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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Iyaoloja is around- ASABE Episode 15

Hello Everyone! First of all i apologise for being absent for a little while! The winner of the giveaway for the last episode is  OLORUNFEMI RUTH MODUPE.

Now the story proper;

Nobody could convince Dotun ,his heart was hardened about his decision. Otunba and Oloori were confused, they had tried all means possible but to no avail, they had even asked Asabe to come beg her husband herself but Dotun didn’t listen to her all he said was; You can choose between having a wedding or not.
Personally Otunba would have cancelled the big celebration and make do with a small celebration, but for the invites already sent to high profile politicians and some other big wigs,he couldn’t afford to get himself looking like some indecisive folk,he stood at the balcony wondering what could be done to get this sorted out before the big day, when Oloori announced that Iya Oloja( Otunba’s mum) was around , the old woman travelled all the way to attend her first grandson’s wedding( Yoruba peeps love to party sha) Otunba was elated as he knew very well that Dotun listens to Iya Oloja, he hurriedly went downstairs to welcome his mother and immediately excused her from his domestic workers who were trying to exchange pleasantries with the elderly but fun woman.
Otunba: Iya mi( my mother) you are welcome
Iya Oloja: My son, you look worried, what’s the matter?
Otunba: It’s Dotun!
Iya Oloja: I hope he’s fine?
Otunba: Yes mami he’s fine, it’s about his wedding.
Iya Oloja: aaah, don’t worry I am here to contribute my quota to ensure it’s a success…..i will dance like I used to do those days when women were girls……..... wo (look) tell Oloori to get ready oh, she can’t compete with Lagos swagger!
Otunba: (smiles) mami …swagger ke?it’s not in that context.( he narrated all that Lydia did to Dotun)  and at the moment Dotun is insisting that Lydia would not stand in as Asabe’s mother, else there would be no wedding.
Iya Oloja: I can understand what Dotun is going through emotionally, anyone in his shoes would be angry, he’s been through a lot,so it’s difficult to call someone who wanted you dead your mother-in-law. Well I will talk to him and hope he has a change of mind thereafter.
Otunba: Virtually everyone has spoken to him, yet he’s not making up his mind about accepting his mother-in-law’s apology
Iya Oloja: Oh please, you would do the same thing as a young man, I am your mother and I can tell where Dotun got this attitude from.
Otunba: aaahh Mami…..don’t say that.
Iya Oloja: je kin gbo oro ojare( let me hear word ojare). Call my grandson for me and tell Oloori to make sure my pounded yam and efo riro is ready before I’m done talking to Dotun
Otunba: Yes Ma!
Few minutes later Dotun drove in with his friend Ahmed and as soon as he got into the house, he was told by his mum that Iya Oloja is around, he seemed so excited that his aging granny could make it down just for his wedding, he ran upstairs to see her.
Dotun: aahhh Mami….welcome ma
Iya Oloja: oshe Omo mi. How’s the preparation going?
Dotun: Very well, except for Daddy and Mummy who are trying to get on my last nerve. You know Lydia…Mr. Dan’s wife?
Iya Oloja: yes ke! I do
( Dotun told Iya Oloja his tale and Iya Oloja in her wisdom listened like she hasn’t heard the same tale from Otunba)
Dotun: After all these Mami, all I am asking is that she doesn’t stand as Asabe’s mother!
Iya Oloja:Well you have spoken well my son….and no one can blame you for acting the way you’re acting…it is expected after all you have been through.
Dotun: Thank you Ma!
Iya Oloja: Do you really love Asabe?
Dotun: Yes ma I do.
Iya Oloja: What type of memories would you and Asabe want to have about this wedding? What stories do you want to tell your unborn children? That you denied their mother the joy of having a mother by her side on her wedding day not minding the fact that she lost her biological mother at a tender age?                                                                             
Dotun: Hmm, only you can make me change my mind and you know it! Well she can come.( hugs Iya Oloja)
Iya Oloja: ehen! That’s more like it!.... and please don’t give her attitude, treat her like you would your own mother
Dotun: That’s a difficult one Mami…..
Iya Oloja: I know, but please try.
They both didn’t know that Otunba was eavesdropping, as soon as they concluded, Otunba went to his wife and said:
Otunba: You won’t believe it!
Oloori: Kilode( what happened)?
Otunba: It didn’t take Iyaami 20 minutes to convince Dotun!
Oloori: yaay! Thank God, atleast we can go ahead with the preparation without worries.
Otunba: yea, but act like you don’t know about this development yet, I eavesdropped while they talked!
Oloori: hmmm, daddyyyyy!…….you still haven’t given up this habit!
Otunba: oh please! Shut up! Meanwhile is Mami’s food ready?

Oloori: Almost,…

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.-Romans 15: 13

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  1. Thank God i've been waiting since all these days. Post the next episode very soon