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Monday, October 8, 2012

CORPER KOFO (Episode 10)

I left the office at about 7pm and was there at 7:30pm , of course with Chioma ,Tobi met us there with a police man dressed casual. Myself and Chioma made ourselves comfortable , then a young lady approached me and asked if i was Miss Kofo Daniels,i said yes ,so she asked me to follow her, she took me to the VIP section ....with Chioma (my handbag for the evening) ,she offered us wine ,Chioma asked for red wine, i told her to just give me a glass of juice (i needed to be in my right senses for the evening) at the mention of juice ,Chioma started laughing,i just wondered what was funny (this omo igbo sef can fit to vex person atimes) well in about 5minutes time i started getting nervous, because i don't know why whoever the guy was should keep me KOFO DANIELS waiting .....emi oraye nonsense mehn(i don't have time for nonsense mehn)....10 minutes later my fears were confirmed ,i saw a tall guy ,chocolate in complexion, expensively dressed ,he was soooooo on point like he was standing on a needle ....waoh, i perceived the fragrance of his perfume from afar ,,,,,, and when i looked closely it was my BDM!!! I ALMOST FAINTED !!!!why in God's name is this man doing this?????? he came to meet myself and Chioma....(he was all smiles,now Chioma almost fell off her chair,we were both short of words and couldn't even say hi') he sat and was like hi girls...we managed to say hi Kofo Chioma is your police, i smiled.... well she offered to come along because i was a lil bit nervous....... he replied my dear Kofo you are still nervous.....myself and Chioma smiled again, he called on the waitress and she took our order....
We had alot to eat and tried to keep the conversation clean (probably because Chioma was there) ....Tobi was having a glass of wine on a different table like she wasn't there with us....LOL
now it was time to leave ,he got a cab for Chioma(i got nervous again) Kofo you're still nervous....he said,ah,,,,,no sir I'm not, so ,can i take you home ermmmm sir ,i will go with my friend,which friend he asked, that's her over there(i pointed to Tobi) he started laughing at me seriously(what was i supposed to do , these days that people get missing mysteriously)so you brought a full squad with  you,he said........KOFO: not really,just playing safe...BDM: kofo dear, i like you a lot ,i won't ever think of harming you,KOFO: THANK YOU!!!(yimu***) so can i at least have a hug and probably a kiss(he winked at me)KOFO: HUG? YES....kiss no!!!BDM: C'MON stop acting like a i gave him a 180 degrees hug(side hug), he said* whats that about*he turned and hugged me fully (360 degrees......yay!!!!)....and planted a kiss on my forehead..... (Tobi was already disgusted ,could see her from afar) so he said i will leave after you girls and at least drive behind you a little bit, i said thanks,i beckoned on Tobi to come lets leave,she came with her policeman and we all left......Now today is monday i am at work now and have been trying to avoid him, Chioma has been smiling(whats funny na,Chioma behave yourself)....I don't really know where this is heading , and the man is not even shy about the fact that Chioma is now aware of the whole isssshhhh........Don't you all think i ,KOFO DANIELS need a new place of primary assignment???????

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  1. LWKMD....Kofo you had better start looking for another place of primary assignment.....this your BDM is a crazy dude......