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Friday, November 7, 2014

YIPPPEEEE.....Its Friday-----Friday Quotes

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Quotes......

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Monday, September 29, 2014

ASABE- Episode 16-------( Final episode)

Madam Lydia after apologising knew very well that Dotun was yet to get over all she did to him and Asabe, well in her heart  she hoped that time would heal all these,  she figured out a way to appease him, she drove to Madam Xclusive Fashion store to arrange for Asabe ‘s traditional wedding beads, from there she went to ‘heels & wedges’ to get her shoes, she was all over the place trying to put things in order Mr. Dan was surprised at the sudden turn around but was excited to finally have a family where love and peace abound.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Grass on the other side!

As early as 5am the usually Lagos rain started, I remained determined  to go for 6am mass so as to come back in good time to sleep ,because I had danced so much at a friend’s wedding the day before that I couldn’t feel my legs. I got up and prepared for church, little did I know that the rain was also determined, if not more determined than myself! At about 5:45am the rain gathered more momentum and started falling like it was in a competition with some other rain in maybe Ogun or Oyo state, at this point I knew my aim of waking up so early had been defeated.I resolved to go for 8am mass……it wasn’t possible because it was still raining cats and dogs at the time……………….I finally made up my mind to start sleeping and go for 6pm mass which some folks regard as mass for the lazy, but I call it mass for the strategic at heart!( Yea, you’re entitled to your opinion).

I was up by 11:35am and so I decided to start making the popular Sunday lunch- White rice and stew( oh please !it’s a tradition in many Nigerian homes)- the stew had a lot of beef and pomo, hmm I never used to eat pomo until I came to Lagos( Jeezzzz I missed a lot for years, whaaattttttt! little did I know that pomo was this inspirational, now I’m trying to eat up for the years I didn’t)I was done by 1pm and decided to watch a movie I got from a friend as I had my lunch, title of the movie is –I’M IN LOVE WITH A CHURCH GIRL.Hmm this Ja-rule is Doro cute sha, very nice movie!( don’t know if it’s old or new….I sha liked it).
5:30pm I got up and went to church, I was able to make it to the church before 6pm, while I sat down and waited for mass to begin, there were these two women who seemed to belong to the same unit in the church, they sat  about two rows  before me, I heard them arguing, they had an event coming up in church  and had to wear uniform( asoebi) for the event, Lady A was amongst the first set of people who bought the uniform, as at the time Lady B got hers the first batch of the uniform had finished and so she got something different since the man who supplied the first uniform couldn’t lay his hands on them in the market again, Lady B preferred what Lady A had and wished she had bought earlier, she didn’t like hers at all and was only going to wear it because it’s a church event.(her words)
I looked at both wrappers carefully and I fell in love with what Lady B thinks is ugly, the colour, the design, one word describes this Ankara- BEAUTIFUL! In my heart I said to myself….what a world! She’s there very unhappy about her wrapper, she hasn’t even taken a good look at this wrapper, she’s envious of another’s Ankara,she doesn’t have an idea that hers isn’t just more beautiful but of a higher quality. She left before the 6pm mass began because she attended mass earlier and just came to church that evening to collect her asoebi. I don’t belong to her unit in church, else I would have gotten that Ankara and make a jacket out of it.( in my heart I don already imagine how the cloth go siddon for my body)
Most of us are like Lady B, we don’t have the time to appreciate what we have, we don’t have an idea of how beautiful ours is, we keep looking at the grass on the other side,oh how green…want mine to be like that!....Oh no! yours is better , take some 10 minutes to look at what you have and be grateful, be contented!  Someone somewhere is envious of it and wants to have it (just like I sat behind and wished I could get a copy of Lady B’s Ankara)

 #Contentment. Are you contented? Contentment is the keyword here! Have a pleasant day people!

Iyaoloja is around- ASABE Episode 15

Hello Everyone! First of all i apologise for being absent for a little while! The winner of the giveaway for the last episode is  OLORUNFEMI RUTH MODUPE.

Now the story proper;

Nobody could convince Dotun ,his heart was hardened about his decision. Otunba and Oloori were confused, they had tried all means possible but to no avail, they had even asked Asabe to come beg her husband herself but Dotun didn’t listen to her all he said was; You can choose between having a wedding or not.
Personally Otunba would have cancelled the big celebration and make do with a small celebration, but for the invites already sent to high profile politicians and some other big wigs,he couldn’t afford to get himself looking like some indecisive folk,he stood at the balcony wondering what could be done to get this sorted out before the big day, when Oloori announced that Iya Oloja( Otunba’s mum) was around , the old woman travelled all the way to attend her first grandson’s wedding( Yoruba peeps love to party sha) Otunba was elated as he knew very well that Dotun listens to Iya Oloja, he hurriedly went downstairs to welcome his mother and immediately excused her from his domestic workers who were trying to exchange pleasantries with the elderly but fun woman.
Otunba: Iya mi( my mother) you are welcome
Iya Oloja: My son, you look worried, what’s the matter?
Otunba: It’s Dotun!
Iya Oloja: I hope he’s fine?
Otunba: Yes mami he’s fine, it’s about his wedding.
Iya Oloja: aaah, don’t worry I am here to contribute my quota to ensure it’s a success…..i will dance like I used to do those days when women were girls……..... wo (look) tell Oloori to get ready oh, she can’t compete with Lagos swagger!
Otunba: (smiles) mami …swagger ke?it’s not in that context.( he narrated all that Lydia did to Dotun)  and at the moment Dotun is insisting that Lydia would not stand in as Asabe’s mother, else there would be no wedding.
Iya Oloja: I can understand what Dotun is going through emotionally, anyone in his shoes would be angry, he’s been through a lot,so it’s difficult to call someone who wanted you dead your mother-in-law. Well I will talk to him and hope he has a change of mind thereafter.
Otunba: Virtually everyone has spoken to him, yet he’s not making up his mind about accepting his mother-in-law’s apology
Iya Oloja: Oh please, you would do the same thing as a young man, I am your mother and I can tell where Dotun got this attitude from.
Otunba: aaahh Mami…..don’t say that.
Iya Oloja: je kin gbo oro ojare( let me hear word ojare). Call my grandson for me and tell Oloori to make sure my pounded yam and efo riro is ready before I’m done talking to Dotun
Otunba: Yes Ma!
Few minutes later Dotun drove in with his friend Ahmed and as soon as he got into the house, he was told by his mum that Iya Oloja is around, he seemed so excited that his aging granny could make it down just for his wedding, he ran upstairs to see her.
Dotun: aahhh Mami….welcome ma
Iya Oloja: oshe Omo mi. How’s the preparation going?
Dotun: Very well, except for Daddy and Mummy who are trying to get on my last nerve. You know Lydia…Mr. Dan’s wife?
Iya Oloja: yes ke! I do
( Dotun told Iya Oloja his tale and Iya Oloja in her wisdom listened like she hasn’t heard the same tale from Otunba)
Dotun: After all these Mami, all I am asking is that she doesn’t stand as Asabe’s mother!
Iya Oloja:Well you have spoken well my son….and no one can blame you for acting the way you’re acting…it is expected after all you have been through.
Dotun: Thank you Ma!
Iya Oloja: Do you really love Asabe?
Dotun: Yes ma I do.
Iya Oloja: What type of memories would you and Asabe want to have about this wedding? What stories do you want to tell your unborn children? That you denied their mother the joy of having a mother by her side on her wedding day not minding the fact that she lost her biological mother at a tender age?                                                                             
Dotun: Hmm, only you can make me change my mind and you know it! Well she can come.( hugs Iya Oloja)
Iya Oloja: ehen! That’s more like it!.... and please don’t give her attitude, treat her like you would your own mother
Dotun: That’s a difficult one Mami…..
Iya Oloja: I know, but please try.
They both didn’t know that Otunba was eavesdropping, as soon as they concluded, Otunba went to his wife and said:
Otunba: You won’t believe it!
Oloori: Kilode( what happened)?
Otunba: It didn’t take Iyaami 20 minutes to convince Dotun!
Oloori: yaay! Thank God, atleast we can go ahead with the preparation without worries.
Otunba: yea, but act like you don’t know about this development yet, I eavesdropped while they talked!
Oloori: hmmm, daddyyyyy!…….you still haven’t given up this habit!
Otunba: oh please! Shut up! Meanwhile is Mami’s food ready?

Oloori: Almost,…

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.-Romans 15: 13

Monday, July 7, 2014

Who shouldn't be invited for the wedding?????---Asabe Episode 14

Otunba: Dan! When a man realises his woman is this wicked, he figures out a way to handle her, not telling her to go back to her parents after giving him three lovely children.  Calm down man, we would figure out something.
Dan: How? I can’t imagine sleeping under the same roof with Lydia! I just can’t!
Otunba: Arhhhh! Just stop it for your own good oh jare! It is now you are going to show her more love….haven’t you heard that unkind folks are the ones who needs kindness most? Please I still need you as a friend and a brother, so you are going to calm down and be reasonable about this whole situation, after all I’m the one who is suppose to be this vexed but I’m not, Why? Because life happens!
Dan: (adjusts himself on the sofa, and kept stamping his left foot on the floor- anxiety) Ok! I have heard you. I want to thank you for being a good friend and for your understanding, Asabe would need to move to your house pending when we conclude the marriage rites and then herself and Dotun can go to the states, I really don’t think  she is safe in that house with Lydia anymore.
Otunba: Naaa, she knows all fingers would point at her, if anything goes wrong with Asabe, so she won’t even dare, not with all that has happened. I know Lydia can’t handle embarrassment, she‘s going to be cool,calm and collected…trust me!

Dan: Ok, I’m just a bit confused here! I should be on my way to the house, I need to see Asabe and be sure she is alright, don’t know how she would take the news!
Otunba: yea….let’s get out of here, I need to make sure Ekaette is out of my house too.
Asabe:  How could you? I call you mother, I love and respect you, even when you treat me like a slave, I still call you mother, yet you don’t want me to be happy! What have I done to deserve all you’ve done to me……..what am I suppose to do that I didn’t do or did wrong?........
Asabe stood there crying as she poured out her heart to Lydia who buried her head in shame, when Mr. Dan arrived.
Mr Dan: Hey, come here (he hugged Asabe so hard and said…) you will be fine, let’s just thank God Dotun is back and leave the rest to God. God knows best.
Laraba, Ladidi and Junior were so disappointed in their mother, but yea well she’s still their mother, so they pleaded with Asabe to find it in her heart to forgive their mum. Junior  was a lot more irritated, ( and hoping he feels better)he kept repeating the fact that well  he’s so glad he would be leaving this fiasco and moving to Atlanta with Dotun and Asabe.( he wasn’t really talking to anyone but he was loud enough for everyone to hear)

Ladidi: Says who?
Junior: Uncle Dotun has agreed.
Ladidi: Do you realise that when two people are newly married they don’t need a third party for a while? Junior they need some ‘we time’
Junior: Ladidi, please wish me luck and don’t be jealous! You are not the one I am moving to Atlanta with, why are crying more than the bereaved?
Mr.Dan: Will you both shut up! There’s a bigger issue to be addressed here. Lydia I think you should apologise at this point, you have done so badly. Personally as your husband I am disappointed in you. For Christ sakes the Laraba you wanted him to marry isn’t even interested in him, so if I may ask what exactly were you fighting for?
Madam Lydia: (was in tears and went on her knees, but Asabe immediately helped her  up thereby preventing her from going on her knees) I am so sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me, I know I’m no longer worthy to be called ‘mother’, please forgive me.
Asabe: If God can bring my Dotun back, who am I not to forgive you, I forgive you from the bottom of my heart and I will still call/treat you as my mother. I want to believe God just wanted to prove a few things to us all.( and then she turns to her dad and said)….Daddy I know this is difficult for you as well, but please I urge you to forgive Mummy, for we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.
Mr. Dan ignored her and went ahead to help himself with a shot of brandy from the mini bar.
Asabe: Daddy please say something!
Mr. Dan:   If I understand you clearly, you want me to forgive a woman to whom human live means nothing?
Asabe: Daddy please you can do better than that, remember forgiveness is a quality of the strong
Ladidi and Laraba went on their kneels to plead with their father
Mr. Dan: OK OK!! OK!!! Lydia I forgive you.  But you and I know you have a lot to prove at least to make us believe you’re a changed person, because you have succeeded in ridiculing the name of this family………truth be told it’s a difficult time for me!
Madam Lydia: Yes I know.(wipes her tears),please my husband forgive me, I will never try such again
Asabe’s traditional wedding was done the following weekend and the church wedding was slated for two weeks time. Everyone noticed Lydia became a calm person, she wasn’t herself as she could not look Oloori in the eyes after all she has done, she pleaded with Asabe that she won’t be able to stand as her mother on her wedding day due to shame ,but Asabe insisted she had to as she has forgiven her totally.
Mr Dan took Lydia to Otunba’s house a week to the church wedding ,to reconcile her with her inlaws, the Otunba’s told Mr. Dan that they had forgiven Lydia and that if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have gone ahead with the wedding, Lydia was  so sorry about all she did.
Everyone except Dotun had forgiven Lydia, Dotun is still so bitter about the whole situation, and whenever his father tried to talk him out of it, he kept telling the father—‘Daddy what if I died? You all don’t know how it feels, the trauma, the psychological effects it has on me! Daddy seriously I don’t want to see that woman at my wedding, I just don’t want to see her anywhere around me, she’s capable of anything’
Otunba: So who would you want to stand as Asabe’s mother?
Dotun: Anyone! Anyone dad…but not that woman! Asabe has aunties, doesn’t she? Please I really don’t want that Lydia woman anywhere close.
Oloori:  Okomi(my husband)We understand how you feel, but the wedding day is a memorable day for both couples, and I bet you wouldn’t want you nor your wife to have sad memories about it, please I beg you in the name of our Lord and master Jesus Christ , to forgive Lydia, I am sure she has learnt her lesson and would probably have realised that ‘if God be for us no one can be against us’, how do you want Asabe to feel not having a mother figure by her side on her wedding day? Please you both have gone through enough already, let’s just conclude the entire process peacefully so you can return to Atlanta
 Otunba: Please listen to us dear son, the most important thing is that God has fought our battles like he promised (the battle is the Lord’s) so please forgive her, I understand that as humans it will take some time for us all to forget, but let’s at least start with forgiveness.

Dotun: Oh please! She’s not invited, if her not coming is an issue, then there will be no wedding!Period! 


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Work of the Devil?????------Asabe Episode 13

Douglas immediately put a call through to Otunba ;
Douglas: Sir, Please you need to come over to the station
Otunba: Is it necessary? Just lock them up for now, I need to focus on Dotun, he’s been through a lot .
Douglas: You need to hear their confessions
Otunba; Ok, if you insist, would be on my way shortly.
Oloori: Where are you going to?
Otunba: To the station, Douglas needs my attention
Oloori: Can I come with you?
Otunba: That  won’t be necessary
Oloori: Why do you think I can’t be helpful in all of this??? You have succeeded in sidelining me all through this! Dotun is my son too.
Otunba: Woman, please not now, I don’t need all of that.
              Oloori, got a pair of foot wear, and dragged herself to the car, she was looking like a left over pizza, struggling with her adire head tie, Otunba was not please with the way she looked,
Otunba: Madam, you can’t go with me looking like this!
Oloori: well you’ve seen me in my worst, so what’s new? Is this supposed to be making headlines???Plsssss!
Otunba: Ok I will wait for you, go and dress properly
Oloori: Sure?
Otunba: (nodded in affirmation)

They got to the Police station and went in to see Douglas;
Douglas: ah! My Oga… You are welcome Sir! Ooh Madam is here too, you are welcome Ma’am
Otunba& Oloori: Thank you very much
Otunba: So what is their confession?
Douglas: ermm it’s better you hear from the horse’s mouth
Douglas: Sergeant Okon!
Sergeant Okon: Shun Sir!
Bring those kidnappers in
Sergeant Okon: Yes Sir
Sergeant Okon made his way to the cell and brought them to Douglas’s office.
Douglas: Good, so Capon can you repeat what you said earlier?
Capon: I said it’s Madam Lydia who paid us to kidnap Dotun(As soon as Oloori heard this she started sweating profusely  and took off her gele)
Douglas: Madam please take it easy, Okon please increase the AC, Capon go on
Capon: and we got info from all that was discussed in the house through Ekaette!
Oloori (started crying) ……….Ekaette? A girl I picked from the gutters and cleaned up? and treated her like my own daughter?
Otunba: You see why I didn’t want you to come with me? Let me call Dan
Otunba puts a call through to Mr. Dan;
Otunba: Hello Dan
Mr. Dan: Morning Sir…
Otunba: ooooh jare oremi, Where are you?
Dan: I came to get Laraba a birthday gift, its her birthday today.
Otunba; Oh nice, my regards to her, please can you meet me at the police station?
Dan: yes Sir, hope all is well
Otunba: Yes, I’m just in some sort of situation, I need your suggestion on some issues here>
Dan: Ok, I will be there in less than 15minutes
Otunba: that’s fine!
Mr Dan got to the station in about 16 minutes and was intimated on all that had been said by the culprits, he was sad! But Otunba made sure they brought out the culprits,  so he could hear from them directly…..Dan was very miserable, deep down within him, he knows Lydia can be very wicked, but he never envisaged she could go this far….the heart of a woman though*(he thought to himself)
Otunba: Dan, you are my friend, the right thing to do is to detain Lydia and Ekaette, but for our friendship and the kids, I won’t allow her to be detained, as for Ekaette, I will ask my driver to buy her a ticket to Akwa-ibom right away, she’s leaving my house in less than two hours, Douglas please send your men to Dan’s house.
Douglas: Yes Sir!!!
 Lydia was brought in for Questioning;
Otunba: Lydia why did you have to go that far? Do you dislike Asabe that much, she is supposed to be your daughter for crying out loud!
Lydia:I don’t understand Sir
Douglas: Okon bring Capon and others,she will probably understand when she sees them
As soon as Capon sighted Madam Lydia,he said;
‘Yes na she be this, this is the woman who paid us to kidnap your son Sir’
Madam Lydia: ( fell on her knees and started crying) Please forgive me, it’s the work of the devil, please Oloori, help me beg Otunba,it’s the work of the devil….pleaaassssseeeee I am sorry
Mr. Dan: ooooh please zip it! Which devil? Or do you think you can lay false accusation on the devil because of course the devil is ashamed to defend himself? Just go home and pack your things,I don’t want to set my eyes on you again, go to your father’s house and continue what you know best….KIDNAPPING!
Otunba: Naaaa c’mon Dan ,it hasn’t gotten to that extent(meanwhile the way Oloori was looking at Lydia, she could tear to pieces if allowed) be a man, I’m the one who is suppose to be this angry but I’m not. Oloori please go home and make sure I don’t meet Ekaette in my house when I get back. Dan?
Mr. Dan: Sir>
Otunba: Lets go do some bottles…..perhaps that would calm you down.
Douglas!(Otunba called and  shook hands with him) You did a great job, as for the culprits…they can keep chilling here, till I make up my mind on what to do with them.
Douglas: yes Sir!

Mr. Dan and Otunba drove in Mr. Dan’s car to the club….

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end!
-Lamentations 3:22

Friday, June 6, 2014

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ekaette is involved???who else?? find out on Asabe Episode 12

Otunba: Hello  Douglas!...... Hello can you hear me…..Helllooooooo?

Douglas: Sir, yes I can hear you now………

Otunba: Ok, hope you have some good news?

Douglas:  Not really Sir,We just realised that  they have moved Dotun from this location, somehow they must have heard we were coming, Sir we need to do some background check, there seems to be an insider divulging  information.

Otunba: Gaddddammitttt! What are you saying???? Can you please do your job and stop looking for flimsy excuses for your failure! I don’t have time for these nonsense!

Douglas: Sir please calm down ,I know how you feel……

Otunba: Oh no you don’t! you are not the one with a missing son, are you?

Douglas:  Sir, Please trust me on this…… I am sure of what I just told you.

Otunba: Ok I do not want any Police intervention anymore, I will be dealing with the abductors myself.

Douglas: I get that Sir( Knowing very well what Otunba meant by that ) so now just watch it , they will call you soon to re-negotiate ,because the insider will definitely get in touch with them.

Otunba: Ok, bye for now.

Douglas: just send me a ping once they make any attempt to reach you.

Otunba: Yea….regards to your wife.

Douglas: All correct Sir.


Otunba went upstairs to meet Oloori and told her  that the wedding has to be deferred pending when they find Dotun and that he no longer wants the police to be involved.

Oloori: Aahhhh, what did you just say???? Yaayyy! My enemies are at  it…you don’t want to use the policemen anymore, what do you want to use? Oh ok, the army? (Started dragging Otunba’s shirt and crying) Give me my son ….Give me my son oooooohhh.

Otunba: Woman! Please give me a break; it’s not easy for me too. You see the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem, keep a positive attitude please.

(Phone rings*)

Otunba: Hello!

Kidnappers: Oga….make we yan now…because we nor get patience for this matter again oh

Otunba: Ok ….what do you want this time?

Kidnappers: Now you don de yan! Ok back to the matter*** we have been informed you no longer want to involve the police

Otunba: You’re right about that !

Kidnappers: Ok good! We will for the last time give you an address where you can drop the money, as soon as you do this, your son would be on his way home,as a matter of fact we are tired of feeding him, he eats a lot and if you don’t answer us this time, he might just die out of hunger.

Otunba: thanks for the second chance, I will personally go and drop the money there.

( End of call)

Oloori: Please ehen Oko mi( my husband) go and drop the money there so we can put this behind us.

Otunba: I will, you should know I miss my son too, I haven’t been a happy father for days now.

Oloori: By God’s grace we will be victorious.


Douglas: Hello Sir, any update

Otunba: Hmmm, yes but I need to get to the club, I have to meet with Alhaji Waziri for an update on the last grass root campaign.

Douglas: I understand Sir, will meet you there asap!

(Ends the call)

Oloori: ehn???? Which meeting? Laye! Not when my son is still missing……’re not going anywhere

Otunba: Woman! Please let me be! Whether I go for this meeting or not, it has nothing to do with finding our son, so let me just go

Oloori: *crying and screaming* how can you even think of your political ambition during a period like this? OMG! I can’t believe this!

Otunba took his car key and phones and left the house, he didn’t reveal to Oloori that he was going to see Douglas at the club,as soon as he got to the club, as a Premium member, he gained access to the VVIP section and waited patiently for Douglas.

Douglas joined in about 26mins time and he gave him the address he was sent by the Abductors,they agreed to stay far off from each other so no one has a clue that the police is still on the case, in fact Otunba changed his name on his contact list ,just so that whenever his calls come in no one will know its Douglas calling.

 Three days later  Otunba got the 40 million naira available and followed the abductors instructions carefully, Douglas sent a female officer by name Bella who could be mistaken for a mad woman because of the way she was dressed, Bella followed Otunba from a distance and monitored the entire process and as soon as Otunba was heading back, Bella notified Douglas about the abductors location and that was how they were caught.

Dotun was released and was under a lot of scrutiny by the meds, the head of Kidnappers was dealt with by the policemen and afterwards taken in for questioning, he was addressed by his colleagues as Capon, his colleagues said it was a woman who gave them the contract but that only Capon has the woman’s details

Douglas: So Capon, are you ready to tell us who gave you the contract of abducting Dotun?

Capon:Oga , you go need kill me oh, because this woman paid me not to call her name.

Douglas called other policemen who were on standby to torture Capon till they can get him to tell the truth

Douglas: truly I will kill you, I am not scared to, Officers?

Officers: Sir!

Douglas; take care of him

Officers: Yes Sir!

The officers tortured him in a very cruel way

Capon: * screaming, groaning and pleading* ok I will talk, I say I will talk please!

Douglas: Good, so who is this woman?

Capon: Madam Lydia….Oga Dan’s wife!

Douglas: watttttttttt????????? Dear Lord!

Capon: yes Sir

Douglas : But she doesn’t stay in Otunba’s house, so how were you able to know everything discussed about this kidnap case in Otunba’s house?

Capon: She paid Otunba’s cook- Ekaette !

………………………………./the story continues




I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.

 – Job 19:25

Friday, May 23, 2014

Traditional marriage withheld?????- Episode 11- Asabe

Madam Lydia was very much involved with  preparations for Asabe’s traditional wedding, she was all over the place organizing asoebi , everyone was surprised but happy about her change of attitude , Mr. Dan knowing his wife so well knew there was more to this her ‘happy and caring mother attitude’, he called Asabe privately and told her to be careful with Lydia;

Monday, May 12, 2014


This is just heartbreaking, its over 3 weeks now and these girls are yet to be released
 We can't even begin to imagine what these children are going through, the kind of pain their parents are in.
I know most of us don't even know where to start from with this whole situation, but you can start with a word of prayer and let's keep believing that with the help Nigeria is getting, we would be victorious.


Friday, May 2, 2014

ASABE Episode 10

Elegant! Perfect! Flawless! These are words that come to mind when you see how graceful Asabe’s makeover was done, a touch of royalty could be seen as the lovely beads adorned her neck, these beads were the same beads Otunba’s wife used during her time, the beads are of a strong family value to the Otunbas  oh yea saying she looked pretty was an understatement as Asabe sat next to her  Dotun it was like a dream come through. Dotun came with his people to seek Asabe’s hand in marriage, everyone was present  except Madam Lydia who claimed she had to go to Dubai for holidays.

Monday, April 14, 2014

ASABE Episode 9

Asabe’s visa application was successful, and as a result Mr Dan and Otunba started planning the introduction/traditional wedding and of course the church wedding, Madam Lydia had no idea what volcano was about to erupt in her house, she deprived Asabe of the monthly pocket money Mr. Dan usually set aside for the kids, but Dotun always made sure Asabe was comfortable, at least that would be his duty soon.
Mr. Dan got some of the elders in the family to discuss the upcoming introduction/traditional wedding of Asabe, they were all very excited except for Mr. Godswill who was very inquisitive about why Mr.Dan came alone and not with his wife Madam Lydia:
Mr. Godswill: In as much as you brought a good news ,I still think you took the wrong approach to this, it would have been better if you came with our sister in-law.
Elder Johnny: What does it matter? After all the bible specifically said ‘ and two  shall become one’…He’s here to represent the wife and the kids….i do not see anything wrong with him coming alone?
Mr. Godswill: ehhhhhh I smell a rat oooo Elder Johnny
Elder Johnny: it doesn’t matter if you smell a fish, (and then he turns to every other person seated) please lets drink to the good news our son brought us.
Mr. Dan knew Mr. Godswill has always been close to Madam Lydia as she always made it a point of duty to give him some money even when he doesn’t deserve it, so he to some extent understood his what his issues were and decided to keep quiet so as not to make a scene by trading words with an elder and therefore be tagged rude.
Mr Dan knew there was trouble, he knew Mr. Godswill will try all his best to reach Madam Lydia and then he wouldn’t know what to say, he immediately called Asabe and told her all that went on,they agreed she was going to claim pregnant and not ready to terminate the pregnancy, everyone was put in the picture- Dotun and his parents, so on getting home Mr. Dan called Madam Lydia and told her Asabe is pregnant for Dotun and he thinks the best thing to do as Christians is to allow her marry Dotun ,as abortion is not an option
Madam Lydia: OMG!!! What are you saying Dan???????? Abortion is not an option but fornication is right??? Can you hear yourself, you < an elder in the church of Christ ,have you forgotten what the bible said about a bed undefiled????????? I can’t believe this is happening to me. ( she walked to the mini bar and helped herself with a glass of whiskey, yes! Madam always takes a shot when she is vexed, probably a way to calm her nerves)
Mr. Dan : Lydia you dare talk to me about a bed undefiled?????????You are not in the right position to preach that part of the gospel trust me! Have you forgotten how we met?????? And oh! you should be taking a soft wine not that strong whiskey, because I brought you good news(tickles her)
Madam Lydia: oooohh pls spare me! You definitely didn’t meet me standing by Sanusi Fafunwa street at night,did you?
Mr.Dan : well I am against abortion and as such this wedding will hold with or without you, after  all, the family in question has been our close knit for years now .
Madam Lydia: Wait a minute… you seem not to shocked by the news of the pregnancy, something tells me there is more to this news of yours…..but not to worry I will find out, I just hope you are not part of this conspiracy, because this house will be too small for you and I, that boy should have married Laraba, that was the grand plan.
Mr. Dan: You and who had that as a plan????? You are forgetting that Laraba and Asabe are my daughters and I love them equally, please don’t use your witchcraft to plant a seed of discord amongst sisters, its not their fault that you never  knew what it felt like having a sister
Madam Lydia: You can say whatever you like, but I am not going to give up Dan….unlike you I fight till the very end!
Mr. Dan: Lydia the warrior, please do not fight my daughter’s joy ….i beg you in God’s name…because if you do, you will regret the day you agreed to be called my wife…..Lydia DO NOT DARE ME!!!
Mr. Dan walked out of the living room, went upstairs with a bottle of red wine and cigar to calm his nerves as his wife really got him worked up.
Two days later the women wing of the party had a political rally, Otunba’s wife(Oloori) saw Madam Lydia and jokingly called out…..My in-law ba wo ni (how are you)
Madam Lydia: Madam, if not for the regards I have for you and your husband I wouldn’t have answered you
Otunba’s Wife:  aaah, kilode(what happened)….don’t worry we are coming to do it the proper way, they are children, they should have known better than to be in this position
Madam Lydia: how can Dotun get my daughter pregnant outside wedlock, does he know the shame that comes with this action especially for the family of the girl in question????
Otunba’s Wife: Yes, it would have been a shame if we do not have plans of coming to ask for her hand in marriage, but we are coming for that, at least as soon you people give us a date.
Madam Lydia: hmmmm, no date yet oooh, Dotun has to come and apologise for putting Asabe in a family way, when he isn’t married to her yet…..
Otunba’s Wife: My dear sister you should calm down, for God’s sake the girl in question isn’t below 18years of age and it wasn’t a case of rape…..this is a case of two consenting adults, you were the one talking about shame just now, do you want her stomach to start protruding before we come to marry her?
Madam Lydia: Do I care if you don’t come at all? Meanwhile how is Dotun sure he is responsible for the pregnancy???
Otunba’s Wife: *mogbe*Well you can ask him that question if he eventually comes to tender his apologies…..oni iranu oshi
Madam Lydia: yea…whatever that means…..*sigh* like I care
Both women went their separate ways.
Dotun the following day went to see Madam Lydia to tender his apologies
Madam Lydia: So what do you want? I gave you a better option for a wife but you made your choice, guess you just prefer terrible options
Dotun: well ma’am , I am sorry if I disappointed you. I just came to say I am sorry to have gotten Asabe pregnant outside wedlock, as soon as we agree on a date we would let yourself and daddy know.
Madam Lydia: Not like I care if you don’t marry her at all or let her stomach protrude before you marry her, at least the world will come to see how useless a child she is* sips her glass of wine*
Dotun quietly took his leave as he wasn’t very sure if she’s okay or high on some crack shit! Just as he was driving out of the compound Laraba was coming in;
Laraba: Hi
Laraba: was told we are in-laws to be, nice!
Dotun: yea
Laraba: look, not withstanding all the drama that has gone on, I wish yourself and my sister all the best.
Dotun: Thank you.
Laraba: please forgive my mum about whatever it is she must have said to you,plus what she will say in future, you are now family , I’m sure you will soon get familiar with her plenty unnecessary drama
Dotun: * smiles* ok dear, I have to run now… to you later!
Laraba: bye !

I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.        -Mathew 16:18

Thursday, April 10, 2014

3 Things Nobody Tells Their Boss, But Should…

Hi everyone,
 stumbled over this and thought to share
My company Sevenly has over 40 employees. We have executives, managers, assistants, and everyone in between. I’ve hired, fired, and managed hundreds of people and would call myself “experienced” in the employee boss relationship.

I believe work is special. It’s a place we should feel safe, happy, and encouraged. Sadly, I often see the opposite. As fear creeps into the employee mentality, many choose passive over voice, settle over growth, and silence over affirmation. It’s time to speak up. Your managers are big boys and girls. They can handle the truth – just be sure to deliver it with love.
3 Things Nobody Tells Their Boss, But Should…

  1. Stop – This can be tricky and should be done in private. But opening with a statement like, “can I be honest with you?” will really help.  When a boss is working people too hard, saying inappropriate comments, and taking matters too far, someone must say “stop”. While we live in an imperfect world with broken people and failing systems we cannot always rely on our bosses boss to speak first. We must remember, courage can come from anywhere. From the CEO, a manager, and from you. You are not a piece of a machine. You’re a human. Your input is valuable and you should stand for what is right – regardless of where you sit on the corporate ladder.
  2. I Believe in You – On the flip-side, there is a common belief that affirming your superiors is a blunder of professional boundaries. On the contrary, it’s quite encouraging. Every leader desires confirmation of their leadership. This notion of goodwill often times grows the relationship between the staff member and the manager even further. It’s a win-win :)
  3. I’m not Happy Here - We spend 1/3 of our lives working. If you’re unhappy here, you’re just plain miserable. But don’t quit just yet. Ask to speak to your boss in private. Be prepared to share with sincerity why you’re unhappy. Is it the commute? Is it the pay? Is it a fellow colleague? Maybe it’s your boss himself. Whatever it is, be brave enough to speak up. It’s your happiness we’re talking about. Sure, this conversation may end up with you on the job market, but more often then not, you will end up with a fixed situation. A refreshed workplace and the ability to wake up at 7:00am with excitement, rather than dread.
Have you told your boss something risky? Let me know about it in the comments below.