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Sunday, February 16, 2014

ASABE Episode 4


Laraba and Ladidi sluggishly came downstairs and joined Asabe and their mum in the Kitchen, Mr. Dan was a bit confused as he doesn’t understand why at their age nothing else matters to them other than marykay  and IMAN cosmetics .
Mr. Dan: Come and join your fellow women in the kitchen so you know how a delicious meal is being prepared since  you are both good at leaving your plates empty after each meal.

Madam Lydia was not happy about the way her husband spoke to her daughters, but decided to keep quiet so it won’t look like she is in support of their lazy attitude. 
Laraba and Ladidi, asked for how they could be of help, Madam Lydia told them to help with peeling the fruits on the table,Laraba was been careful as she just made her nails at sparkles salon and could not afford ruining them, she was very slow at doing it.

As soon as Asabe was done pounding the yam, she immediately started setting the table for dinner, setting the table was another thing Asabe was very good at, even Madam Lydia most times couldn't  help but admire her skills ,one would swear she went to a culinary school, Oh! yes she is that good. As at the time Asabe was done, Laraba and Ladidi were still busy with the fruits, so Asabe went to the girls and told them to go get ready for dinner that she would finish up with the fruits, it was as if they had both been waiting for her to say that, they stood up immediately without hesistating,Ladidi has a habit of dragging her feet while walking when Mr. Dan heard Ladidi’s footstep, he called her immediately and she came;

Mr. Dan: So what were you able to help with in the Kitchen?
Ladidi: Peeling the fruits daddy
Mr.Dan: Ok! Go and fetch me a class of fruit juice then
Ladidi: it’s not yet ready dad, Asabe asked us to go get ready for dinner that she would finish it up
Mr.Dan: and you are excited I guess? What sort of a woman are you becoming? I am very sure you are going upstairs to go and paint your face because Otunba’s son will be coming with him?

Laraba stood at the other end of the stairs listening to her father and Ladidi , she knew it would be her turn as soon as he was done scolding Ladidi, so she tried running to her room and locking the door acting like she is bathing not knowing she was stepping on her long lilac gown  and then fell on the stairs, her dad and Ladidi ran upstairs as soon as they heard her fall… omG! Where are you running to young lady? Asked Mr. Dan, as he tried pulling her up and stretching her hands, sorry my dear, hope you are not injured , sorry!
Ladidi: should I go get the first aid box?
Mr. Dan: yes please do
Ladidi hurried upstairs to get the first aid box and met her mum making up and getting ready for dinner, as soon as her mum saw her taking the first aid box, she asked?
Madam Lydia: what are you doing with that?
Ladidi: Mummy Laraba fell down while coming upstairs
Madam Lydia: I have told you girls to stop running while coming up or going down the staircase, you are no longer kids for Christ sakes! Hope she didn’t get herself injured?
Ladidi: No mummy. I think daddy probably wants to massage her arm with an ointment and give her pain relieving drugs
Madam Lydia : Okay I will join you people soon
Ladidi: ok mummy, ermm you might want to reduce the foundation, it’s evening it should be light makeup, since it’s just dinner and you are in your house.
Madam Lydia: who are you? Banke (BMpro) or Tara? Oh please take the first aid box to them, they are probably waiting and wondering what’s keeping you.
Ladidi left the room without a word, as she went down the stairs she wondered when her mum is going to ever get it right with makeup, she feels she knows everything about makeup but she doesn’t know jack (shh)
Mr Dan brought out an ointment and massaged Laraba’s arm, while Ladidi and her dad were still attending to Laraba, Otunba  and his son came in,Asabe was the only one who heard the door bell because she was in the kitchen, she welcomed otunba and his son Dotun …
Otunba: Hello Asabe, been a long time, how are you?
Asabe: very well Sir, you are welcome, please have a seat while I let my dad know you are here.
Otunba:Ok dear, meanwhile meet my son Dotun, he stays in Atlanta, he just got into the country a few days back
Asabe; You are welcome Sir
Dotun: Thank you . Just call me Dotun! That’s really cool by me
Asabe: Ok.
Otunba: Asabe I can perceive a very nice aroma, is it ok to say #Asabeatwork,…..(Otunba laughs )
Asabe: (now very shy) Yes Otunba
Otunba: hahahaha…ok call your dad
As Asabe made her way upstairs, Dotun couldn’t help but stare at the way her floral skirt moved with the rhythm of her body
Dotun: Daddy, Mr. Dan has a beautiful daughter
Otunba: oh yes , all his daughters are beautiful, but this is the most hardworking and courteous of them all….omo dada*(good child or in pidgin * better pikin)
Mr. Dan and his wife hurried downstairs, they exchanged pleasantries with Otunba and his son and talked a little about Otunba’s forthcoming election and how the campaigns are being prepared for, Mr. Dan assured Otunba of delivering his constituency to him, Madam Lydia also added that she would organise the women since she is the women leader of the party in their constituency, Otunba expressed his gratitude towards  Mr. Dan and his family  for the effort they are willing to put in.
Madam Lydia: Ok gentlemen can we move to the dining table before dinner gets cold…..everyone moved to the dining table ,two minutes later Laraba,Ladidi and Junior joined them on the table
Otunba: woah, you all have grown so big,how are you all?
All: fine thank you sir.
Madam Lydia: Junior pray for us
for the food we are about to eat, we thank you oh Lord’
There was a resounding ‘ AMEN’
They all started eating ,some minutes later, Mr. Dan noticed Asabe wasn’t with them and asked for Asabe’s where about and why she is not with them?
Madam Lydia: oh darling, I sent her to help me get a few things from Mrs Adams
Mr Dan picked his mobile immediately
 and called Asabe…
Mr. Dan: Hello
Asabe: yes daddy
Mr. Dan: have you gone far?
Asabe: no daddy
Mr. Dan: Good, come back and join us for Dinner immediately