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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Onome's tales.....Episode 5

Mimi has  being avoiding Onome, but Onome didn’t seem to bother about Mimi giving her attitude, she braced herself up for any BS Mimi might want to bring on, In class they sat poles apart , tongues were already wagging ,as this was quite unusual, they both had a common  friend  ‘Halima’ who was the quiet one, Halima noticed her friends were not even in talking terms  and made efforts to know what the matter was, she at the end of the day was able to make peace between Mimi and Onome, but Onome knew this was not finished as Mimi seemed to be jealous that she had Alex…an attention she never begged for!
Three days later Alex called Onome;
Alex: hey, sup
Onome: I’m fine, how are you and how’s work?
Alex: cool. What’s your weekend like?
Onome: Well…. I usually go home on weekends, a strict instruction I must adhere to, else I will have my aunt to contend with.
Alex: What if I ask you to come to Portharcourt?
Onome: LOL… That’s a joke right? What excuse will I give my aunt for not been at home?
Alex: c’mon babes, you are smarter than this, just tell her something…..anything
Onome: No problem, would think of something
Alex: Have you heard from your mum?
Onome: Yes , spoke with her yesterday, she is doing fine, my brothers are equally doing fine.
Alex: OK. How about Mimi?
Onome: sure she’s fine
Alex: Ok, would book your ticket right away and send you the details, ermmm…….. I don’t mean to be rude, but have you travelled by air before? If you are not comfortable you can come by road.
Onome: hahahahahahahaha, you sure think I’m still a village girl! Yes I have.
Alex: (He seemed to appreciate the sense of humour in her answer) Ok. Would send you the details in less than 30 minutes
Onome: would be expecting it, take care.

Onome immediately put a call through to her aunt to tell her she needed to stay back in school to study for her continuous assessment the following week, Mrs Sylvia without doubt believed Onome and told her it was okay by her. Six minutes later Alex sent a text message to Onome which contained her ticket details to Portharcourt the following morning which was a Saturday. Onome refused to give Mimi a clue as to where she was going, Mimi was curious; she however decided to ask Onome;
Mimi: Are you going home for the weekend?
Onome: Yes …I need to go have some rest
Mimi: Ok, will pass by the house on Sunday after service for lunch*winks*
Onome: LOL>>> that wouldn’t have been a problem, just that my aunt said we would be going for her friend’s birthday party, so we would not be home.
Mimi: awww…. Okay then, my regards to Mrs Sylvia
Onome: she would hear
Mimi felt Onome told her the truth and decided not to bother about her. Saturday morning came and Onome was at the airport, she remembered once upon a time how she feared to travel by air, she smiled and said to herself ‘Onome you are going places’! In another 30 minutes Arik air was making flight announcements for Onome’s flight and passengers made their way to the counter to be checked in. Onome was seated beside a dark slim guy who was about 6ft tall , he exchanged pleasantries with Onome and also made an effort to introduce himself( for the records; Onome is just a beauty you can’t ignore, no matter  how hard you try , she’s got a good height , nice complexion ,infectious smile…..nice legs  that defines her figure more appropriately , her curves are a perfect example of a true African beauty)
Muktar: hi my name is Muktar
Onome: Onome…it’s a pleasure (shakes hands)
Muktar: Going for the weekend in F(P)ort Harcourt? (in his hausa accent)
Onome: ooooh yes…. Need to go see a friend (Onome actually loved how he pronounced P as F…#SMILES)
Muktar: waoh you have friends in F(P)ortharcourt! That means we would always bump into each other, I am most of the time in F(P)ortharcourt for one business or the other, here’s my card
Onome collects his complimentary card
Muktar: hope you would give me a shout some day
Onome: Of course I would *smiles*
The Flight attendant gave the safety tips to passengers and they took off.
Onome arrived Portharcourt at about 8.45am and called Alex, who was equally waiting for Onome’s arrival at the airport. She in no time found Alex and they drove off to a nearby eatery where they both had breakfast , and afterwards went to Alex’s house where she got comfortable, later in the afternoon she went out with Alex to see a friend  Tami, Tami is Alex’s colleague at work, he’s quite a funny character and an easy going guy, they had a lot of fun, of course with Tami it’s never a dull moment, they got back in the evening very tired, it was then Onome asked for her room;
Onome: waoh I think I love portharcourt
Alex: *smiles* so will you be visiting often I guess?
Onome: Yea well, if I’m invited. I’m so tired right now, I think I will have to go take a shower and then retire to bed, meanwhile, where is my room?
Alex: (trying to convince himself that Onome did not just ask for her room, ignored the question).
Onome: hey…where am I going to sleep?
Alex: Onome you will sleep in my room, c’mon mehn what are you been so uptight about?
Onome: wow wow wow…..why are you yelling at me?
Alex: I know you just want to have a fight so you would have a good reason to sleep in the visitor’s room, but I won’t let that happen (moves closer to Onome as if to make his point clear looks sternly at her and then calms down, lifts her face up to his, kisses her so passionately, and after a few minutes, withdrew back and said to Onome
‘Well to your left is the visitors room, the corridor opposite leads to the master bedroom, let me know if you need anything’
Onome: thank you
Alex stayed back in the living room watching his new favourite channel EbonyLifeTv, he  never seems to get enough of this channel, but started feeling sleepy after a while, all the while he was just wondering how lonely his night would be, he at some point  began to feel bad for inviting Onome over, but like they say ‘SHIT happens’. He turned off the TV and headed for his bedroom (the master bedroom) as soon as he opened the door, to his amazement he saw Onome lying in his bed……………./