out of my house too.
Asabe:  How could you? I call you mother, I love and respect you, even when you treat me like a slave, I still call you mother, yet you don’t want me to be happy! What have I done to deserve all you’ve done to me……..what am I suppose to do that I didn’t do or did wrong?........
Asabe stood there crying as she poured out her heart to Lydia who buried her head in shame, when Mr. Dan arrived.
Mr Dan: Hey, come here (he hugged Asabe so hard and said…) you will be fine, let’s just thank God Dotun is back and leave the rest to God. God knows best.
Laraba, Ladidi and Junior were so disappointed in their mother, but yea well she’s still their mother, so they pleaded with Asabe to find it in her heart to forgive their mum. Junior  was a lot more irritated, ( and hoping he feels better)he kept repeating the fact that well  he’s so glad he would be leaving this fiasco and moving to Atlanta with Dotun and Asabe.( he wasn’t really talking to anyone but he was loud enough for everyone to hear)

Ladidi: Says who?
Junior: Uncle Dotun has agreed.
Ladidi: Do you realise that when two people are newly married they don’t need a third party for a while? Junior they need some ‘we time’
Junior: Ladidi, please wish me luck and don’t be jealous! You are not the one I am moving to Atlanta with, why are crying more than the bereaved?
Mr.Dan: Will you both shut up! There’s a bigger issue to be addressed here. Lydia I think you should apologise at this point, you have done so badly. Personally as your husband I am disappointed in you. For Christ sakes the Laraba you wanted him to marry isn’t even interested in him, so if I may ask what exactly were you fighting for?
Madam Lydia: (was in tears and went on her knees, but Asabe immediately helped her  up thereby preventing her from going on her knees) I am so sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me, I know I’m no longer worthy to be called ‘mother’, please forgive me.
Asabe: If God can bring my Dotun back, who am I not to forgive you, I forgive you from the bottom of my heart and I will still call/treat you as my mother. I want to believe God just wanted to prove a few things to us all.( and then she turns to her dad and said)….Daddy I know this is difficult for you as well, but please I urge you to forgive Mummy, for we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.
Mr. Dan ignored her and went ahead to help himself with a shot of brandy from the mini bar.
Asabe: Daddy please say something!
Mr. Dan:   If I understand you clearly, you want me to forgive a woman to whom human live means nothing?
Asabe: Daddy please you can do better than that, remember forgiveness is a quality of the strong
Ladidi and Laraba went on their kneels to plead with their father
Mr. Dan: OK OK!! OK!!! Lydia I forgive you.  But you and I know you have a lot to prove at least to make us believe you’re a changed person, because you have succeeded in ridiculing the name of this family………truth be told it’s a difficult time for me!
Madam Lydia: Yes I know.(wipes her tears),please my husband forgive me, I will never try such again
Asabe’s traditional wedding was done the following weekend and the church wedding was slated for two weeks time. Everyone noticed Lydia became a calm person, she wasn’t herself as she could not look Oloori in the eyes after all she has done, she pleaded with Asabe that she won’t be able to stand as her mother on her wedding day due to shame ,but Asabe insisted she had to as she has forgiven her totally.
Mr Dan took Lydia to Otunba’s house a week to the church wedding ,to reconcile her with her inlaws, the Otunba’s told Mr. Dan that they had forgiven Lydia and that if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have gone ahead with the wedding, Lydia was  so sorry about all she did.
Everyone except Dotun had forgiven Lydia, Dotun is still so bitter about the whole situation, and whenever his father tried to talk him out of it, he kept telling the father—‘Daddy what if I died? You all don’t know how it feels, the trauma, the psychological effects it has on me! Daddy seriously I don’t want to see that woman at my wedding, I just don’t want to see her anywhere around me, she’s capable of anything’
Otunba: So who would you want to stand as Asabe’s mother?
Dotun: Anyone! Anyone dad…but not that woman! Asabe has aunties, doesn’t she? Please I really don’t want that Lydia woman anywhere close.
Oloori:  Okomi(my husband)We understand how you feel, but the wedding day is a memorable day for both couples, and I bet you wouldn’t want you nor your wife to have sad memories about it, please I beg you in the name of our Lord and master Jesus Christ , to forgive Lydia, I am sure she has learnt her lesson and would probably have realised that ‘if God be for us no one can be against us’, how do you want Asabe to feel not having a mother figure by her side on her wedding day? Please you both have gone through enough already, let’s just conclude the entire process peacefully so you can return to Atlanta
 Otunba: Please listen to us dear son, the most important thing is that God has fought our battles like he promised (the battle is the Lord’s) so please forgive her, I understand that as humans it will take some time for us all to forget, but let’s at least start with forgiveness.

Dotun: Oh please! She’s not invited, if her not coming is an issue, then there will be no wedding!Period! 


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