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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ASABE Episode 8

Madam Lydia stood there thinking of what to do about her predicament, she figured out that she needed to calm down so as to strategise better ,so  she got herself and Laraba cold drinks and said to Laraba
Madam Lydia: My dear daughter, just relax; this is not over, at least not yet!
Laraba : I wish I could believe these words of yours mother, at this point I give up, I want to believe it’s her luck.

Madam Lydia: I see you are very weak, but unfortunately you have a mother who doesn’t give up, what nonsense are you spilling???? You are giving up simply because a girl who isn’t as beautiful, intelligent, smart and sophisticated as you are is getting a man you have always prayed for ,and the best you can do is give up????? Can you just hear yourself??
Laraba: Mummy I need to leave this minute!   
Madam Lydia: Oh please! Sit down young lady, we are not done yet! You will go the ladies and use your blotting sheets properly and join me, we are going to say hello to the celebrant, I’m waiting……….
Laraba made her way to the ladies to do just as her mother said, on getting to the Ladies she met Asabe who was doing likewise and out of anger she said;
Laraba: How dare you?????
Asabe: Excuse me??????
Laraba: You knew I was into Dotun and you went ahead to seduce him, you pathetic flirt!!!!
Asabe: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Dear sister, first of all, you look more pathetic than I do, now this is very easy so let’s not make things difficult here, you are into him but he’s into me….now would you be kind enough to tell me how in the devil’s starched kaftan this has turned out to be my fault????????
At this point hormones were running, Laraba has never in her life seen Asabe this brave, she mellowed down and walked away
Asabe: that’s what I thought darling…..walk away darling, that’s what losers do!
Asabe was proud of herself, she never knew she could be strong enough to stand up for herself, but she resolved to become brave and outspoken, since being an angel wasn’t helping issues.
Laraba joined her mum, but didn’t utter a word about her encounter with Asabe, because for her it’s a lost battle. Madam Lydia and Laraba made their way to where Otunba’s wife was seated,
Madam Lydia: Happy birthday Olori
Otunba’s Wife : My dear sister , thank you ojare….we bless God for the gift of Life.
Madam Lydia:  Yes Ma’am….It’s been God all the way.
Both women hugged each other and tried catching up on a few events the women wing of the party had organised two months back. They laughed at how Chief Dele’s second wife had a wardrobe mal-function. Chief  Dele is also a member of the party ,his first wife is their mutual friend,as a way of making the second wife Remi uncomfortable they always ignore her to the extent that even Remi doubts her existence most times.
Otunba’s Wife: Ehen….My dear, just a hint, very soon,Otunba and I would be coming to get a beautiful flower from your house, one of your daughters precisely.

Madam Lydia: That would be wonderful ma, who amongst them would that be????
Otunba’s Wife:  Erm….Asa-be! Yes Asabe… the dark gorgeous one.
Madam Lydia: Oh well ,she is not exactly my daughter….she is my step- daughter
Otunba’s Wife: Ahn Ahn!! Your step daughter is as good as your daughter…we are Africans my sister.
Madam LydiaL (Totally ignored the fact that Otunba’s wife’s countenance had changed and continued) Olori this is my first daughter (introducing Laraba-who greeted Otunba’s wife) she is in her final year in the University and doing very well.
At this point Olori could put 2 and 2 together to make not just 4 but 22, this little talk told her a lot more about Madam Lydia and what Asabe must have had to put up with.
Otunba’s Wife : Ok my sister, please make yourself comfortable , there is enough for everyone courtesy of Dotun.( they hugged each other  and parted)
Asabe was sitting beside Dotun and a few of his friend to whom he had introduced her to, when madam Lydia walked by to say hi to Dotun, and told Dotun she wanted to have a word with Him, She totally ignored Asabe’s greetings and stepped aside to discuss with him.
Madam Lydia: My dear, well done I see you put all this together, must have been a lot of work, next time you should ask for help and not wear yourself out this much.
Dotun: Thank you Ma, just thought to make it up to my mum, since I have not been around for a long time.
 Madam Lydia: So thoughtful of you. I actually called you aside to tell you that my daughter Laraba is around, please feel free to call her if you need her help with stuff around

Dotun: Oooh Thank you Ma, Your daughter –Asabe has been helpful. so grateful Ma.
Madam Lydia: OKAY….My step-daughter you meant to say?
Dotun: (at this point got irritated)ermmm …..well yes Ma/

The following weekend Asabe was so scared to go home, after all that has transpired between herself and Madam Lydia & Laraba, she went to her dad’s office on a weekday to see him and discussed with him at length about Dotun’s plans
Mr Dan: My dear daughter, I am solidly behind you
Asabe: Thanks dad I knew I could count on you. I will start the visa application process tomorrow, Dotun’s mum has promised to direct me to someone at the visa office whom she said would be of help to me
Mr Dan: Ok, that’s very good, but you must act like you and I never had this discussion , I do not want your step-mum to have an idea of what’s happening until we are almost done, you know very well that she is a kill joy
Asabe: of course daddy, I know that.
Asabe went further to discuss her school issues with her dad and left his office 20 minutes later, on her way out Mr Dan’s secretary by name Bella told Asabe that her mum (madam Lydia she meant) was around and that she went to the right wing of the office to use the ladies, Asabe thanked her and said;
Aww ,Thanks Bella,I spoke to her already , we would hook up later at home, meanwhile you don’t need to tell her I was here, my dad and I are planning a surprise party for her….so lips sealed.
Bella: ok ok ok!!!! I get it. Make sure you invite me though!
Asabe: I sure would….

Those that trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion which can never be moved but abides forever  - Psalm 125:1


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