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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ASABE Episode 2

Laraba was so engrossed in the programme she was watching that she didn’t hear her mother scream her name, it was the popular AY show that was being televised on African magic, herself and Ladidi laughed so hard that they didn’t even notice their mum walk into their room, Madam Lydia immediately took the remote control and turned off the TV, it was then the girls noticed her presence…
Laraba: ahn ahn…Mummy this isn’t right!
Madam Lydia: I have been calling you but of course how will you hear, when all your attention is on AY show, I am sure AY wasn’t this lazy that’s why he is where he is today, now the two of you should go downstairs and clean up that kitchen right now!
Laraba and Ladidi murmured their way downstairs as they continued to wonder why their parents would allow Asabe stay in campus and come home only weekends, Laraba told Ladidi not to do the laundry but just clean the kitchen since Asabe was going to be home the following day being Friday, both girls laughed and screamed ‘woo-hoo….chief house help is coming home’.
Its 7.30pm on Friday  evening, no one had heard from Asabe let alone an sms to say she won’t be coming home, Laraba and Ladidi were already disappointed as they just couldn’t imagine themselves doing the laundry on Saturday…..Madam Lydia was in the living room watching Tinsel when she heard her husband’s footsteps ,she has become so familiar with his footsteps after 28years of marriage ,she could tell from afar,Mr. Dan was coming downstairs, as soon as he got closer, she asked without taking her gaze off the TV, darling did Asabe call or sent you an sms to say she won’t be coming home today?
Mr. Dan: oooooh my bad, yes she did, she said she couldn’t  get through to you ,probably network issues
Madam Lydia: you should have told me ,so I plan better,the use of my time.
Mr. Dan: hahahaha… I just don’t understand you, you despise Asabe so much, and I made sure she is far away from you so you can at least be happy 24hrs(he said this  sarcastically), since she steals your joy, why do you all of a sudden you want her so close again?
Madam Lydia: Oh please, I just needed her to come around and help with the house chores.
Mr. Dan : oh I see, what happened to Laraba and Ladidi? Are you sure you have an iota of love for those girls? Because if you do, you will bring them up in the right way. The last time I asked Laraba to make white rice for Junior and I ,she practically just parboiled the rice and brought us half done rice, now Lydia, let’s be realistic, no man would put such in his house, no matter how beautiful she looks, I pray you amend all these before it’s too late!
Madam Lydia: (adjust herself on the Italian leather cushion chair, she looked like she has being told the bitter truth)it is not the work of the mother alone(she finally managed to say something after all)
Mr. Dan: *smiles* Yes I know, but the mother has to put in effort before the father supports, look Lydia instead of waiting for Asabe to come and do the house chores, start putting my daughters through, I beg you in God’s name, if you put half the effort you use in making Asabe miserable into making your daughters well trained, I am sure you will be a happy mother at the end of the day.
At this point she couldn’t say a word, Mr Dan decided to lighten her mood and so he  broke the news of them hosting the family of the famous Otunba Gbenga Moses for Dinner next week Saturday, also told her that it’s possible otunba’s  first son Dotun who stays in Atlanta would be around by  weekend , so she should let him know how much it would cost her to put together a very good dinner for both families. Madam  Lydia was over the moon as she would be hosting one of the movers and shakers of the ruling party ,she couldn’t contain her joy as it almost broke the membrane of her heart, she assured her husband that she would make sure she gives them a five star treatment ,but pleaded with her husband that Asabe comes home that weekend as she would be needing her help,Mr. Dan nodded in affirmation , she was so excited that she hugged and kissed Mr. Dan passionately. She immediately served dinner and just then they noticed , Laraba wasn’t around for dinner, Madam Lydia immediately sent Ladidi to go call Laraba from her room that it was dinner time, just as soon as Ladidi was about going upstairs, Junior said “ mum that won’t be necessary, she went out with that uncle that plaits his hair like a woman’ Ladidi immediately winked at junior as if to say shut up,but Junior ignored and continued ‘ mummy she might not be coming back tonight since she took along with her a pair of jeans and a polo shirt’.
Mr. Dan for some minutes couldn’t utter a word as he was trying to swallow the large junk of peppered gizzard he was chewing, he afterwards dropped his cutleries and told Madam Lydia that he gives Laraba two hours to get back home or seize to be a member of this family! He continued “ no reasonable child will leave her house by this time of the day without the permission of her parents’, I won’t take this , Lydia the two hours given has started counting”. Madam Lydia took her phone and frantically started dialling Laraba’s number, it was switched off, she asked Ladidi if Laraba has another number she could try calling her with, she said yes and brought out an etisalat number, immediately she dialled the number Laraba picked, and she said mummy who gave you this number? Madam Lydia replied ‘you are a disgrace, now your father has asked me to tell you to come back home within an hour or you seize to be part of Mr. Dan Toro’s family’ she hung up as soon as she was done talking….\

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