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Friday, March 22, 2013

Corper Kofo........episode 23

(Big mummy comes in ,ofcourse with our favourite drink , at this point Yomi was still boiling, upon noticing this, big mummy asked)

Big mummy; My dear < what happened , you don't look happy.....Kilode

Yomi; Big mummy its Kofo , she's just bent on destroying my happiness

Big mummy; aaah , destroy ke, God forbid!

Yomi; ma, i suspect Kofo has something to do with her boss, Mr. Osi or whatever

Kofo; oooh please you asked a question and i gave a sincere answer,why are you getting worked up over nothing????

Yomi; oh really?

Big mummy; its ok my son, relax, no matter how big Kofo has grown she is still my little niece,i can handle her. but Yomi what makes you feel she has something to do with her boss?'cause i must confess today is the very first time  I'm seeing that young man here.

Yomi; Big mummy , that man knows Kofo's favourite chocolate and biscuits , and with the way he was smiling ,he looked like he knows a bit too much than a boss should.....and yes Kofo's answers to my question got me thinking.....

Big mummy ; Yomi you are no longer a stranger to our family, stop picking up issues, especially when they are a bit trivial, come and pay her bride price, when she becomes  totally yours, everyone will leave her for you, because i must confess Kofo is damnnnn pretty and single, so my dear son come and do the necessary things, so all these won't be happening again(now turning to me).............Kofo you really have to behave your self, because you were brought in the way of the Lord and some level of decency is that clear????

Kofo; yes ma

Big mummy; Kofo apologize to Yomi right now, you have to learn to be respectful to your husband to be, or is this how you want to be embarrasing us when he comes to take you finally?

Kofo; (Turning to Yomi) I'm sorry

Big mummy; aaaah ,Kofo there's no swaggs in this your apology ooooh

Kofo;( lmao, i understood what she meant, no matter where big mummy goes or lives,she remains a lagosian sha) ok ma( facing Yomi) I'm sorry Baby, i promise it won't happen again, and believe me, you remain my one and only love

Yomi( trying to hide his happiness, hugs me); its okay darling

Big mummy ; (SMILES......)ife yi ti many years and still counting!!! God bless you my children

(Kofo and Yomi hugs big mummy)

/.........corper kofo continues