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Friday, September 14, 2012


Nollywood light-skinned actress, Monalisa Chinda on Thursday, September 13, 2012 became a year older. The delectable actress and movie producer is no doubt a big fish in the motion pictures water.
As a native of Rivers State, the same native land of fellow actress Tonto Dikeh, the divorced single mother is the first child from her family six comprising two sons and four daughters.
Monalisa is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and became the Face and Queen of Port Harcourt Carnival.

#I wish Monalisa a blissful birthday.

CORPER KOFO'S DIARIES.......................continued!!!(Episode 4)

Wow!!! the meeting took a  lot of time with plenty talk that me (a corper wasn't ) so interested in, all that was on my mind was * when am i gonna leave here*.... well after all said and done, they called it a day at around 9pm......had to get home asap, Oga Goke was going towards my way ,so he decided to drop me off at my place saying "its gonna be risky leaving a young lady to go home  all by herself at this time of the day' .......oh please before you judge Kofo, i didn't ask for the help, he offered to !!!
  On our way he asked where i was from and i told him *GIDI* he was just smiling saying *lagos babes are strong oooh*so i asked if  he was talking from experience, he said somehow, we just talked on till we got to my place.... this guy was just very cool( i sensed all the ladies reading this are doing *yimu* God pass una ooh).....
His last question was, errrrmmm Kofo i answered saying Sir !!! he immediately told me not to answer sir, that we are not in the office....,.......(na from clap dem de enter dance oh)...........................................hmmm long and short of the story is that we have a dinner date tonight.......(yes ke,im gonna be looking burnt and roasted because hot is an understatement)..oshe(in dbanj's tone)


Saw this and decided to share........very inspiring

Unfortunately, many of us have been there: You’re stuck in a job you don’t love, your dreams of a new, gloriously successful career buried beneath piles of paperwork. And especially if you don’t exactly know what that career is, the future can look pretty bleak from inside those cubicle walls.
But, dear readers, just because you have to pay the bills doesn’t mean you can’t be the next Spike Lee on the weekends. (For the record, Spike’s first feature film was so low budget he could only afford to spend two weeks shooting it.) Grab your persistence, some gumption, and a dash of business savvy—we’re going to make lemonade.
Or, in other words, figure out your passion and follow it, all from the comfort of your day job.

The Butterfly Effect—Sort Of

Brace yourself. The moment you announce that you’re ready to make a career change, everyone will give you the same advice: Find your passion. Yikes. But think about butterflies. No, seriously. While a monarch flapping its wings in South America may not affect your job search, butterflies actually have a lot in common with our passions. In both cases, doesn’t it seem that the more you chase them, the harder they are to catch?
While it is fun to run around the yard with a large net (at least for a little while), everyone knows that butterflies often come to us on their own—but only when we’ve moved on to, say, watering the plants. Same with your passions. Once you start taking small steps in the direction of your career goals, they’ll probably find you naturally.

Know What You Need

You’re probably familiar with the 1969 hit, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Maybe, like me, your parents sang it to you as a child. Though I prickle with resentment every time I hear the song, I have found that its lyrics have some value during a career change.
Looking beyond your 9-to-5 in search of your dream job can be daunting. Before you lose yourself trying to get everything you want, ask yourself the more important question: What do you need? By identifying your career must-haves, you form a set of realistic goals and give yourself direction. Once you start looking for career paths that fulfill your needs, you’ll probably end up getting a lot of what you want—at least some of the time.

Make it Happen

I am generally not one for hard and fast rules, but I think it’s fair to say that if you want to make progress in your career, you must do something. But this can be challenging, especially when the options abound. I got the following trick from a career advisor.
Grab a marker and divide a piece of paper into three columns: Career Needs, Ideal Professions, and Tasks. Fill in the first two columns, leaving the third blank (we will get to that in a minute). Compare columns one and two. Cross out any professions that are in blatant defiance of your career needs (for example, if you absolutely need a regular paycheck, “actor” probably won’t fit the bill). You’ll narrow down your choices by looking at them realistically.
Column three is for tracking the things you need to do to achieve your goals—taking classes, getting internships or part-time jobs, for example. Think small, manageable steps. When I wanted to study film, I enrolled in a continuing education class in video production. Then I took screenwriting. It worked because classes were held at night. And I know you’ve heard this before (and who wants to work for free at the age of 30?) but internships are a great way to gain experience, bolster your resume, and network in your field. If nothing else, you will learn pretty quickly what you don’t like.
Put the list in a place where you can see it every day (like the fridge). You’ll stay inspired, and ticking off your tasks will give you a sense of forward motion.

Keep Your Day Job. And Use It.

Ok, so you took a film class and you’re a natural. Chances are, once you find what you love to do, you will be tempted to drop everything else to do it—including your current job.
But hold your horses. Don’t forget that you are in a lucky position: You are employed! This means you have a regular paycheck (camera equipment is pricey), health insurance, and the luxury of being able to wait and make an educated leap into a career you love.
In the meantime, use your current job to your advantage. Think about parlaying your newfound skills into something you can do for your company. If you like to write, offer to draft letters and emails or update the company website. You’ll impress your boss with your initiative, and you’ll get to spend at least part of your day doing something you love (not to mention, start building a portfolio and accumulating “experience” for when you do make that leap).
Assuming you work regular hours, it should be easy to structure your time outside of work. I know a freelance producer who fills her time between jobs by volunteering on low-budget films to hone her skills. Not only does she get to choose projects she believes in, but the experience will serve her either in her next paid gig or further down the line when she opens her own production company. Whether it’s a class, a side job, or an internship, find something you’re passionate about and commit. It will give you a routine and something to look forward to every week.
Jumping into a new career is not something that should be rushed, so don’t forget to ride the wave. Keep your day job as you gain expertise and grow into your field. Do this until you are ready to make the leap. Trust me; you’ll know when it’s time. You’ll probably be watering the plants and the opportunity will land right on your shoulder.

Words of Wisdom

An English professor and fairy tale specialist at a university in Boston (see? Anything is possible!) told me this: “Once you find what you are good at and love, do it. Repackage it and sell it to as many places as you can. Do it for free, do it for little pay, just keep doing it and getting exposure.”
So, whether it’s pink or yellow, powdered or fresh, it’s all lemonade. Make it—and then get out there and sell it!

#did i hear you say waoh? .......yea waoh!!!


When she was in high school, Lizzie Velasquez was dubbed "The World's Ugliest Woman" in an 8-second-long YouTube video. Born with a medical condition so rare that just two other people in the world are thought to have it, Velasquez has no adipose tissue and cannot create muscle, store energy, or gain weight. She has zero percent body fat and weighs just 60 pounds.

In the comments on YouTube, viewers called her "it" and "monster" and encouraged her to kill herself. Instead, Velasquez set four goals: To become a motivational speaker, to publish a book, to graduate college, and to build a family and a career for herself. 

Now 23 years old, she's been a motivational speaker for seven years and has given more than 200 workshops on embracing uniqueness, dealing with bullies, and overcoming obstacles. She's a senior majoring in Communications at Texas State University in San Marcos, where she lives with her best friend. Her first book, "Lizzie Beautiful," came out in 2010 and her second, "Be Beautiful, Be You,"

"The stares are what I'm really dealing with in public right now," she told Dr. Drew Pinsky in an interview on CNN's Headline News this week. "But I think I'm getting to the point where… instead of sitting by and watching people judge me, I'm starting to want to go up to these people and introduce myself or give them my card and say, 'Hi, I'm Lizzie. Maybe you should stop staring and start learning'."

Velasquez was born in San Antonio, Texas; she was four weeks premature and weighed just 2 pounds, 10 ounces. "They told us they had no idea how she could have survived," her mother, Rita, 45, told the Daily Mail. "We had to buy doll's clothes from the toy store because baby clothes were too big." Doctors warned Rita and her husband, Lupe, that their oldest child would never be able to walk or talk, let alone live a normal life. (Her two younger siblings were not affected by the syndrome.)

Instead, she has thrived. Her internal organs, brain, and bones developed normally, though her body is tiny. Since she has no fatty tissue in which to store nutrients, she has to eat every 15 to 20 minutes to have enough energy to get through the day. One brown eye started clouding over when she was 4 years old, and now she's blind in that eye and has only limited sight in the other.

"Some days life doesn't make sense," she writes in "Be Beautiful, Be You." "You just have to change what you can, ask for help and pray about the rest."

She notes her triumphs and posts inspirational messages on Tumblr, and says that she's learned to embrace the things that make her unique. Instead of trying to retaliate against people who have made her feel badly, she sets goals for herself and pushes herself to succeed in spite of the haters. She's even reclaimed YouTube, video blogging about everything from bullying to hair-styling tips to staying positive.

"I feel really glad that I don't look like the celebrities out there that are so beautiful," she told Dr. Drew. "There's a lot of stereotypes attached to that." Not looking like a supermodel "gives people the opportunity to know you personally," she explains. "If they're willing to take that extra step they'll get to know the person you really are."

Of course, the horrible comments left on that old YouTube video stung (the video has since been removed, but Velasquez says she read every single comment). Now, she says, she understands that they're "just words."

"I'm human, and of course these things are going to hurt," she said. "Their judgements of me isn't who I am, and I'm not going to let these things define me."

"I didn't sink down to their level," she said in a follow-up video on YouTube last year. "Instead, I got my revenge through my accomplishments and determination. In the battle between the 'World's Ugliest Woman' video vs. me, I think I won." 


Thursday, September 13, 2012


friends ,look at this!!! saw it on a friends page... new monkey specie found in DR Congo..............

Looks so human though.......

DIARIES OF A NAIJA FEMALE CORPER........#corper Kofo!!!(Episode 3)

Halo dolls..yes i have been quiet for a while because my boss took some days off. butttttt a senior manager is around to oversee the affairs of the branch pending his return.

  Please give me a few minutes to describe this guy who is seating for him.....He is 6ft, a lil bit chubby ,dark ,,has dimples(yes i took note), assssiiinnnnn this guy is HOT!!!!!!!! ,......he's yoruba like me...his name is Goke....he doesn't look like he's gonna have trouble like my real boss(if you know what i mean).... well i will be attending the regional retail meeting with him today at the bank's regional office at about 4.30pm.....i know some of you are judging me in your heart already...yes i like man abi na woman i for like before mtshwwwwww....abegyyyyyyy,this my nysc na sontin else oh jare......ehen na, im living ma life like its golden!

   Its lunch time and ermmm i just received a lunch box from one of my this awuf must not run belle oh) meanwhile i de chop this food sha...(join me if  you can) ....oh pls don't judge me yet........Kofo is a GOOD GEH whether you like am or not ni ohhh.

 And yes Oga Goke just passed through the office kitchen and saw me eating this food....*smiles* and he smiled back too (mehn his smile is GOLDEN) yeaaaa my yoruba guys are fine jorrrrr and guess what this one is not married gannnnnnnn.....but i still and truly love my Yomi.....#dontdull. 
  hmmm can;t wait for 4.30pm , will gist you guys tomorrow about how the meeting went...for now,lemme enjoy my lunch.......byyyyyeee
 #Corper kofo tinz


Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has arrived in Turkey to visit Syrian refugees in her role as special envoy for the U.N. refugee agency.Turkey's Anadolu news agency says Jolie and UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres are expected to visit refugee camps along the border between Turkey and Syria on Thursday. Reports say Jolie will later travel to Ankara, the Turkish capital, for talks with officials who are handling the humanitarian crisis.
Turkey hosts about 80,000 Syrians who have fled the 18-month conflict in their country. Earlier this week, Jolie and Guterres visited Syrian refugees in Jordan, which is also sheltering those who have fled the civil war in neighboring Syria.




The Federal Government has concluded plans to pay women who attend antenatal clinics the sum of N5,000 as part of efforts to battle the menace of high maternal mortality rates.

The South-west Zonal Coordinator of the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency. Dr 0ladimeji Olayinka, disclosed this at the training of 180 midwives in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Tuesday.
The agency, which is under the Federal Ministry of Health, is implementing the new primary healthcare project under the Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P).
It handles several intervention projects for the Federal Government.
Olayinka explained that the agency will pay the amount to every pregnant woman that registers for antenatal at the primary health centres in four instalments.
Describing it as "conditional cash transfer," the zonal coordinator explained that beneficiaries will receive N1, 000 twice during antenatal, receive N2, 000 at childbirth and another N1, 000 after childbirth to enable them apply the financial aid at different stages of need including receiving immunization.
He said the initiative is aimed at helping to improve maternal health and to reduce mortality rate in the country.

#I hope the rural dispensaries are in good condition to start with......its not by N5k ohhhh


The Lagos State Government on Tuesday said it was now mandatory for occupiers of houses in the state to beautify the perimeter areas of their buildings.

The government said a violation of this would attract N250, 000 or the amount the state would incur if it decides to carry out the beautification, or six months imprisonment or other non-custodian sentences.
It added that anyone caught felling trees in the state or trimming them without permission would be fined a minimum of N50, 000 or sent to one year imprisonment.
Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, stated this at the inauguration of the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency at Alausa, Ikeja.
He said, “It is also an offence to walk on lawns and gardens. Urinating, defecating in any of the parks, gardens and open spaces; loitering or soliciting for illegal purposes, smoking and dumping refuse among others in the parks are also offences.”
The commissioner said the government had demonstrated commitment to environmental transformation by its massive greening programmes and would not relent in making the environment more beautiful.
He said the establishment of LASPARK was to create a structure for the beautification and landscaping of open spaces in the state as government had done with other agencies like LAWMA and LASAA.
He added that the state’s Parks and Garden Law of 2011 would enable the agency to function and build on the solid foundation laid by the Conservative and Ecology Department of the ministry.
He said, “As a matter of fact, we are structuring the state in such a way that ministries would formulate policies while agencies would implement and sustain them. We have about 89 agencies in the state and they are all performing well. Other states in the country are understudying them.
“LASPARK will maintain and manage all designated parks and gardens; carry out the general directives and policies of government in respect of parks and recreation centres among other duties.
“We are going to make the law available so that everybody will know what is expected of them. But we will not enforce the law now. We will do so after the traffic law is up and running.”
The General Manager of LASPARK, Olukunle Sotade, said the agency intended to collaborate with all sectors of the economy to build on the good foundation of the CE department.
He urged Lagosians to support the agency to succeed by obeying the parks and garden law


Nollywood goddess, Jackie Appiah is a delight of every African movie lover in any day. The beauty who has been shuttling between Nigeria and Ghana for movie shoots revealed recently that she had never been in a rush to leave Nigeria; the reason is that, Nigeria has always been her second home.
“Nigeria is my second home, so I love working here. Whenever I am here working it is like I am working back home in Ghana. I would say my working here as compared to my working in Ghana is 50, 50. In short, I could say that I work here more than I do in Ghana. This is my second home so I am not in a rush to go back.” She said
Jackie who also talked on her acting abilities as far as outstanding qualities to have still maintained the status as most sought after actress in Africa despite her marital status, “what stand me out in acting, is not quite known to me. There are so many people saying that they love my eyes, the way I roll my eyes, the way I smile, my cheek. So I suspect I interest different people in different ways.”
Commenting on the trends in the movie industry, she had this to say; “we are already merging. We have been doing joint collaborations, even before I came into the industry. It will continue to grow in that direction. I believe in one big family as far as Nollywood and Ghollywood are concerned. As you must know it is closer coming from Ghana to Lagos than travelling by air from Abuja to Lagos. Nigeria and Ghana are one. And I am happy when we do joint collaborations because most Ghanaians are happy when they see us in Nigerian movies, which also apply to the other way.”


Genevieve keeps the nollywood flame burning...TRIBUTE

Genevieve Nnaji grew up in Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. She is fourth of eight children and was brought up in a middle-class environment. Her father worked as an engineer and her mother as a teacher. She attended the Methodist Girls College before heading to the University of Lagos. While at the university, Genevieve began auditions for acting roles in Nollywood productions.
Nnaji started her acting career as a child actress in soap operas at the age of eight and was also featured in several TV commercials. In 1998, at the age of 19, she made her debut in the growing Nigerian film industry with the movie Most Wanted. Her subsequent movies included Last Party, Mark of the Beast, and Ijele. She has starred in over 80 Nollywood movies.
Nnaji received several awards and nominations for her work, including the Best Actress of the year award at the 2001 City People Awards and the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2005 African Movie Academy Awards. In 2004, she signed a recording contract with EKB Records, a Ghanaian record label, and released her debut album, One Logologo Line, a mix of various styles of urban music.
Nnaji in 2008, launched a clothing line, “St. Genevieve”, which donates its proceeds to charity. In May 2010 she was appointed as the official “Face of MUD” in Nigeria. She won the Best Actress at the inaugural AMAA and was voted as the official face of Lux beauty soap for sub-Saharan Africa in 2004.
She appeared in Maria Claire Magazine alongside Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in an article The Most Beautiful Woman in Your World, in which she emerged fourth. She was the first woman to host The Gulder Ultimate Search and also the first host of “Gulder Ultimate Search–Celebrity Showdown.” Gene as she is fondly called by her friends and colleagues loves Angelina Jolie for her humanitarian work.
Genny has been dubbed the ‘Julia Roberts of Africa’ by Oprah Winfrey and Cable News Network (CNN), and at the peak of her career, she ranked #19 in Forbes “40 Most Powerful Celebrities In Africa”


Monday, September 10, 2012


Victoria Beckham couldn’t stop the tears as she took a bow after her accomplished catwalk show at New York fashion week.

I’m not a crier!” she apologised backstage, while a beaming David Beckham stood nearby, holding baby Harper while the models queued to take his picture. “It was just such an emotional collection for me.” It was also her best yet. 
After eight years building a small dress collection into an internationally significant brand, Victoria Beckham has a self-confidence that allowed her to move the signature aesthetic sharply on. There were flat shoes (conceived with the help of Manolo Blahnik , no less). There were men’s shoes! Hell, there was even trousers! But most of all, there was a sense of quiet assurance. 
“Everything that was important to me when I started out is still important,” she explained. “I always design what I want to wear - but I wanted to design more than just another dress. It was about taking my aesthetic and applying it to separates.” 
Citing long periods traveling on work trips to China as an inspiration, the collection introduced new ideas of versatility and ease. Silk, canvas and leather were worked together – “texture was a real focus” – into knee-length dresses, sometimes spliced with mesh panels. Victoria herself was wearing one of these black dresses, cut to mid-thigh, banded with lace and ruffled at the hem.
Lingerie detailing was also a feature: bras with sportswear banding peeped from beneath most dresses or were worn alone under a jacket. 
But more significantly, the collection introduced a new kind of tailoring: sharply-cut silk and crepe jackets, worn over slick, slim trousers or long, fluid skirts.
“I am so proud of them!” Victoria said, wiping away more tears. “I am particular about shoulders and fit, which is why I’ve waited to design those. Now I can’t wait to wear them.” 
And what did David think? “Just brilliant!” Harper only smiled.



Since her secret wedding to her handsome husband Kenny Rodriguez that was held over three months ago, Uche Jombo made her first public appearance with her hubby last weekend in New York where they both were present for the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA).
Thereafter, she has made another appearance, this time, at one of the beaches in New York.
Uche Jombo and her husband plan to stay here in the United States for quite a while before she will travel back to Nigeria and resume regular movie work. But for now, the honeymoon may not have been over yet and the love birds need a bit more private time.

#yea honeymoon ain't


The Chairman, Committee of Pro-chancellors of Nigeria, Dr. Wale Babalakin, has said that there is high cash flight of about N160bn from Nigeria to Ghana annually as the cost of university education of about 75,000 Nigerian students schooling in Ghana.

Babalakin stated that Nigerians also spend huge amounts for the education of their children or wards in other countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Malaysia.
He stated that Nigeria’s budget for education in 2011 was not up to N160bn indicating that Nigerians spent more in Ghanaian universities in 2011 than the Federal Government spent on education the same year.
Speaking during the first Leading Light award presentation of the University of Ilorin Alumni Association in Ilorin on Friday, Babalakin said 75,000 students is the size of about three Nigerian universities.
He also recalled that in 1975, four Nigerian universities were rated among the top 20 in Africa but today the leading university of the country is not within the best 10 in Africa.
Babalakin, who was the chaired the occasion, said university education in Nigeria was at a crossroad and called on intellectuals to fashion out strategies to overcome the challenges facing the sector.
He added that there was the need to grant universities more autonomy to enhance their operational efficiency. He also called on other stakeholders to complement government’s investments in education.
“Let us show that we love Nigeria. Let us reform education substantially. If we have educated society, most of the ills of the society will reduce dramatically. It has been shown that there is a direct relationship between the quality of education and the welfare of the society. If you create a well educated society, you end up creating a lovely society and you end up creating a society of great value” he said.
The guest lecture, Prof. Olufemi Durosaro said universities are under great pressure to ensure they operate on world-class standard.
Durosaro said it implies greater needs in the areas of funds, personnel and other facilities and urged stakeholders in education, particularly the alumni of institutions to find a way of intervening to help in the development of their alma mater.
He also said universities in Nigeria should strive to become centres of excellence in order to produce employable graduates who can think critically, reflectively, discern between doubts and dogma, facts and fallacies.



A first year student of Health Technology at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Miss Grace Ayetan (20), at the weekend narrated her ordeal with ritualists to The Nation in Benin, the Edo State capital.
Grace, who was accompanied by her father, Mr. James Ayetan said: “I boarded a bus from Ring-Road to school and there were other passengers in the vehicle. At Five Junction, the bus stopped and the conductor went down to pour water into the radiator. That is the last thing I remembered. We all fell asleep.
“When another passenger, a woman, woke us up later, the bus was in the bush.
“We started shouting, but the driver and the conductor brought out a gun and told us to be quiet.
“They took us to an underground house in the forest and put us into different rooms. They chained us and hung our bags around our necks. We went without food and water for days.
“After beheading a woman and her baby, a fight ensued between the ritualists over what to do with the rest of us. In the process, a bunch of keys fell from one of them.
“The fight drew the attention of the guards at the main entrance who took the parties into a room to settle the dispute.
“That gave one of us the opportunity to pick the keys and unlock the chains. That was how we escaped.”
Grace said a good Samaritan took them out of the forest and brought them to Benin.
She advised the public to be careful when boarding commercial vehicles. Mr. Ayetan urged security agents to curb the activities of ritualists.

#May God help us 


After a long wait for the friut of the womb, Nigeria’s first ever Olympic gold medalist, Chioma Ajunwa (MON) has put to bed a set of triplets. The 41 years old police officer was delivered of the bundles of joy, last week.

The triplets, two boys and a girl, are in a good state of health and so is Chioma.

Here is saying a hearty congratulations to the accomplished athlete and police woman who happens to be a Divisional Police Officer and her husband, Howell Chidera. 



Florida pizza shop owner Scott Van Duzer lifted President Barack Obama a solid foot off the ground in a bear hug during an unscripted stop at his Fort Pierce, Fla., store. Literally.
So what did the Secret Service think about Van Duzer — a registered Republican who says he'll vote for Obama in November — hoisting the president? "He said I was all right as long as I didn't take him away," Van Duzer told reporters.
Obama, wrapping up a two-day bus tour through Florida, dropped by the Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Restaurant for the kind of unannounced visit that breathes life into sometimes dreary campaign travel.
"Scott, what's going on, man," the president called as he arrived. "Let me tell you, you are like the biggest pizza shop owner I've ever seen."
"Everybody, look at these guns," Obama said as he chatted with Van Duzer, who is 6'3" and weighs 260 pounds. "If I eat your pizza will I look like that?"
"The two men laughed. They embraced. Van Duzer lifed Potus a good foot off the ground," according to the pool report filed by Politico's Reid Epstein (who is featured giving his best "gadzooks!" look on the far right in the picture below).
"Look at that!" Obama said upon his return to terra firma. "Man, are you a powerlifter or what?"
Well, yes. The pool report notes that Van Duzer later said he can bench press 350 pounds.
The pizza store he founded 16 years ago is the only place he's ever worked. And he has received commendations from the surgeon general's office for his work in encouraging blood donations. (Does he "encourage" with hugs?)
"I still wonder how he got these biceps," sad Obama. "But what we know is that the guy's just got a big heart along with big pecs. So we're very proud of him and we just want to say thank you for all the great work."
Van Duzer said he got 40-minutes' notice that the president was coming — and raced to his shop from the driving range. He told the pool that he is a "big political person" (Big. Yes.) and was "just overcome with excitement" — which led to the hug.
"I don't vote party line, I vote who I feel comfortable with, and I do feel extremely comfortable with him," said Van Duzer, who also voted for Obama in 2008.