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Monday, October 14, 2013

Onome's tales......episode 6

Alex had a thousand thoughts in his head seeing Onome in his bed, Was this too easy or does she like me this much? And then he said to himself; ‘a man got to do what a man got to do’.
The next morning he got Onome breakfast in bed, (every girl loves breakfast in bed right?) she was a bit shy about last night, but whatever right? .Few minutes later Mimi’s call came in and the conversation went thus;
Mimi: hey babes sup
Onome: I’m good
Mimi: I just saw your aunt in church now, she said she wanted to speak with me after service, she asked after you though and I told her you couldn’t come to church because you had headache, I think she wants to come see you after service, so make yourself available, because I wouldn’t know what to tell her since you have a lot of things to hide from me.
Onome: Jeezzzzzz! Anyways thanks. But I’m  not in Lagos at the moment ,so I can’t really be in the hostel after service, but tell her I just called that I will be  attending the next service so I won’t be in the hostel.
Mimi: Where in the devil’s starched caftan are you? You are only jeopardizing your safety by not telling anyone about your movement.
Onome: Ok easy! I’m at Alex’s place
Mimi: you mean you are in Portharcourt? Wow, I see. No wonder you have been hiding this from me, I advice you call your aunt yourself, I do not want to be involved in all of this nonsense.
Onome: whatever , I will take care of this, it’s my situation after all .( ends the call)
Alex: who was that ?
Onome: it’s Mimi
Alex: oh how is she? Did she know you were coming here? Because I know Mimi loves to travel
Onome: (Smiles) Oh yes, she’s being quite eventful.
Alex: ok.
As soon as Alex left for the bath, Onome put a call through to her aunt, telling her she would be attending the next service and that she feels better now, Mrs Sylvia was comforted to hear from Onome herself and asked her if she would love to see the family doctor ‘Dr Francie’ Onome declined, saying she was very fine and that if there is need to, she would let Mrs Sylvia know.

Four hours later , Onome was getting ready to go to the airport , but couldn’t find her ear rings, she searched everywhere ,Alex decided to join her in the searched as the earrings seemed important to Onome at that moment , in the process of searching  Mr Muktar’s complimentary card f ell off, Alex picked the complimentary and saw Mr Muktar’s details, he screamed ‘ Onome! Onome!!’
Onome: what is it?
Alex: ( breathing hard as if trying to recover from a shock ) What in God’s name are you doing with my manager’s complimentary card????? I need answers now!
Onome: Please calm down
Alex : just answer me!
Onome: we boarded the same flight yesterday, I was sitting next to him and we got talking, he gave me his card
Alex: and you of course gave him your number?
Onome:Oh please ! I didn’t, as a matter of fact I thought I had thrown the card away
Alex: you thought? Ok there is no point thinking anymore(Alex destroys the complimentary card and went ahead to check if she already stored  Mr. Muktar’s details on her phone, but she hadn’t). You don’t even know that man, he has four wives already only if you are willing to make his fifth wife
Onome: Please don’t be ridiculous! If I had interest in his advances you would have found his details on my phone, why are you acting like a child?
Alex: acting like a child? omG ! I’m finished! Choose your words carefully Onome, I could be nasty sometimes.
Onome ignored him and went on to search for these earrings that has brought her troubles, as soon as she found them, she went to Alex and told him she was ready to go to the airport.
Alex: we just had a misunderstanding and you want to go leaving it just like that
Onome: I need to leave, like seriously I’m not in the best frame of mind right now
Alex: Ok . I’m sorry I reacted that way, but you won’t blame me , would you? If you were in my shoes I’m sure you had do more than that.
Alex hugged Onome and they made their wayout of the house to the airport .
Onome arrived Lagos in an hour and then headed for the hostel, she saw Mimi in front of the hostel as soon as she got down from the taxi,Mimi had this ‘You are just a liar’ kind of expression on her face, they managed to exchange pleasantries ,just as Onome was trying to settle in she got a call from her aunt;
Mrs Sylvia: Onome
Onome:  Good afternoon aunty
Mrs Sylvia: What is good about the afternoon young lady? You were not in church like you said where were you?
Onome: Aunty I was in church
Mrs Sylvia: You are still lying to me! Ok what’s the name of the pastor who preached during the second service?
Onome: I have forgotten his name
Mrs Sylvia: Since when did you start lying to me? Do not joke with your health, you have to go to the hospital, I know you don’t like taking injection, I am on my way to your hostel, we have to go see the family doctor or better still any clinic close to your school
Onome: Aunty I am very fine you don’t have to bother
Mrs Sylvia: Onome leave me to bother, after all it’s my time and money.
Onome knowing all that has gone under the bridge, rushed to the school clinic for a test, a pregnancy test precisely, it was confirmed negative, now she felt very comfortable going to any hospital with her aunt and she went back to the hostel to wait for Mrs Sylvia, all thanks to Lagos traffic, Mrs Sylvia couldn’t make it to her school in good time, on getting to Onome’s hostel she took Onome to the school clinic, as soon as they got there, the cleaner popularly called Edet met them at the entrance and  said;
Edet: Aunty you come back?
Onome: (didn’t say anything, just smiled)
Edet: I think say them give you your test result na
Mrs Sylvia immediately asked Onome what test she had come to do before now, Onome told her it was just a test to know if she had malaria
Mrs Sylvia : Ok.
Mrs Sylvia in her heart could tell that Onome was lying to her , she then made up her mind that she was going to make her do a pregnancy test and she would go in with her to see the doctor, the doctor immediately recognised Onome when she got in, but being a professional he just didn’t say a word about her been here in less than an hour ago, the test was carried out and they confirmed Onome was okay and not pregnant . Mrs Sylvia decided to pay for Onome ‘s cab to the hostel while she waited a little to see Edet
Mrs Sylvia:  ah my brother , how body
Edet: nka madam body de inside cloth oooh
Mrs Sylvia: you bin see my pikin for here today
Edet: yes na, e never reach one hour when she commot na him make me surprise say she come again
Mrs Sylvia: ah no problem she nor do all the test when she suppose do the first time when she come, which kain test she do
Edet: nka madam I nor be doctor or nurse so I nor know, I just see say she follow those women wen them tell say make them bring their urine come, so I know say nor be malaria sha, you be woman you go fit know why dem dey tell una make una bring una urine
Mrs Sylvia: hahahaha , hands him a N1,000 note, thank you my brother
Edet: nka madam you do well oh, God bless you.