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Friday, May 23, 2014

Traditional marriage withheld?????- Episode 11- Asabe

Madam Lydia was very much involved with  preparations for Asabe’s traditional wedding, she was all over the place organizing asoebi , everyone was surprised but happy about her change of attitude , Mr. Dan knowing his wife so well knew there was more to this her ‘happy and caring mother attitude’, he called Asabe privately and told her to be careful with Lydia;

Asabe: Oh yes daddy, thank you so much, I personally feel she’s up to something too, all my life I have never seen her this kind , I am more comfortable with the real her than all these acts she’s putting up.
Mr. Dan: I advise you tell Dotun to also be careful about her antics, I married this woman, and I know when she’s up to something; the problem now is that she’s playing it so nicely that one can hardly tell what her next move would be.
Asabe: Dotun was even telling me she was at the Otunbas and was telling Oloori that  she shouldn’t hesitate to let her know if she needs her help, now my question is we have a lot to do here why would she go over there asking for more things to do?
Mr Dan: (smiles) my dear daughter, just be prayerful, God will see us through this, remember to be careful in all your dealings with her.
Asabe: Yes daddy I definitely would.

Ladidi and Laraba got back from the fashion designer making their attires and were over the moon as the guy did a nice job, they rushed upstairs to show Asabe, Junior wasn’t exempted as Mr Dan got his personal fashion designer to do make a nice traditional attire for him, the atmosphere in the house was amazing.
It was four days to the traditional wedding when Dotun went to le Posh to get his shoes and decided to stop by at the gas station at around 8pm to fill his tank and  just as he was leaving the gas station about two blocks away ,some men double crossed him and kidnapped him, the abductors only called his family demanding for N50 million after four hours , Otunba was unsettled as he couldn’t understand why his political opponents would want to get at him in this manner,
Otunba: Yes I am a politician, but I don’t play dirty, it’s a game, someone must lose for the other to win, why plays with someone’s family.
Oloori( Otunba’s wife) : ( Crying and pleading with her husband) Please give them the N50 million naira, our son’s life is more than that to me, Please I beg you my dear husband.
Otunba: Woman! Please allow me think. (Turns to Mr. Dan) Dan please let me see you.
They moved aside to discuss.
Otunba: Dan you and I have been friends for a long time, sincerely I feel this act wasn’t committed by my opponents, just said that because my wife was there, you know how women react, I have a feeling that an insider is responsible, I suspect someone from my family.
Mr. Dan: Who could that be?
Otunba: I suspect my cousin Olushola , the young man is capable of all sorts, he recently asked me for money and I told him I wasn’t going to give him, since I gave him N5 million not quite long and he squandered it on women, he left my office threatening me. I think I should let the police know this
Mr. Dan:  I understand how you feel Otunba, but let’s be careful about how fast we suspect anyone, I know Olushola very well, I know he would do anything for money, but I beg you to be careful about issues like this especially when it involves family. I already contacted the commissioner of police, he has promised to do everything in his power to make sure Dotun is back home alive and healthy, he also warned us not to let the kidnappers know that the police is involved, and advised we keep bargaining with them as he would be working with the telecoms company so as to trace the call and hence their location.
Otunba; Thank you very much Dan, you have done what a father would do.
Mr. Dan: Dotun is also my son, are you forgetting that he’s Asabe’s joy.
Otunba: I am so grateful Ore mi (my friend).

It was three days to the traditional wedding, Asabe fell ill with the news of her knight in shining armour kidnapped, Oloori was virtually sleeping with her phone by her side just in case the kidnappers call, she was looking pale and ofcourse very ill, Otunba had to call the doctors to attend to her, so he could focus on Dotun’s release.
At about 12noon the kidnappers called and were still insisting on N50 million, Otunba was asked by the Police commissioner to keep the conversation going to enable them trace the call with the help of the Ziba telecom expert (Andy) who was working with them on the matter. Otunba kept on bargaining;
Otunba: Please I have only N30 million, please take it and release my son
Kidnappers: (In a husky voice) Oga, we won’t take anything less than N40 million, if you are ready to have you son, bring N40 million in cash, remember not to involve the police or else we would kill your son.
Otunba: Okay I would not involve the police, please don’t kill him, I would give you N40 million, how do I get the money across to you?
Kidnappers: I will forward an address to your phone, do not come with anyone, if you try anything funny, we would kill your son, I repeat, we would kill your son!
(Drops the call)
Otunba: (in a distressed voice) Andy were you able to locate them?
Andy: Yes Sir! They are in a neighbouring town, very close to Okekere hill, the building is about 50 metres from a major market.
Police commissioner (Mr Douglas): Good job Andy> I will get back to you.  He immediately mobilised his men to get to work.
In the evening of same day, Otunba got an sms from the kidnappers, they sent him the address where he should drop the money. The address is ‘No 6a Yellow sun street, off pepple way’. He immediately forwarded the sms to Mr Douglas who did same to his men.
There was no news as to any progress being made by the policemen that day. Asabe’s condition wasn’t getting any better, her dad kept on encouraging her that Dotun would be found and that the wedding will still hold as scheduled.
Two days to the Traditional wedding, Oloori advised that the date should be changed and communicated to invitees, but Otunba insisted that the wedding date mustn’t be changed as he was hopeful.
Mr Douglas called Otunba at about 4pm to tell him that his men have been able to locate the house where these wicked men held Dotun, and advised Otunba not to discuss this with anyone, not even his wife. He acted as instructed.
Mr Douglas made use of his best men as he couldn't afford to fail Otunba after all the favours he’s gotten from him during his tenure as the state governor, he felt it was an opportunity to say thank you.
A day to the traditional wedding, no one heard anything from either Mr Douglas or his men, Otunba tried reaching him all day but to no avail, It was 2pm nothing was heard, Otunba was restless, he was walking around the house and talking to himself, it’s been a difficult period for himself and his family, whenever Oloori asked if there was progress he would say yes just to keep her stable.
It was 6.30pm , Otunba had refused to take anything as he was yet to hear anything from Mr. Douglas, he just kept praying , at this point Oloori went to stay in Dotun’s room and kept on crying and praying “ God you would not let my enemies ask me – Oloori where is the God you serve?’
Otunba kept trying Mr. Douglas and couldn't reach him until at about 9pm when he picked and broke the news to Otunba>….

Once has he spoken, twice have I heard this: Power belongs to God.                                                  – Psalm 62:11


  1. Why d suspense nau. Nice job

  2. I taya for all these suspense sha. i hope they find this Dotun, Not sure Asabe can take any negative news at this stage........

  3. Hmmmmmmm! My heart is pounding o! ... the story line is good...

  4. Warn yourself o! This suspense isn't friendly to my nomenclature. Nice job dear, makes for entertaining reading. I shall patiently wait, or else I'll crack your head and read up the concluding part.laffs. Keep it up!

  5. Warn yourself o! This suspense isn't friendly to my nomenclature. Nice job dear, makes for entertaining reading. I shall patiently wait, or else I'll crack your head and read up the concluding part.laffs. Keep it up!