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Monday, February 9, 2015

UDUAK Episode 2

……..  It was Mr. Fadin,  I felt like disappearing… OMG! We both couldn’t utter a word, we just stood there looking sorry, like they say most times, it’s better to look sorry than to say ‘sorry’. He smiled and left us……
What’s that smile suppose to mean? Eki asked…..Does it mean he isn’t angry with us?
The only thing that came to my mind as an answer for her was ‘ Eki, now wen you ask me, na who I go ask? LMAO
Eki was a bit irritated…kai all these ajebos can take things personal, something I would tell Ekaette at home and she would answer by singing Omawumi’s song, well this time, I’m in no mood to massage anyone’s ego, the only thing on my mind is how to go and beg Mr. Fadin, because my father has warned me seriously that he would never pay for carry over courses( that is not minding the fact that I’m studying a course of his choice not mine).
As we walked down the faculty, heading to Mr. Fadin’s office, all I could think about was my father’s reaction should I fail this course, I already find the course difficult and with this, OMG. He might just advise Rukewe to come and take me to his house, so he can start paying my bills (Rukewe is our Local government chairman’s son, whom my father thinks is the all in all, because of the cash gift he gives to him whenever he comes around, if only my father knows that I have dreams of meeting Dangote’s son someday…heheheheehe,hes so clueless about my dreams and very eager to get me out of his house, Rukewe is a local champion to me, but I need his money for maintenance, so I just give him a bit of hope)Eki was quiet all through, we finally got to Mr. Fadin’s office and couldn’t find the courage to go in, luckily he was seeing Mrs Askia off(Mrs Askia is another ‘not so nice’ lecturer, if you miss her class …..yea well God help you) but the thing is she’s so beautiful, so most times in her drama, there is something good to stare at…… she looks at us sternly and said……

Mrs Askia: Why are you both standing here?
Eki & I: Good day ma….
Mrs Askia: That doesn’t answer my question
Uduak: Ma’am we are here to see Mr. Fadin
Mrs Askia: What for? And why are you both finding it difficult to go into his office?
Now when it comes to telling lies, oh sorry,filling in the gap, Eki has a gift, and so she goes…..
Eki: Oh yes ma, we figured out he had a guest and so we decided to wait until you both finished your discussion…… Ma!
While all these interrogation went on Mr. Fadin stood there like he doesn’t have a clue of what was being said.
Mrs Askia: Ok Fadin….. I should be on my way now, please ensure you come along with those documents to the meeting, it’s very important so no stone is left un turned.
Mr. Fadin: Ok Madam…….. I will ensure everything that is needed is available…Bye.
Mr. Fadin: Ok…young ladies, if you are done telling lies, you can both come in
Eki & Uduak: Thank you Sir.He was a bit of a gentle man though, he actually held the door for Eki and I to go in before himself. He went to his refrigerator to serve himself a glass of this South African wine, Drostidy Hof extra light.

Do you mind?
Eki & I : Oh yes Sir, thank you.
Uduak: Sir, we have come to say we are sorry about our utterances, we didn’t mean to be rude, Sir please find it in your heart to forgive us, we are very sorry Sir.
Eki: And again since your course is about our favourite course at this level we just want to ensure it keeps being our favourite course by being on the same page with our favourite lecturer.
Mr Fadin took another sip from his glass, gave Eki a weird smile, and asked….did you just say the course I take you is your favourite course at this level?

Eki: Ohh yes Sir.
Mr. Fadin brought out scripts from the test we wrote a few days back and brought out Mine and Eki’s script, Eki scored 3/10 while yours truly scored 5/10…… now these are your scripts, you tell me, is this how a student performs in her favourite course?
At this point Eki became dumb
 Mr. Fadin: Say something young lady!
Eki: Sir, but I did my best…..and…

Mr. Fadin: yes! And your best earned you 3/10, instead of you to sit down and read your books you go around campus making a mockery of people’s accent as if you’re better off, meanwhile I marked this script before that event, so do not think you were marked low due to your utterances. And you(turning to me) , 5/10 is not good enough, this is the stage where you can prepare yourself to graduate with an excellent degree, this system works like this…THE HIGHER YOU GO, THE TOUGHER IT BECOMES! Go and study hard young ladies, I know you are both beautiful but no man out there wants to marry a failure. Now you can both leave my office if you don’t mind I have work to do!
Eki& I: Ok Sir, thank you Sir!
We barely got out of the office when Eki started blaming me for all that happened……..hehehehe e be like say this Eki no sabi say I be native fowl, I de beat person oooh, which level na”

Uduak: Hey Eki, this is not the time to apportion blames, we were both wrong to have made mockery of his accent, and we have apologised, if you are upset about your scores, don’t take it out on me, it’s not my fault that you scored 3/10,is it? All we can do right now is to go and study hard for his next test and make sure we impress him enough to forgive us…..

Eki:Did you just say ‘we’? (she hissed and walked away)……

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves
   -William Shakespeare