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Thursday, October 11, 2012

CORPER KOFO (Episode 11)

I'm so not myself anymore...not like I'm in love with my boss but I'm not just comfortable with him feeling all 'I'm in love with this girl thingy'....everything i do at work is right ,just because he wants to have his way with me and i still do not feel good with this ,apart from the fact that so many of the branch staff have different opinion about me "KOFO DANIELS" i am not learning what others are learning....even when i make terrible mistakes he doesn't yell at me like he does to others......*did i hear you say 'that's bad' oh its worse than you can imagine*.
   About an hour ago i got alert on my phone from the bank that a sum of N100,000 has just been paid into my account but the name of the person who paid it in was 'Peter Richards'  well this is quite strange as i don't know anyone who bears that name...i wasn't comfortable with this and decided to call Tobi if she paid any money into my staff salary account...She said NO...and i'm like who could have done this????? My boyfriend YOMI doesn't even have my salary account number neither does my parents....i was still wondering who 'PETER RICHARDS' is when i got an sms from my boss which reads;

        'My dear Kofo please  make do with the N100,000 for the weekend, i was planning to take you out but i have to be in Lagos this weekend and as such won't be able to make it........cheers'

Now i sank into my chair and was actually sweating.....whats with all these pranks?did i beg him for money? what makes him feel i would have loved him to take me out during the weekend? and the questions i asked my myself was Chioma she noticed something was wrong with and she immediately asked ....Kofo sup, why are you looking depressed? i told her everything(ehen whats there to hide after all she has seen the other day ) she laughed so hard that it got me upset .....

KOFO: so Chioma whats funny?

  CHIOMA; U!!! you are so wa to you oh, biko withdraw the N100,000 and give me since you are allergic to good things...whats your problem Kofo ???? spend this money wise!!! after all you didn't ask for it.

KOFO: Chioma awuf de run belle oh.... i don't like this kind of thing, i have a boyfriend that i love so much,i need to focus on my relationship not on some boss forming 'lover man'

CHIOMA: Kofo, are you the only one in a serious relationship? relax and spend this cash ,infact buy recharge card and call your boyfriend....lwkmd!!! Kofo you are such a kid.

So this man actually went to another branch to pay in this money with a different name??? Now i don't know if i am to say thank you for some cash i did not beg for.........A few minutes later he got back and was smiling at me ,i tried my best to avoid him....he sent another sms;

Why are you giving me attitude ? did i do something wrong?

This time i had to reply;

No sir . Thanks i got the alert.

Now ,i have to go and see Tobi briefly so as to to discuss this over lunch......I'm fed up,this wasn't the service year i looked forward to...........


  1. b smal thng oo. Corper palaver,na so e dey b bt don't sweat it Kofo,d service year ll soon b ova b4 d yeye man realises it. Kip giving him d attitude gal and if d money is to get u to bed?throw it rite on his face,U re nt a prostitute.let d cow give it to his wife if he dares..mtcheeew!!!

  2. Foolish man,all dese men think corpers ɑ̤̥̈̊яє̲̣̥ easy.but anyways if ur spending his money without giving him what he wants get ready 2take shit from him cos dis same man showing nice attitude will start humiliating Ʋ in dat same office.