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Thursday, September 12, 2013

ONOME'S Tales.......episode 4

As soon as they got into the restaurant, Onome looked around and was marvelled by the interior decor, it wowed her ,she was lost looking at the art works on the wall, until  a petite man who is the supervising chef  approached them, smiling and then ushering them  into the inner chambers  meant for the VIPs,   as soon as they took their seat ,Alex and Onome went through the menu, and he asked; ‘hey, what would you like to have?’
Onome: I don’t know, was looking out for white rice and vegetable
Alex: are you kidding me? White rice and vegetable in a Chinese restaurant?
Alex laughed so hard that Onome felt embarrassed, Onome has never been to a Chinese restaurant all her life, it was so amusing that Alex forgot about being a gentleman, noticing that Onome’s countenance had changed with the way he was laughing, he immediately cautioned himself and said;
Alex: Ermmm, babes I’m sorry about the way I laughed, just couldn’t help it. We can go to a nearby eatery and get you white rice and vegetable …that’s if you don’t mind
Onome: No, it’s okay…I would love to have this experience, at least you won’t have to laugh at me another day.
Alex: (realising she was really hurt, he decided to be nice) Okay then I could place an order for you, if that’s cool
Onome: Yea…sure
Alex ordered for  Broccoli without the sauce, as he wasn’t too sure if she would like it with  the sauce alongside Chapman and smirn-off   ice( with some ice cubes)…..Onome was able to eat it  and was glad , they afterwards  went to silver birds galleria to watch a movie, It was also her first time of going to the movies, but because Alex had laughed at her while they were at the Chinese restaurant, she decided to compose herself and play along , they watched a Nigerian movie, Alex had to decide on their watching a Nigerian movie ,because he wasn’t too sure if she had be comfortable watching a Hollywood movie with her level of exposure. The movie finished after an hour, thirty minutes, Alex all the while was thinking it’s going to be a busy night as he was expecting to have some, On their way out of the Galleria, he asked if they could both go to his hotel room and relax a little before he goes to drop her off in school, Onome refused and insisted on going back to school, Alex at this point felt disappointed but went on to persuade Onome;
Alex: Why? C’mon babes I don’t bite
Onome: I know, but I just haven’t slept outside my hostel before and it’s a little bit weird doing that when I’m just getting to know you.
Alex: I understand, just give me a benefit of doubt
Onome: Look…I’m adult enough to know what you want, but please let’s be reasonable here, this is our first date.
Alex: You’re thinking I’m gonna touch you?
Onome: hahahahahaha (laughs)! I’m thinking we are gonna be having a vigil
Alex didn’t expect Onome to turn him down, but he took it in good fate and went to drop Onome off in school.
Two days later Alex got an urgent call from his office in Portharcourt and had to go back, he left without a word to Onome. Onome saw Mimi in class that day and decided  let her in on all that had transpired between herself and Alex….Mimi laughed so hard that until tears rolled down her soft beautiful cheeks ,well contoured ,giving way for her dimples to show the sexiness that suffices anytime she cares to laugh or even give a smile….. it was always priceless! The only statement she was able to make at the end of it all was ‘ yay! You can fall hand sha’. She asked Onome; has he called you since then?
Onome: No
Mimi: hmmm….he must be so disappointed in me….will call him right away
She picked her phone and dialled Alex’s number; he didn’t answer his calls until after the third try
Alex: sup Mimi
Mimi: I’m good
(Onome whispers to Mimi….’put it on speaker’ but  Mimi ignored her )
Mimi:  Are you still in town?
Alex: NAAHH…. I got a call from my office so I had to cut short my training and return to Port harcourt.
Mimi:  how was your date with my friend, hope it went well?
Alex: Mimi please don’t even go there….
Mimi: hey…what happen?
Alex: C’mon she must have told you
Mimi: No! As a matter of fact, I’m yet to see her
Alex: Well I wasn’t really happy, but I think I like her a lot , most especially her naivety
Mimi: You Alex, like a girl a lot? Hmmm that’s quite unusual, thought your heart was made of gravels
Alex: (laughs) well yea, but there is always that One girl who makes a player hang his boots and I think I’ve met her.
Mimi: (shifts afar from Onome  and whispers to Alex on phone) hmm are you sure you don’t just want to have fun and be done with? She is just a local breed oh, she’s being in the village, infact this is her first time of leaving her village, all thanks to Unilag
Alex: C’mon babes, we all are villagers, aren’t we? I came from a village too and so I like her none the less,  I f I feel she’s too much of a villager ,  I will polish her before she embarrasses me, I will make her a city girl,yea…my kind of girl, Please Mimi just let this be!
Mimi: No problems, just felt I should let you know, since I was the one who introduced her to you.
Alex: thanks though! Oh yes about our date, she really showed the village aspect of her ,by asking for usual things in an unusual place, well I’m sure she will learn with time, yet to call her though.
Mimi: Ok, enjoy! Just make sure you have fun!
 (Mimi ends the call and moves back to where Onome was waiting).
Onome: Why did you have to move far away to talk to Alex? That was uncalled for; anyway I hope he isn’t angry with me?
Mimi: He is, why did you choose to embarrass him during your date?
Onome: Me?
Mimi: No, me!
Onome: You mean I should have followed him to his hotel room?
Mimi: was that too much to do? He`s a rich guy Onome, you don`t even have an idea of where he works….OMG!  This is an opportunity most girls would die for!
Onome: See Mimi , forget the fact that I just left the village, by the name Onome you should know my roots ,your only grace is having being brought up in Lagos, I know my Onions and for starters I really don`t care where he works, at least for now, he`s just a friend so why are you taking all of this so far !
Mimi: Oh really…let’s see how this plays out!