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Friday, May 2, 2014

ASABE Episode 10

Elegant! Perfect! Flawless! These are words that come to mind when you see how graceful Asabe’s makeover was done, a touch of royalty could be seen as the lovely beads adorned her neck, these beads were the same beads Otunba’s wife used during her time, the beads are of a strong family value to the Otunbas  oh yea saying she looked pretty was an understatement as Asabe sat next to her  Dotun it was like a dream come through. Dotun came with his people to seek Asabe’s hand in marriage, everyone was present  except Madam Lydia who claimed she had to go to Dubai for holidays.

Some family members asked for Madam Lydia’s where about, Mr. Dan just tried to tell a few the truth, others he told she had gone on an official assignment, but elder Godswill as usual wanted to make a case out of it.
Godswill: Dan are you sure you are telling us the truth about our wife?
Mr. Dan: If you are not satisfied with what I told you, please call her to confirm I’m sure she roamed her line
Godswill: I’m just saying because it’s not proper that she’s not here, traditionally she’s suppose to stand as Asabe’s mother ,something is not right and I feel it.
Elder Johnny (aka John bull­): Even though I don’t know the bible too well, I remember the part that says, ’rejoice with those who rejoice’ couldn’t she have postpone the trip whether official or not …ehen? Isokay ! ermm my people lets continue, our elders say he who brings kola nut brings peace and good tidings,  Dan, these people have come to your house to get a flower( all present laughed), ok bring all your flowers out ,let’s know which of them is the one.
Mrs Okoro, who is Asabe’s aunt (her mother’s cousin) quickly, took the place of her mum and went inside to bring all the girls who were gorgeously dressed, but of course Asabe’s dressing was outstanding, they stood before the elders present.
Elder Johnny: My son (referring to Dotun) please these are our daughters, who amongst them do you seek?
Dotun pointed to Asabe, and all women present screamed and started singing and dancing. After a few minutes they stopped to hear Asabe’s answer, Elder Johnny turned to Asabe and asked ,
‘ My daughter, this man here has come to seek your hand in marriage, do you accept, because it all depends on you
Asabe knelt down and answered ‘ yes I accept ‘
Then the celebration began properly, the elders and Mr. Dan conveyed in a smaller room to agree on a date for the traditional wedding. Every other person present was outside, there was a lot of drinking and eating, as usual some of the extended family members who came under the guise of coming to help with the cooking actually came with their bags to pack food home( women never cease to amaze me…seriously?).the introduction ceremony was very colourful, Laraba and Ladidi were very helpful, Junior was with Dotun all through and kept asking him if he could go to Atlanta with them.
At the end of the day, Dotun wasn’t totally happy, because he wanted the traditional wedding to hold pari pasu the introduction, he said to his mum;
‘ Maami we would have just done the traditional wedding alongside, splitting it is a way of wasting time, this whole thing is more like a diploma course; Introduction- Traditional-Registry- Bachelors eve- church wedding- Reception- after wedding party, wow! how much must a man go through before he takes his woman home!
Otunba’s wife: hmmm Ddddddooootunnn! Relax, it’s just the usual process, I know you are in a hurry just like your father was many years ago, lol, all these you mentioned will soon be over , and she will be all yours, pele oko mi. You can`t merge everything together just like that because she is the first daughter of the family, pele!
Dotun: Maami’ no jor, i`m not in that type of haste you are talking about(chuckles)
Otunba`s wife: yea right ! I hear you.
They hugged each other and laughed hard.

The traditional wedding was fixed for the next market day usually referred to as ‘Ohumanaka’. Dotun was very excited as it was just a few days to come. Preparations were in top gear especially at the Otunba’s since they were the ones coming for a wife.
Madam Lydia arrived from her trip the following day, she never envisaged that the traditional wedding would be just a few days after the introduction, the elders were still around and as such they called for an emergency family meeting. Those present were, Mr. Dan & Madam Lydia, Elders Johnny, Godswill, Akpororo, Tamuno, Mathew, Duncan and Mrs. Okoro.
Elder Johnny: We have decided to have  this meeting to rectify a few things going on in this family. Lydia, you travelled whilst your daughter was having her introduction, why would you do that?
Madam Lydia: Sir, it was an official trip, couldn’t have avoided it. I’m so sorry. Moreover Mrs Okoro has being around so I’m sure she did the needful.
Elder Tamuno: Lydia!!! You know it’s a small world, I bumped into your friend Mrs. Bassey  when I went to buy hot drink down the road, because all these drink Dan bought us cannot drive the away the cold in this town, and she was telling me to remind you that the official trip has been rescheduled for month end, so when you say it’s official , I’m not sure I understand you.
Madam Lydia: ermmm, you see…
Elder Akpororo: shut up dia! God has uncovered all the lies you told us, Ly-di( as he often called her) why? Na so you nor send Asabe government? Wait oh, you nor want make she marry? Sebi you don marry your own?
Elder Duncan: It’s okay my people, you see Lydia you embarrassed us all by this singular act of yours. Even if you don’t like Asabe, you shouldn’t have acted this way, leaving only Dan to spearhead the whole thing. I personally expected a lot better from you considering your level of education and exposure, you should have done better.
Elder Johnny: Lydia you are grounded!!! You will no longer travel anywhere until the entire ceremony is concluded. You shall be helpful to both Dan and Asabe in every possible way, we demand your apologises immediately.
Madam Lydia knelt down and apologised to all the elders present and most especially to her husband Mr. Dan. Ladidi interrupted the meeting by announcing to everyone that lunch was served.

Even when you are afraid ,keep trusting.   - Psalm 56:3

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