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Friday, June 6, 2014

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ekaette is involved???who else?? find out on Asabe Episode 12

Otunba: Hello  Douglas!...... Hello can you hear me…..Helllooooooo?

Douglas: Sir, yes I can hear you now………

Otunba: Ok, hope you have some good news?

Douglas:  Not really Sir,We just realised that  they have moved Dotun from this location, somehow they must have heard we were coming, Sir we need to do some background check, there seems to be an insider divulging  information.

Otunba: Gaddddammitttt! What are you saying???? Can you please do your job and stop looking for flimsy excuses for your failure! I don’t have time for these nonsense!

Douglas: Sir please calm down ,I know how you feel……

Otunba: Oh no you don’t! you are not the one with a missing son, are you?

Douglas:  Sir, Please trust me on this…… I am sure of what I just told you.

Otunba: Ok I do not want any Police intervention anymore, I will be dealing with the abductors myself.

Douglas: I get that Sir( Knowing very well what Otunba meant by that ) so now just watch it , they will call you soon to re-negotiate ,because the insider will definitely get in touch with them.

Otunba: Ok, bye for now.

Douglas: just send me a ping once they make any attempt to reach you.

Otunba: Yea….regards to your wife.

Douglas: All correct Sir.


Otunba went upstairs to meet Oloori and told her  that the wedding has to be deferred pending when they find Dotun and that he no longer wants the police to be involved.

Oloori: Aahhhh, what did you just say???? Yaayyy! My enemies are at  it…you don’t want to use the policemen anymore, what do you want to use? Oh ok, the army? (Started dragging Otunba’s shirt and crying) Give me my son ….Give me my son oooooohhh.

Otunba: Woman! Please give me a break; it’s not easy for me too. You see the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem, keep a positive attitude please.

(Phone rings*)

Otunba: Hello!

Kidnappers: Oga….make we yan now…because we nor get patience for this matter again oh

Otunba: Ok ….what do you want this time?

Kidnappers: Now you don de yan! Ok back to the matter*** we have been informed you no longer want to involve the police

Otunba: You’re right about that !

Kidnappers: Ok good! We will for the last time give you an address where you can drop the money, as soon as you do this, your son would be on his way home,as a matter of fact we are tired of feeding him, he eats a lot and if you don’t answer us this time, he might just die out of hunger.

Otunba: thanks for the second chance, I will personally go and drop the money there.

( End of call)

Oloori: Please ehen Oko mi( my husband) go and drop the money there so we can put this behind us.

Otunba: I will, you should know I miss my son too, I haven’t been a happy father for days now.

Oloori: By God’s grace we will be victorious.


Douglas: Hello Sir, any update

Otunba: Hmmm, yes but I need to get to the club, I have to meet with Alhaji Waziri for an update on the last grass root campaign.

Douglas: I understand Sir, will meet you there asap!

(Ends the call)

Oloori: ehn???? Which meeting? Laye! Not when my son is still missing……’re not going anywhere

Otunba: Woman! Please let me be! Whether I go for this meeting or not, it has nothing to do with finding our son, so let me just go

Oloori: *crying and screaming* how can you even think of your political ambition during a period like this? OMG! I can’t believe this!

Otunba took his car key and phones and left the house, he didn’t reveal to Oloori that he was going to see Douglas at the club,as soon as he got to the club, as a Premium member, he gained access to the VVIP section and waited patiently for Douglas.

Douglas joined in about 26mins time and he gave him the address he was sent by the Abductors,they agreed to stay far off from each other so no one has a clue that the police is still on the case, in fact Otunba changed his name on his contact list ,just so that whenever his calls come in no one will know its Douglas calling.

 Three days later  Otunba got the 40 million naira available and followed the abductors instructions carefully, Douglas sent a female officer by name Bella who could be mistaken for a mad woman because of the way she was dressed, Bella followed Otunba from a distance and monitored the entire process and as soon as Otunba was heading back, Bella notified Douglas about the abductors location and that was how they were caught.

Dotun was released and was under a lot of scrutiny by the meds, the head of Kidnappers was dealt with by the policemen and afterwards taken in for questioning, he was addressed by his colleagues as Capon, his colleagues said it was a woman who gave them the contract but that only Capon has the woman’s details

Douglas: So Capon, are you ready to tell us who gave you the contract of abducting Dotun?

Capon:Oga , you go need kill me oh, because this woman paid me not to call her name.

Douglas called other policemen who were on standby to torture Capon till they can get him to tell the truth

Douglas: truly I will kill you, I am not scared to, Officers?

Officers: Sir!

Douglas; take care of him

Officers: Yes Sir!

The officers tortured him in a very cruel way

Capon: * screaming, groaning and pleading* ok I will talk, I say I will talk please!

Douglas: Good, so who is this woman?

Capon: Madam Lydia….Oga Dan’s wife!

Douglas: watttttttttt????????? Dear Lord!

Capon: yes Sir

Douglas : But she doesn’t stay in Otunba’s house, so how were you able to know everything discussed about this kidnap case in Otunba’s house?

Capon: She paid Otunba’s cook- Ekaette !

………………………………./the story continues




I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.

 – Job 19:25