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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Work of the Devil?????------Asabe Episode 13

Douglas immediately put a call through to Otunba ;
Douglas: Sir, Please you need to come over to the station
Otunba: Is it necessary? Just lock them up for now, I need to focus on Dotun, he’s been through a lot .
Douglas: You need to hear their confessions
Otunba; Ok, if you insist, would be on my way shortly.
Oloori: Where are you going to?
Otunba: To the station, Douglas needs my attention
Oloori: Can I come with you?
Otunba: That  won’t be necessary
Oloori: Why do you think I can’t be helpful in all of this??? You have succeeded in sidelining me all through this! Dotun is my son too.
Otunba: Woman, please not now, I don’t need all of that.
              Oloori, got a pair of foot wear, and dragged herself to the car, she was looking like a left over pizza, struggling with her adire head tie, Otunba was not please with the way she looked,
Otunba: Madam, you can’t go with me looking like this!
Oloori: well you’ve seen me in my worst, so what’s new? Is this supposed to be making headlines???Plsssss!
Otunba: Ok I will wait for you, go and dress properly
Oloori: Sure?
Otunba: (nodded in affirmation)

They got to the Police station and went in to see Douglas;
Douglas: ah! My Oga… You are welcome Sir! Ooh Madam is here too, you are welcome Ma’am
Otunba& Oloori: Thank you very much
Otunba: So what is their confession?
Douglas: ermm it’s better you hear from the horse’s mouth
Douglas: Sergeant Okon!
Sergeant Okon: Shun Sir!
Bring those kidnappers in
Sergeant Okon: Yes Sir
Sergeant Okon made his way to the cell and brought them to Douglas’s office.
Douglas: Good, so Capon can you repeat what you said earlier?
Capon: I said it’s Madam Lydia who paid us to kidnap Dotun(As soon as Oloori heard this she started sweating profusely  and took off her gele)
Douglas: Madam please take it easy, Okon please increase the AC, Capon go on
Capon: and we got info from all that was discussed in the house through Ekaette!
Oloori (started crying) ……….Ekaette? A girl I picked from the gutters and cleaned up? and treated her like my own daughter?
Otunba: You see why I didn’t want you to come with me? Let me call Dan
Otunba puts a call through to Mr. Dan;
Otunba: Hello Dan
Mr. Dan: Morning Sir…
Otunba: ooooh jare oremi, Where are you?
Dan: I came to get Laraba a birthday gift, its her birthday today.
Otunba; Oh nice, my regards to her, please can you meet me at the police station?
Dan: yes Sir, hope all is well
Otunba: Yes, I’m just in some sort of situation, I need your suggestion on some issues here>
Dan: Ok, I will be there in less than 15minutes
Otunba: that’s fine!
Mr Dan got to the station in about 16 minutes and was intimated on all that had been said by the culprits, he was sad! But Otunba made sure they brought out the culprits,  so he could hear from them directly…..Dan was very miserable, deep down within him, he knows Lydia can be very wicked, but he never envisaged she could go this far….the heart of a woman though*(he thought to himself)
Otunba: Dan, you are my friend, the right thing to do is to detain Lydia and Ekaette, but for our friendship and the kids, I won’t allow her to be detained, as for Ekaette, I will ask my driver to buy her a ticket to Akwa-ibom right away, she’s leaving my house in less than two hours, Douglas please send your men to Dan’s house.
Douglas: Yes Sir!!!
 Lydia was brought in for Questioning;
Otunba: Lydia why did you have to go that far? Do you dislike Asabe that much, she is supposed to be your daughter for crying out loud!
Lydia:I don’t understand Sir
Douglas: Okon bring Capon and others,she will probably understand when she sees them
As soon as Capon sighted Madam Lydia,he said;
‘Yes na she be this, this is the woman who paid us to kidnap your son Sir’
Madam Lydia: ( fell on her knees and started crying) Please forgive me, it’s the work of the devil, please Oloori, help me beg Otunba,it’s the work of the devil….pleaaassssseeeee I am sorry
Mr. Dan: ooooh please zip it! Which devil? Or do you think you can lay false accusation on the devil because of course the devil is ashamed to defend himself? Just go home and pack your things,I don’t want to set my eyes on you again, go to your father’s house and continue what you know best….KIDNAPPING!
Otunba: Naaaa c’mon Dan ,it hasn’t gotten to that extent(meanwhile the way Oloori was looking at Lydia, she could tear to pieces if allowed) be a man, I’m the one who is suppose to be this angry but I’m not. Oloori please go home and make sure I don’t meet Ekaette in my house when I get back. Dan?
Mr. Dan: Sir>
Otunba: Lets go do some bottles…..perhaps that would calm you down.
Douglas!(Otunba called and  shook hands with him) You did a great job, as for the culprits…they can keep chilling here, till I make up my mind on what to do with them.
Douglas: yes Sir!

Mr. Dan and Otunba drove in Mr. Dan’s car to the club….

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end!
-Lamentations 3:22