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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ASABE Episode 7

Ladidi who has been waiting for her mum to finish her call to Asabe  asked;
Ladidi: So mummy was she the one?
Madam Lydia: No I don’t think so, well, she doesn’t have the nerves to lie to me
Ladidi: I just hope you are right mum, I just hope you are right, because Laraba would be so broken hearted if Dotun finally fell for Asabe.
Madam Lydia: my dear daughter relax ,it’s me your mother( beating her chest), I would make sure Dotun goes for Laraba, over my dead body would Asabe have Dotun , instead of that happening I will ensure I scatter whatever they have together  and no one from this family , I repeat NO ONE would marry Dotun!
Ladidi : anyways , I trust you mummy, you’re up to the task.
Madam Lydia: In fact I will call her now and tell her to be home this weekend that I have chores for her to do, at least to have her under our noses, let me see how she would go to coldstone with whatever guy and then also call Laraba to go make her hair, she would be accompanying your dad and I to Otunba’s wife’s birthday party tomorrow
Ladidi: hmmmmm mummy the master planner!
Madam Lydia immediately puts a call through to Asabe;
Madam Lydia: Hello
Asabe: Hello Ma,
Madam Lydia: Ermmm, I was thinking you should come home on Saturday to help me out with the house chores
Asabe: that wouldn’t have been an issue Ma, just that I have continuous assessment test on Saturday.
Madam Lydia: Ok (feeling disappointed) no problem, let me know when you’re done with your continuous assessment test.
Asabe: Ok ma. Bye
Dotun has been so busy making arrangement for his mother’s birthday, since he hasn’t being around for a long time, he wanted to make it up to her by making sure she has a fantastic birthday celebration, the caterers were setting up , the DJ was equally testing his instruments ,all hands were on deck, Dotun was in his elements, he decided to go check on the caterers to see if they brought all that was ordered and also get a chilled drink to quench his thirst, just as he was getting a cold drink his mum tapped him on his back and said;
Mummy Dotun: My dear son, well done, you have done so well, I really appreciate all your efforts, please have a seat
Dotun sat down, he knew his mother wanted to speak with him, about what? He doesn’t know, the question is why now, he was hoping this isn’t one of her many talks about coming home often, well he was just willing to do anything for her, it’s her day after all
Mummy Dotun: You know what the Bible says in Proverbs 18: 22; it says ‘he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord’ Please my dear son present your wife to us soon, I need to see my grandchildren, moreover you have to come home often so you can get a Nigerian lady to settle down with, I want you to marry from home oh….aaah!
Dotun: I have heard you mum, I actually have a birthday present for you
Mummy Dotun: forget about birthday gift, the best gift you can give to me at this age is to get married.
Dotun: SHH(Shakes his head) well, I insist on giving you this birthday gift
Dotun walks down his father’s massive compound ,greeting some  guest who were arriving and finally made his way to his flat to get Asabe, whom he had the previous day  taken to the salon to make her hair, took her shopping and on this day invited a makeup artist to take care of Asabe’s make up needs. Asabe was looking very nice, things that make up do though!
Dotun; hey
Asabe: Hi, well done, you look very tired dear
Dotun: Yea I am ! My mother wants to meet you.
Asabe: wow! Don’t you think it’s too early? I was thinking we could do this later
Dotun : she won’t give me a breathing space , she wants to see her grandchildren is all I have been hearing, please come and meet her,so she can at least have some hope of grand kids soon(winking at Asabe).
Asabe met Dotun’s mum, she was so elated that Dotun even had a woman in his life, she welcomed Asabe and upon knowing she is Mr Dan’s daughter, she told her to please  feel free and that she’s family and welcomed anytime.
Madam Lydia was busy tying her gele (head gear) ,Laraba wanted to empty her make Up bag on her face, Junior couldn’t understand what this was all about, so out of curiosity he said to Laraba;
Junior: Why have you chosen to look like a confused masquerade today? What’s happening? Is today your rags day?
Laraba: Just get out of my sight, before I lose my temper!
Junior: Oh well, little is better. But just in case you run out of powder and errmmm what do they call it foundation or fillers…whatever though…….COCO Bodyline now do home/office delivery (he said this running out of her room)
Madam Lydia ,Mr  Dan and Laraba set out for the party, when they arrived they were carried away by the breathe taking ambience that they didn’t notice in good time that Asabe was sitting next  to Dotun’s mum, Mr. Dan walked away from the women and joined Otunba and some other friends, Laraba was the first to notice Asabe’s presence and all the attention Dotun’s mum was giving her and she said  to her mother;
Laraba; Mummy!!! You didn’t tell me it was Asabe’s birthday!
Madam Lydia: What do you mean by that?
Laraba: Look at her with Dotun’s mum and Dotun…..OmG! I can’t feel my legs….
Madam Lydia: Take it easy, have a seat (drags a chair close to her) let me talk to your father first of all.
Madam Lydia beckoned on her husband
Madam Lydia: She has to leave here this minute! Who gave her the permission to attend a party beyond her class???? Is this the continuous assessment she told me about???
Mr Dan: Woman what are you talking about?
Madam Lydia: Look over there (pointing  to the left hand side of the compound) that’s Asabe….isn’t she suppose to be in school?
Mr. Dan: Please go and seat down and enjoy the party, she probably got an invite
Madam Lydia: from who?
Mr. Dan: I don’t know, am I supposed to concern myself with such issues? Look here woman, I hope asking you not to embarrass your little self isn’t too much to ask ?
Madam Lydia: Dan ! You can’t convince me that you didn’t have a hand in all these!!!
Mr Dan walks away to join his friends in conquering the so many bottles of Hennessey leaving angry Madam Lydia to keep boiling, probably hoping she doesn’t go beyond boiling point.

The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.        –Proverbs 10: 22