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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Corper Kofo....episode 24

I finally resumed work after my Mr. Osita to have butterflies in his stomach on seeing me, and he went ;

Mr. Osita: Hey

Kofo: Good morning Sir

Mr Osita: you're strong now?

Kofo: yes sir

then he whispered " i missed you " i just smiled.about an hour later he rushed downstairs and asked the customer service lady to call me, that we had to go to central area to see a client  and I'm like for God's sake i just got here today ,can't he make do with any other retail banking staff???? Well i didn't have a choice, i left with him ,i had actually taught it was just a client we were going to see but it ended up being three clients, well it was a tough day at about 1.30pm we were on our way back to the office , when he suggested we stopped by at Grandsquare, i objected but he insisted, so we did stop by to get snacks, oooohhh trust me i love my ice cream to have a lil bit  of whisky flavour(for all of you who do Grandsquare ice cream,sure you would know what i am talking about) so on our way out i was so carried away by my ice cream( the sun was showing off that day) that i almost slipped off the stairs and oops Mr. Osita grabbed me immediately (yea he did grab me in the awkward places) i was a bit embarrassed but yea well it did save me from falling, two minutes later Yomi's call came in and he started ranting;

 'where are you? and why the hell is he grabbing you that way'?
Kofo: Yomi,good afternoon

Yomi: whats good about an afternoon when a man is grabbing you in the most awkward places?

 Kofo: what is your problem? so you have people monitoring my activities now? would you have prefered i fell?

Yomi: Yes ,its better you fall than that idiot grabbing you.

Kofo: Yomi you're taking this too far

Yomi: oh really? ok picture this, you seeing me grab a lady with one hand on her chest and the other slightly above her ass

Kofo: Yomi you are pathetic!

Yomi: and you  are stupid to think that i worry too much

Kofo: i shouldn't be having this discussion with you, good day!

Mr. Osita seeing how i have been shouting , came closer and asked if i was alright .....of course i said yes.
On getting into the car istarted suspecting  Mr. Osita's driver (micheal),otherwise who would have done this BS, this got me thinking all day like WTH is this .
 On getting home, big mummy was waiting for me,she was really pissed ( having spoken with Yomi i guess) and immediately i got in i greeted ,the response i got was unusual,so i understood what was happening, she started by asking when last i spoke with Yomi, i told her i did today, and she said how did your discussion go? i said bad.....and she goes;

Big mummy : why would you allow a man grab  you in such a manner

Kofo: for Christ sakes... i was about falling and he helped me, it could have been another man who did,  but Yomi is so vexed because its Mr. Osita

Big mummy: Kofo you have to be careful, in a space of one month you have gotten on that boy's nerves like hpow many times?

Kofo: Big mummy  i wasn't counting

Big Mummy: oloshi ni ye oooo, is it something to be proud of?

Kofo: mabinu ma(I'm sorry ma/don't be angry)

Big mummy: you should really be careful, because you will be done with your NYSC in less than two months and we would want to eat yam(like their is no yam in the house to eat)

Kofo: yes ma.

........corper kofo continues....
A big thank you to all those who sent me mails yesterday , you all made my birthday wonderful, may you all have cause to celebrate in your lives.