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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Onome's tales....Episode 9

The following day Alex called Onome, but she simply ignored his call, he sent another sms;
    ‘Hi dear, being trying to reach you, please call me when you get this message’
Onome murmured to herself ‘well I never got this message’.  Dr. Efosa was a cool ,calm and collected fellow ,he took everything about Onome  so serious that even in a matter of weeks  Onome was already charmed by his beautiful character, a colleague of hers by name Efe noticed after a few weeks that Onome glowed effortlessly and asked;
Efe: you care to share to the good news?
Onome: what good news?
Efe; : well for some weeks now you have being glowing, what’s happening?
Onome: I have always glowed
Efe: yea, but this is quite different
Onome: LOL, nothing  really, have just decided to give faith a fighting chance
Efe: (knowing Onome’s history with Alex) Ooooh,that’s great I know you had smiled again,it was just a matter of time.
Onome: and guess what? The idiot has being trying to get in touch with me for days now
Efe: what for? Did he forget  anything with  you? He should ‘park well jor’.
Onome: I have just simply ignored him, I won’t let him steal my joy…..I Onome Freeman has decided to be happy and won’t let  nobody take my joy away from me.
Just as Onome was saying this, Alex’s call came through, Efe told her to pick the call and make it clear to him that things are not the same anymore, As soon as Onome picked the call, Alex immediately started apologising for all the emotional trauma he has put Onome through , asking for a second chance( since everybody deserves one),and that if given one, he would make sure this ends well(he probably meant marriage) . Onome simply told him that she appreciated the efforts he made by calling but she’s found joy and nobody throws joy away like a piece of shit, Alex went further;
Alex: you are cheating on me?
Onome: sorry I’m not sure I understand that.
Alex: I never broke up with you, so why are you in another man’s arm?
Onome: a few seconds ago, I was thinking you had changed and was actually considering        taking a few steps, but I was wrong. Did you say you never broke up with me? What do you call returning to Nigeria, roaming about the street s of Abuja with a girl called Simisola and remaining incommunicado for months? Yes you met me a na├»ve girl, but right now boo, I am no longer that village girl you met, you can’t play on my intelligence.
Alex: who told you about Simisola? She was just a friend, nothing serious, oh please if this is all about Simisola, I think you got it all wrong. Simisola has gone back to states,if that makes you feel better.
Onome: Yes it does make me feel better! At least I now know what all these effort was all about? You just needed a replacement for Simisola pending when she returns from the states.
(At this point Dr Efosa was around to take Onome out for lunch,so she decided to end the call nicely )
Onome: ok dear, my regards to your family ,will call you later ….hopefully
Alex: waiiiittt, I waassss( Onome drops the call)
Onome stood there looking at Dr.Efosa and said to herself in a low tone, she murmured the words actually ‘ Edo boys can fine sha,chai!’ Efe heard but acted like she didn’t and immediately sent her a ping “ babes take am easy, you sef fine’ the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Dr. Efosa headed out with Onome for lunch, during lunch Dr. Efosa couldn’t help but kiss Onome in the public  and immediately asked Onome; What would you be doing this weekend? Onome for the first few minutes couldn’t say a word as Dr. Efosa kept looking into her eyes as he asked……
Onome;(  said to herself, wow, I am so coming over to your place, but not wanting to sound so desperate) nothing much, just have a few movies to watch
Dr. Efosa: you know what they say about watching movies alone?
Onome: what?
Dr. Efosa: it gets boring,lol, so I will come pick you from work on Friday evening plssssss……*don’t say no*
Omone : ( was happy within herself ,but managed to say yes, like she was doing him some favour)ermmmm ok, yes,that would be cool.
Efe was already pinging Onome for details and mention specifically that Onome should get her lunch too,she wrote  “abeg ,try food for supporters club biko’.
As soon as Onome got to the office, Efe asked for her food first of all, before any other gist and then Onome filled her in on what happened, Efe was just screaming “ correct guy, my brothers cannot carry last laiye, thanks for the food though’
Friday evening came, and Dr. Efosa was at Onome’s office at 5pm , they both went to his place. It was a three bedroom flat,
Onome: nice place
Dr Efosa: thank you, though it’s boring staying here all alone.
Onome: yea.
Dr Efosa: (standing so close to Onome and holding her) the point is I need this place to stop being a house, I need a home to always look forward to every day after work.Onome, I have flaws, I am not a perfect man, please help love my imperfections perfectly.
Onome’s heartbeat at this point was so fast.he continued;
Please be patient with me,* he again kissed Onome so hard*  and afterwards said , hope my epistle wasn’t too long?
Onome: no it wasn’t
Dr. Efosa: please make yourself comfortable.
They watched movies all evening and laughed like they have known each other for years and later  got intimate and it was quite relieving for Onome, as she’s got needs for a long time now, they were in each other’s arms, Onome had her head  on his chest till the next morning, she felt this peace she isn’t had in a very long time.
.............Onomes tale's continues/

Monday, November 25, 2013

Onome's tales.....Episode 8

In less than 2 weeks Onome was done with her project and afterwards graduation ceremony came to pass. Onome’s mother was so proud of her daughter.  Onome was posted to Akwa –Ibom state after 3months of waiting at home for youth service, her PPA (Primary Place of Assignment) was a primary school in a very remote part of the state, she was a bit excited about the change of environment, meanwhile Mimi was posted to a first generation bank in Ogun state.
Alex was all the while in touch with Onome, the two love birds were so in love, but half way through Onome’s youth service year  Alex grew cold , he hardly called Onome let alone pick her calls, she became so worried after sending a lot of  messages without getting replies, she was so confused and didn’t know who to confide in, after several thoughts she decided to call Mimi and fill her in on the situation, Mimi advised Onome to forget about Alex and move on with her life, this was so difficult for Onome, as  she truly loved  Alex, Onome was so heartbroken that she flew in to Lagos from Akwa-ibom fortnightly to take solace in the company of her aunt, Mrs Sylvia tried convincing Onome to take her mind off it but she wouldn’t listen, after a few months Onome finished her youth service  and was fortunately absorbed by an oil and gas firm in eket the following year(with Mrs Sylvia’s connection though)she didn’t give up on Alex she kept trying every possible means to get in touch with him.
By  mid August  Mimi called Onome to tell her she heard Alex was back to Nigeria, Onome was so excited , Mimi was shocked that she could be excited by Alex after the long silence, but of course she didn’t want to make it her business…like they say, if it isn’t your own tail don’t wag it!
Onome immediately put a call through to Alex, but he wasn’t picking, for several days she tried but to no avail, it was then it dawned on her that something was wrong somewhere, she called Mimi to tell her that Alex was ignoring her calls and she replied;
Mimi: Ignore him too!
Onome: I wish it was that easy
Mimi: look Onome I don’t know exactly what your problem is, you have a good job now, why not focus on YOU< Alex isn’t the only man on planet earth for Christ sakes!
OnomeL ****(started crying)
Mimi: OMG! You don’t have to do this to yourself, just focus on you, very soon the right man will come your way
Onome: thank you….
Onome was doing well and was now responsible for her family’s welfare, her mum and brothers sometimes come to eket to spend time with her . On one occasion her mother had to ask her about Alex, Onome broke down in tears while explaining to her mum all that had happened and also told her mum that she wasn’t interested in jumping back into a relationship for now, but  mama Onome smiled and said (in pidgin English though);
  ‘ Realise that if you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have time to do something about it’ 
    She went further;
    ‘ My dear daughter if crying and complaining would solve all of this, I wouldn’t mind joining you, wipe your tears, at different times in our lives, we have disappointments and become broken , but the beauty of everything is the ability to wipe your tears and be firm on your feet again, moreover its better a broken relationship than a broken marriage’
Onome: Thank you mama
Six months later ,Onome’s boss sent her to Abuja to represent him at an event, Onome was called upon to give a speech which she brilliantly did, Alex was coincidentally asked to represent his firm, he came in while Onome was giving her speech, he was lost for words for the first few minutes, he finally got himself a seat and was waiting for when he would have a chance to speak with Onome, at the end of the event Onome was busy networking for her firm and took no cognisance of the fact that Alex was anywhere around her, Alex was unable to speak with Onome that day, he finally resolved to call her,on getting home he tried calling her but couldn’t reach her,(Onome was air borne at the time) he decided to send a text;
    ‘ hey, fantastic speech! proud of you!’
Onome finally got off the plane and  switched on her phone,she received the message and got to know that Alex was at the event and saw her, she decided to ignore the sms, as far as she was concerned he is in the past now. While she was waiting for the official driver to come pick her from the airport, a gentleman came to sit by her side, he smiled at Onome and she out of courtesy managed to smile back, after a few minutes, he tried to introduce himself;
Hi , my name is Efosa
Onome: Nice name!                         
Efosa: (Smiled) you don’t seem to be in a good mood
Onome: I am , I’m just not interested in telling you my name!
Efosa:wow….that’s not nice
Onome:I know
Efosa:hahahahaha, you are a very funny character,ok but I’m pleading…pppppllllleeeaaasssseeeee
Onome: (smiled) I’m Onome by name.
Efosa: beautiful name. I work here in eket, I’m a medical doctor and from Benin city
Onome: I work and stay in eket too, I work for an oil and gas firm as a business development executive.
Efosa: It’s a pleasure( shakes her)
Onome: same here.
Five minutes later Akpan, the driver called Onome that he was around and so she had to leave, they exchanged complimentary cards and Onome took her leave.
…………………………………………………..Check back in 48hours time for the next episode.