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Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIARIES OF A NAIJA FEMALE CORPER........#corper Kofo!!!(Episode 3)

Halo dolls..yes i have been quiet for a while because my boss took some days off. butttttt a senior manager is around to oversee the affairs of the branch pending his return.

  Please give me a few minutes to describe this guy who is seating for him.....He is 6ft, a lil bit chubby ,dark ,,has dimples(yes i took note), assssiiinnnnn this guy is HOT!!!!!!!! ,......he's yoruba like me...his name is Goke....he doesn't look like he's gonna have trouble like my real boss(if you know what i mean).... well i will be attending the regional retail meeting with him today at the bank's regional office at about 4.30pm.....i know some of you are judging me in your heart already...yes i like man abi na woman i for like before mtshwwwwww....abegyyyyyyy,this my nysc na sontin else oh jare......ehen na, im living ma life like its golden!

   Its lunch time and ermmm i just received a lunch box from one of my this awuf must not run belle oh) meanwhile i de chop this food sha...(join me if  you can) ....oh pls don't judge me yet........Kofo is a GOOD GEH whether you like am or not ni ohhh.

 And yes Oga Goke just passed through the office kitchen and saw me eating this food....*smiles* and he smiled back too (mehn his smile is GOLDEN) yeaaaa my yoruba guys are fine jorrrrr and guess what this one is not married gannnnnnnn.....but i still and truly love my Yomi.....#dontdull. 
  hmmm can;t wait for 4.30pm , will gist you guys tomorrow about how the meeting went...for now,lemme enjoy my lunch.......byyyyyeee
 #Corper kofo tinz

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