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Monday, September 29, 2014

ASABE- Episode 16-------( Final episode)

Madam Lydia after apologising knew very well that Dotun was yet to get over all she did to him and Asabe, well in her heart  she hoped that time would heal all these,  she figured out a way to appease him, she drove to Madam Xclusive Fashion store to arrange for Asabe ‘s traditional wedding beads, from there she went to ‘heels & wedges’ to get her shoes, she was all over the place trying to put things in order Mr. Dan was surprised at the sudden turn around but was excited to finally have a family where love and peace abound.

Asabe: Daddy , mummy has made arrangements for virtually every thing
Mr. Dan: Yea! Isn’t amazing?
Asabe:  yea well I had love to agree with you on that but………
Mr. Dan: Oh Please! Asabe cut the woman some slack! She’s trying to turn a new leaf, all she needs now is our encouragement ….so relax! Moreover it’s a new beginning for yourself and Dotun….let’s celebrate
Asabe: I understand dad…….but you know what they say ‘Once beaten………’! and even the bible said we should be wise as a serpent……
Mr. Dan: …..But gentle as dove ,My daughter I understand your fears, please try and forgive her totally , you can’t afford to enter into a new life with grudges, moreover it is not profitable allowing someone occupy a space in your head  without paying rent(Asabe laughed hard upon hearing her dad say this)
After getting all Asabe needed for the traditional wedding, Madam Lydia went ahead to order a VERA WANG wedding dress for Asabe, it came as  package delivered to their house address but had Asabe’s name on it as the recipient, she couldn’t believe her eyes, she ran upstairs immediately to thank her dad,because for all she could imagine, that’s the only person who could have done this,
Asabe: Daddy…you are so sweet, (hugs her dad)
Mr. Dan: ( still looking surprised) what did I do this time or do you need some money?
Asabe: LOL….. daddy why are you acting like you don’t know what I am thanking you for?
Mr. Dan: I seriously don’t know……
Asabe: Really???? Ok lets go downstairs…( they both went downstairs and Asabe with the help of Ladidi brought out the wedding dress…….Ladidi  out of excitement couldn’t allow Asabe talk…she goes….”Daddy it’s VERA WANGGGGGGG!!!!!”
Mr. Dan: OOOHHHH This is beautiful..but I seriously don’t know anything about this…..its not from me, maybe you should ask Dotun…he might be the one trying to surprise you.
Asabe: but we are yet to discuss on how to get the wedding gown
Mr. Dan: ASABEEEEE!!!! He’s a man…he’s not gonna discuss everything with you, especially when he wants to surprise the love of his life…
Ladidi: I think daddy has a point….you should call him.
Asabe immediately put a call through to Dotun:
Asabe: Hi bae
Dotun: sup
Asabe: I’m good.  Thank you so much…..the wedding gown was delivered to  the house some minutes ago, baby you didn’t need to go that far…a VERA WANG wedding dress is quite expensive…….
Dotun: I’m lost here
Asabe: stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about…meanwhile muaahhhhhh….you are the best thing that has happened since sliced bread
Dotun: LOL……Ok slow down….. I am not the one who sent you a wedding dress, in fact I was about calling you to discuss on how you had like yours to be so I can place an order immediately, sister Cece would be travelling tomorrow
Asabe: Now this isn’t funny, a VERA WANG wedding gown was delivered to the house with my name on it as the recipient, my size exactly!
Asabe was still on the phone with Dotun when Madam Lydia arrived from her Political Party meeting ( women wing), she saw the confusion on their faces and just walked away smiling at her husband , Mr. Dan couldn’t understand why she was smiling, but Ladidi immediately approached her mum saying:
Ladidi: Mum what are you up to smiling mischievously?
Madam Lydia: Nothing darling>>>>>
Ladidi didn’t give up, she went ahead and asked her mum: Mum are you behind the wedding gown delivered to Asabe about an hour ago?
Madam Lydia: Do you think I can be that sweet?
Ladidi: OOOH C;mon mum, you are sweeter than that,
Madam Lydia bent over and kissed Asabe on her cheeks and whispered into her ears…” Yes my dear daughter I ordered for the wedding gown”  Ladidi screamed ….Yes!!! Thanks mum….Asabe mummy did…..Asabe couldn’t believe her ears, she was so surprised and happy that she got emotional and started crying…. Madam Lydia wiped away her tears of joy with her well manicured fingers and said….

“ For all I have done in the past to break your heart- I say please forgive me…I was just been petty and immature, From this day forward I shall be to you the best mother you could ever pray for, I will treat you the way a mother should treat her daughter, Asabe,  I love you and I am ready to support you all the way as you start this new phase of your life, you are to me a first daughter Laraba is officially my second daughter, Please take me as your mum and help me plead with Dotun to see me in the same light, I wish you a happy married life”

They were both in tears….but for Mr. Dan who said….its okay…stop crying you two, today is a happy day, Ladidi get me a bottle of moet, in situations like this something needs to be popped.
Ladidi hurriedly brought the moet and four wine glasses… Mr. Dan toasted to better days ahead……so as one big family preparations for Asabe’s tradional wedding took off in top gear
Asabe immediately informed Dotun that it was Madam Lydia who bought the wedding gown, Dotun was very much surprised as he couldn’t believe she could do a good deed like that.
Two hours, madam Lydia was shocked to see Dotun’s missed call, she immediately called back:
Madam Lydia: Hello
Dotun: Hello Mummy( that’s like for the first time ever)
Madam Lydia: ( with a big grin) Hello Dear , how are you doing and how are preparations going?
Dotun: very well ma, thanks so much, Asabe informed me you got her not just a wedding gown but a VERA WANGS’
Madam Lydia: It’s a pleasure my dear, she’s my daughter and deserves the best!
Dotun : I really appreciate this Ma, God bless you
Madam Lydia was so thrilled by the call, she told her husband about it.
Asabe’s traditional  and Church wedding took place three weeks after , and the coupled relocated to Atlanta a week afterwards.
One year later, Asabe had her first baby….a baby boy, Madam Lydia and Mr. Dan are currently preparing to go Atlanta…..

………………Asabe and Dotun lived happily ever after (not like in Nollywoods ooo).

-For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.----Jer 29:11

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  1. I like the story..I'm happy I read it when all d episodes were .good work. .first time I'm opening this blog but I like it. .