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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UDUAK.........Episode 1

My name is Uduak,I am 30 years old.I only just got admission into my state University, I had to wait for all my brothers to go before me , because my father is of the opinion that the male child should be given more priority than the female child( I see you giving me that look  “ like seriously? In this present day and time?) ….oh yea… that’s my story, I am from a struggling background, so my father decided to send my three brothers to the University before me and also wants me to study a course of his choice, how boring can life be??????
It’s a higher institution unlike primary or secondary school, so I can manage despite the age difference between yours truly and these kids in class (yea kids! some of them are just about 20years old and really, 10 years is no joke, if na village some of them would have to refer to me Aunty Uduak). I go from home every day,yea….my father wants to monitor all I’m doing…..(still wondering why he’s yet to start attending my lectures with me…..#mschwwwwww). Course registration is what is killing me, one has to keep going to these lecturer’s offices for their signature and all you hear is “ I am very busy ,come back later” so annoying! Like they are very busy just to append their signature???? How stressful can this system be???The General studies classes are just unbearable……GST 101,102…….etc….!!! There is nothing like finishing your Bsc at a younger age ( oh really you think I regard myself as old? No I don’t ….. but the way these course mates of mine make me feel most times though…yea well let’s leave that for now)
 I have made new friends, the closest was Eki, unlike me Eki is from a privileged background, she’s got everything she wants and needs……but she’s starting to get on my nerves…….she complains about everything I wear and was very blunt about it just this morning……
‘hey babes…if you’re really gonna be my friend then you need to step up your game,these things you wear are so tacky…..For God’s sakes my mum looks younger and  more put together than you do’
At this point, I knew I had to do something, but the problem is I come from a home  where everything is done and believed like it’s done in the 60s… do I wear these very tight stuff…My mum would definitely shout down the heavens, she doesn’t believe you have to wear these things to look good….she always say….If you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful…..moreover the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach>>>>>>>>>>>LOL….Somebody help me tell this woman that, that saying no longer holds water………………or is it my Dad……who would curse till he starts having hiccups….or my brothers who would start giving you this look like’ been there…done that’ like they are the first to see the four walls of the University, I felt I should respect my little self……but I don’t think that’s helping  and again I remember Eki comparing me to her mum…..uhmmm…… I need to start exercising, this girl is beginning to think me old…maybe I should start by adjusting all these my deeper life gowns and face the real world..hehehehe But this body of mine…..would it allow me?????

Its Wednesday morning and this lecturer has fixed his class for 7.30am instead of 8.30am his reason being that he needs to be somewhere by 9am….(Its really nice deciding when you want to work though…I love me some lecturing job in the future) so we are all here in this cold class when Eki sent me an sms saying she’s at the car park trying to get a space to park her Toyota corolla 2014 model(Life’s good#LG) and I should keep a seat for her…wow!!! Everyone knows that no one keeps a seat for anyone in Mr Fadin’s class!!! Well I ignored her and next thing is she comes into class, finding out that there is no seat for her( she had to stand all through the class) she started acting funny, after Mr Fadin’s class she got a seat, somewhere in the walkway that leads to the faculty and sat all by herself……...Dramaqueentinz yea… ………Ok I walked up to her and apologised (I have to be the big na,after all na me be the dry fish for this matter) after plenty “sorry na” we went to the cafeteria to get drinks, it’s being a sunny day, the sun is actually out doing itself today, we got talking and laughing over Mr. Fadin’s accent…………
I sincerely hope you two pass my course……said a voice that sounded familiar from behind
Myself and Eki turned slowly like robots ……… and guess who was behind us???????

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.
----Proverbs 31:26