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Monday, February 11, 2013

Corper Kofo --------Episode 20

The CEO of JNX was nice to us that day. He however asked us to come back the following day to complete his account opening form and also get a cheque to that effect. We were so elated that Goke suggested we call Mr. Osita out rightly to let him know everything went well, but of course I asked him to take some chill pills, that I had some other places to go to and I needed to make use of the car ,he agreed.

I asked the driver to take us to area 2,I needed to see Mrs. Douglas ,a customer of ours whose daughter is getting married and I was able to convince to allow me supply the ‘asoebi’( of course Man shall not live by bread alone ,lol),so we got to Mrs.Douglas’s house and she even gave me an advance payment.

On our way back to the office ,I started getting some funny pings from Mr.Osita asking sup with Valentine, if I had plans(e be like say all the old women wen dey this man village don de use him picture fan themselves ,hmmm) I told him I had no serious plans, as the celebration falls within the Lenten season(fasting period) but I will be going to visit prisoners and probably visit old people’s homes……….. (I think this got him vexed) and he goes…..
“You’re kidding me right”?

Kofo: Naaahhhh, I’m serious

Mr. Osita:  I’m talking of plans for you and I and you are there forming Mother Teresa of calcuta

Kofo: That’s the issue with you, your mind set needs to be reconfigured

Mr.Osita: Ooooh! Come off it, I’m not some computer accessories

Kofo: Well that’s what I intend doing,you should give it a thought ,it’s going to be fun .

Mr.Osita:  Why am I finding it difficult to believe you, oooohh ok that your small boyfriend is in town right?

Kofo: Oh please I take exceptions to that, small or big….that’s my choice

Mr Osita : Kofo,we have dragged this issue for too long, why not give me a chance, you know I can get you retained after your NYSC ,moreover you’re almost through with your NYSC program, you should be thinking of that hun

Kofo: Thanks but I have decided to to go for my masters after my NYSC, .so you see that won’t be necessary.

At this point he stopped pinging, I felt relieved a little because sincerely I was beginning to have some feelings for this man, but the God of Yomi won’t let it materialize(Lwkmd)
It’s a Monday morning and of course I got to work very early , adjacent the staircase is a restroom , so I got in to do my makeup and afterwards was just appreciating my beautiful self( #things that’s girls do though…smh!)and I said to myself ‘Kofo you are wonderfully and beautifully made’( yes I am one Yoruba girl you can’t pass by and not give a second look,yea God was in a generous mood while creating me) not knowing Mr.Osita was standing close by ,he said” Kofo you’re really endowed and you need somebody like me to treat you right’ in shock I couldn’t say a word I immediately took my make up purse and ran away like a kid being pursued by a dog……

...........................Corper kofo continues!(Thanks to all those who have kept up with this page, thanks for encouraging emails,God bless you all)