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Monday, February 18, 2013

Corper Kofo........Episode 21

Very early on Thursday morning i got to work looking all smart and radiant, i noticed all the customers coming in were virtually looking like capsules(my bad) dressed in red, like its some uniform day thing, i just managed not to burst out laughing  and kept on telling them they looked very nice(hian*) operations manager wasn't left out of the capsule looks, as red was the in thing that fateful FAlentine(ibadan people pronunciation) day. At about 10 am i got a cake from an unknown person(ofcourse i knew it was Mr Osita at it again) .....hmmmmm said my operations manager ' Kofo aka no dull moment , you already got a cake,sure today is gonna be fun filled*winking at me' i just gave her a smile.the inscription on the cake  read 'Baby i had love to pamper you today' so the guys in the back office kept talking about was just fun jare............. ! 10 minutes later i got an sms  from Mr Osita,

   'hiya....hope you liked the cake?'

Kofo: yes its really cool.

Later  that day at about 5pm , Mr Osita said i have to attend the regional retail meeting in CBD Branch(WATTTTTTT!!!! WTH!....I gave it a second thought and knew it wasn't really a meeting,it was an official way of starting our supposed valentine date ), at 5pm , he asked the branch driver to take me to CBD and that he would meet us there, he rode in his personal car, on getting to CBD, he told the branch driver that he could go back to the branch, after the driver left , he asked to come into his car ( which i did) he drove to a spa after being pampered in the Spa and feeling all refreshed, we headed to some place very close to that Nepa(abi phcn)office in maitama, i still didn't get  the drift , he entered a compound(na so dem dey take person do rituals ba? abegy shut up firt make u read this story finish) it was a very serene compound , we were ushered into a part of the building regarded as the VIP section , there were red roses on the floor and a table for two,amazing lighting (hmmm,who would ever know this was what this place was meant for???) we were served wine first and then food and Mr Osita was mumbling some love words though but sincerely i didn't hear nothing, the food was too nice  that it took all my attention(yea i love food,like you don't) ,i was just answering yea like i heard a word he said(LoL),he handed over to me a parcel(not telling what was inside*tongue out*)...........we later joined some other people for karoke on the other side of the house, it was an amazing evening, wow!!! i didn't regret hanging out with him that night.

   On our way to drop me off, he was asking if i really wanted to go home???......shuuuuu!!! of course why won't i want to go to my house? because i had a nice evening? is it enough to sleep out?hahahahah now that's a laugh.well we got to my gate and errmmmmm at least i had a nice day ,he deserves a hug right?(i am actually not asking y'all) i gave him a warm hug that he literally refuse to let me go and after wards just as i was trying to unhook the seat belt, he went for my lips and we kissed deeply(for the records Mr Osita is a good kisser#note),this wasn't premeditated but it felt good.I got down and headed to the house, couldn't even look at his face.

The following day was a Friday,i had to send a mail to the operation manager i will be coming a little bit late to work( i be corper na, u nor fit sack me), on getting to work at 9am, the operations manager was teasing me and she went;
....Kofo why couldn't you resume early? was it too much of valentine stuff?(she smiled)
I just smiled and noticed Mr Osita was going up the staircase smiling ,he later credited my Zenith bank account with N200,000 (of course he doesn't like to send me money using our own bank). hmmm, i kinda feel guilty,#Yomi.........i hope i am not carried away!