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Monday, May 27, 2013

Corper Kofo.....episode 25

Yomi has been avoiding my call, sms….he’s just been so quiet on me. Every attempt to reach him has proved abortive. I was at sahad stores last Thursday and I ran into an old friend of mine by name Didi.
Kofo: hallo dearie
Didi: woah Kofo, hi, how have you been? Missed you greatly, you are not looking bad for a corper oh *smiles*
Kofo: thanks dear, so what brings you to Abuja?
Didi: here to see a friend, sup with OUR YOMI (yea, she emphasized the ‘our yomi’)
Kofo: he’s fine
Didi: well I was at oniru last week for a function and I saw Yomi with a lady, he was all over the lady, and it was obvious there was a lot than makes the eye, I am sorry, but I just felt you deserve to know what your man has been up to, Kofo you deserve to know the truth.
Kofo: Thanks dear, on the other hand I think I deserve what Yomi is doing to me
Didi: how do you mean?
At this point I broke into tears quietly, Didi helped me downstairs where we got a taxi that took us to a close by eatery in area 11, we sat and talked, I told her everything, she blamed me and actually told me I was at fault. So she collected Yomi’s mobile number and dialled using her phone immediately, as soon as the call went through ,a lady picked the phone and told Didi to call back that Yomi was in the shower, Didi and I put 1 and 1 together to make 11 not 2 this time. 15minutes later I called Yomi using my phone and surprisingly he picked the call, and the conversation went thus;
Kofo, hello baby
Yomi; yea sup
Kofo: Yomi I know I have hurt you real bad, and I sincerely apologise for everything
Yomi: why are you apologising, has Mr. Osita abandoned you?
Kofo: baby you abandoned me, and it really makes me feel empty.
Yomi: Kofo you had a lot of time to make things right but you chose not to, you instead preferred to invest that time in Mr. Osita, so it’s cool. It’s really difficult trying to move on, I am trying and I advise you to do same.
…..Ends call!
The following week, the office approved a one week off duty for me to prepare for my POP, so I took the opportunity to travel to Lagos, on getting to Lagos I explained the whole issue to my parents who of course knows Yomi very well, condemned me for my actions, my dad was particularly disgusted by my actions and told me he wasn’t even going to talk to Yomi about anything and that I deserved all that Yomi is throwing at me. I immediately realised this is my cross and I had to bear it alone, I went to Yomi’s house, I couldn’t utter a word I broke into tears  and we just stood there staring at each other, Yomi’s mum noticed the tensed atmosphere and came by to talk to us both, so we sat and Yomi told his own part of the story ,when the mother asked if I had anything contrary to what Yomi has said I said ‘ No ma, I take responsibility for everything, it’s my fault and I sincerely apologise for everything’ She was kind of impressed and pleaded with Yomi to accept my apologies and left the two of us to talk, Yomi was still very angry at me that day, so I left .
The following day I was there again to plead with Yomi (this cross is a huge trunk of wood), He eventually accepted my apologies with the effort of his dad who was around to put in a few words for me. It was a huge relief to get my man back, woah; I will never get on Yomi’s nerves again…..Never!
Two day s later, Dotun (Yomi’s brother) organised a surprise dinner for Yomi and I, initially I thought it was just Yomi and I who were there, never knew a few friends and family were around, but were seated quite a distance from us, after dinner ,Yomi went on his kneels holding a ring and said these words;
Kofo Daniels, you have been a soul mate, it took us like forever to get to this point, at a point you left me and made me feel so empty, please do not leave me again, come and let’s build a home together, be the mother of my kids and be my wife, Kofo MARRY ME
We hugged and Yomi kissed me passionately and then I heard people clapping, when I turned I saw our families and friends. It felt so amazing to get to this point, I am indeed glad and relieved.
The proper introduction is on the 15th of June, 2013.
Yes Kofo is going to be saying I DO soon.
Thank you all for keeping up with Corper Kofo.
……..The end/