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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ASABE Episode 5

Asabe got back to the house and joined others for dinner, Mr.  Dan introduced his children to Dotun they all exchanged pleasantries. Dotun was starring at Asabe as she courteously ate her food unlike Laraba who was acting strange just to get attention.
After dinner, Asabe cleared the table and made her way to the kitchen to start cleaning, while Laraba and Ladidi joined their parents, otunba and Dotun in the living room, Laraba made sure she sat directly opposite Dotun ,Ladidi noticed Laraba was putting too much effort in this her ‘notice me business’ and decided to ping her;
Ladidi:  hey sis, stop pushing it, you’re beginning to look stupid
Laraba: yea well I don’t care this dude is too cute
Laididi: smh. I like him too
Laraba: oh pls shut up !what do you know about liking guys and what it entails?
Mr. Dan noticed Asabe was in the kitchen and asked his wife;
Mr. Dan: why is Asabe in the kitchen?
Madam Lydia: she is washing the dishes
Mr. Dan : please call her, she should come and relax a little, she’s been working all day
Otunba: *Asabe omo dada*(Asabe good child)
Madam Lydia ignored Otunba and asked Ladidi to call Asabe, as soon as Asabe got comfortable, madam Lydia asked her to serve everyone the orange juice she had made earlier, at this point Dotun whose eyes seemed to be Asabe’s remote control as he looked at her every move was filled with disgust and then whispered to the his dad who sat next to him; *are you sure this girl is Mr Dan’s daughter or house help? She seemed to be the one responsible for all the chores?
Otunba whispered back to him;* she is his daughter, but this woman’s step-daughter
Dotun: Oh I see, I like her though
Otunba looked at his son, he had this smile on his face that made his cat-like tribal marks more pronounced, and then told his son, go ahead you have my full support.
Asabe served everyone and herself, Mr. Dan and Otunba got more engrossed in their political plans, while Dotun chatted with Laraba and her sister (ladidi) he ignored Asabe so as not to make Madam Lydia have any clue about his interest in Asabe. Laraba was over the moon thinking she got lucky, Ladidi was so embarrassed when Laraba asked Dotun for his mobile number, but Dotun told her he was yet to get a Nigerian line since he just got back from Atlanta, Asabe and Junior focused on the new EbonylifeTV watching moments with MO, about 30minutes later when Madam Lydia noticed Otunba and his son were about leaving, she decided to send Asabe out of Dotun’s sight so he can focus on her girls.
Madam Lydia: Asabe dear, can you please take these glasses to the kitchen and clean up  for me?
 Asabe sensed some form of deceit, because Madam Lydia never refer to her as ‘Asabe dear” but what can she do? Nothing! She was helpless.
Asabe: Yes Ma.
She got a tray from the kitchen to pack up the glasses, when she got close to Dotun, to get his glass, Dotun stylishly dropped his complimentary card in the tray alongside his glass, Asabe saw the tricks he played with the glass and his complimentary card, but smiled and kept quiet, Dotun took her smile for a “yes I would call you”.
Madam Lydia noticed Asabe was a bit sluggish when she got close to Dotun and decided to distract her;
Madam Lydia: Hey, young lady be smart about that!
Asabe in her heart said to herself; I am definitely going to be smart about this, so I can put an end to this slave trade.
She packed up and headed for the kitchen , Otunba and his son got up to leave and every other person except Asabe who was in the kitchen saw them off, Laraba was of course in the forefront glued to Dotun trying to be friendly,Mr Dan and His wife waved Otunba and his son good bye as their driver whom according to Junior dressed like an ‘atilogu’ dancer because of his hairstyle(mo-hawk) drove off.
Meanwhile, Asabe was in the kitchen laughing at Laraba quietly and wondering why she was putting a lot of effort in getting close to someone she just met, yet this guy picked her over Laraba, she giggled and said in pidgin English ‘ some people nor know say wetin de back of 6 pass 7’.
Otunba on his way home with Dotun asked if he was able to get Asabe’s mobile number, Dotun said yes and described how he got it.
Otunba: You are a true son of your father….oshe jare!( shaking Dotun as he considered it a smart move)
Days went by, Asabe didn’t call Dotun even when she returned to the campus, she felt shy as she didn’t know what to discuss with him, after a lot of thinking on what the conversation should be she decided to send an sms ;
  ‘hi, how have you been? Hope you had a nice time the other day, just thought to check on you, have a good day. – Asabe.’
Dotun who has actually being waiting to hear from Asabe was so elated and put a call through as soon as he got her sms;
Dotun: hey, sup!
Asabe : I’m good , and you?
Dotun: very well, would have loved to see you,are you home?
Asabe: No, I have gone back to the campus
Dotun : good, is it okay if I come and see you in school?
Asabe: yes sure
Dotun: fine, send me your hostel address so I can be on my way asap
Asabe sent Dotun her hostel address immediately, in an hour’s time Dotun  made it to the hostel.


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