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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Grass on the other side!

As early as 5am the usually Lagos rain started, I remained determined  to go for 6am mass so as to come back in good time to sleep ,because I had danced so much at a friend’s wedding the day before that I couldn’t feel my legs. I got up and prepared for church, little did I know that the rain was also determined, if not more determined than myself! At about 5:45am the rain gathered more momentum and started falling like it was in a competition with some other rain in maybe Ogun or Oyo state, at this point I knew my aim of waking up so early had been defeated.I resolved to go for 8am mass……it wasn’t possible because it was still raining cats and dogs at the time……………….I finally made up my mind to start sleeping and go for 6pm mass which some folks regard as mass for the lazy, but I call it mass for the strategic at heart!( Yea, you’re entitled to your opinion).

I was up by 11:35am and so I decided to start making the popular Sunday lunch- White rice and stew( oh please !it’s a tradition in many Nigerian homes)- the stew had a lot of beef and pomo, hmm I never used to eat pomo until I came to Lagos( Jeezzzz I missed a lot for years, whaaattttttt! little did I know that pomo was this inspirational, now I’m trying to eat up for the years I didn’t)I was done by 1pm and decided to watch a movie I got from a friend as I had my lunch, title of the movie is –I’M IN LOVE WITH A CHURCH GIRL.Hmm this Ja-rule is Doro cute sha, very nice movie!( don’t know if it’s old or new….I sha liked it).
5:30pm I got up and went to church, I was able to make it to the church before 6pm, while I sat down and waited for mass to begin, there were these two women who seemed to belong to the same unit in the church, they sat  about two rows  before me, I heard them arguing, they had an event coming up in church  and had to wear uniform( asoebi) for the event, Lady A was amongst the first set of people who bought the uniform, as at the time Lady B got hers the first batch of the uniform had finished and so she got something different since the man who supplied the first uniform couldn’t lay his hands on them in the market again, Lady B preferred what Lady A had and wished she had bought earlier, she didn’t like hers at all and was only going to wear it because it’s a church event.(her words)
I looked at both wrappers carefully and I fell in love with what Lady B thinks is ugly, the colour, the design, one word describes this Ankara- BEAUTIFUL! In my heart I said to myself….what a world! She’s there very unhappy about her wrapper, she hasn’t even taken a good look at this wrapper, she’s envious of another’s Ankara,she doesn’t have an idea that hers isn’t just more beautiful but of a higher quality. She left before the 6pm mass began because she attended mass earlier and just came to church that evening to collect her asoebi. I don’t belong to her unit in church, else I would have gotten that Ankara and make a jacket out of it.( in my heart I don already imagine how the cloth go siddon for my body)
Most of us are like Lady B, we don’t have the time to appreciate what we have, we don’t have an idea of how beautiful ours is, we keep looking at the grass on the other side,oh how green…want mine to be like that!....Oh no! yours is better , take some 10 minutes to look at what you have and be grateful, be contented!  Someone somewhere is envious of it and wants to have it (just like I sat behind and wished I could get a copy of Lady B’s Ankara)

 #Contentment. Are you contented? Contentment is the keyword here! Have a pleasant day people!

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