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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Uduak - Episode 3

.......For about two weeks Eki decided to seat rows away from me as if she was informed that I’m responsible for her low grades. Hmmm, Ruks ( Rukewe) came to school to see me so I decided to get some money from him, since Jamb forms were on sale again, I wanted to re-write Jamb and apply for a course which I like and discontinue with this one my dad chose, I mean, if he likes the course that much he would need to come to school and study for it. Ruks gave me some money from which I got the form and as such started studying for the Jamb exams which wasjust a few months away.

I noticed Eki became close to Dorothy,  another lousy girl in class, she does nothing than chew gum and make noise all day, but they both have something in common…they both come from a rich background,lol….am I suppose to get jealous, without wasting time, Ibinabo became my friend, at least If anyone should try to make the other jealous it should be with a brilliant friend, Ibinabo gets the best grades in class. I try to say hi to her and the failure she calls a friend anytime our paths cross, come to think of it, since I became friends with Ibinabo, my grades have positively changed. Well this drama continued between myself and Eki, for a while, so bad that even when I wrote and passed Jamb again she wasn’t aware, Ibinabo has been very helpful, I had to change faculty and started studying my favourite course ‘LAW’. Going through all these registration procedures again was tiresome, but I had to do it. After two weeks of settling into my new faculty and meeting my very mean level co-ordinator (Mr. Ted), one morning on my way to class I got a call, it was Eki(Ok looks like someone just woke up from a very  long siesta)
Uduak; hey there…..look who’s calling….how have you been?
Eki: helloooo….I’m fine, Not seen you in class for some weeks now, did you travel?
UduakLL : (so she cares after all, ewww) No dear, I changed my course of study, now studying LAW, we should hook up one of these days, it’s been a while.
Eki: wow! That’s nice to know, you finally got your favourite course, so happy for you.
Uduak: thanks darling mia.
Eki: aww, this calls for celebration, is your father aware of this?
Uduak: not until you tell him…..LOL
Eki: c’mmon! I have no plans of calling him, well, I went shopping with Jayden(her bae), and I got your oily face this  Blackup 8hr correcting primer

Uduak:( I had to swallow my pride since its non fattening and accept the gift) awwww….thanks a lot, this is coming at the right time,
Eki and I tried to mend the fences that some of our friends felt even Julius Berger cannot mend( lol) and we became friends again, I introduced her to Ibinabo and advised her to get friendly with her, so as to improve her ugly grades. Don’t tell her I said this#Uglygrades)

This faculty if full of psychos, but well I should learn to get along with everyone right? If not for any reason, but for my grades.
Semester came after semester, time went by,Eki and I were in 400level but for my course I should have graduated with her( Nna I am getting old oh, anyway, na just one year remain), I made sure I attended her graduation ceremony and after party, she was to leave for London the following month for her masters,( money is good, papa Uduak is not even thinking in this direction, all he knows is that I should finish my school so he can exchange me for some tubers of yam,red oil, dry fish,kolanut,dry gin and some bundles of naira note). Things got really difficult as my dad refused to give me money again, for him,I was meant to spend 4years for the course he chose for me to study,anything more than 4years isn’t his business as it means carry over,I had to be loyal to Ruks, who really tried for me, I made photocopies of textbooks instead of buying as I could hardly afford them, my level co-ordinator noticed this and asked if my parents were alive and I narrated my story , so he told me to always come to him for any problem I had concerning my buying of handouts and textbooks, he liked me so much because I was the best female student at that level. This really got me going.
Second semester ,500Level, Mobil came to our school to organise a test ,from which they would award scholarships to outstanding students, this scholarship is expected to aid these outstanding students in furthering their masters. Reluctantly I took the test, for me I underestimated myself, I never knew I could pass, the following week the results were sent to the school, I was in the Library when my lousy course mate ran to the Library and started screaming and hugging me without saying a word, the Librarian sent us out and asked us to not come back to the Library for the next 3days, when we got outside I asked Ruth; What’s the issue?( Ruth is a very fat Yoruba girl from Osogbo) and the she went ahead to explain in her Osogbo accent………..
Ruth: Issue ke? Oremiiiiiiiii ko si issue! You made it dear
(Made what??, Can she just talk to me????)
Uduak; Made what?
Ruth: The result is out, the mobil test result ……. And you passed!
I was so happy that I started crying, I never knew God would honour me this way! A girl from a very poor home is going to study outside the country on full scholarship…..hmmm Papa Uduak’s mentaility towards the female child will at least change a little and he can’t stop me from going….this is not his money.
Ruth: stop crying, you deserve it ni. I also heard they would allocate all of you that passed to various Universities in the UK and USA……., Finally I have a reason to travel, I will just tell maaami that I am going to visit oremi. you can go and see your name with your own eyes, it is the Lord’s doing!

I walked in tears with Ruth to the faculty’s notice board…..

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