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Monday, September 3, 2012


Its Monday morning ,got to work 7.00am(well i'm used to waking up early..courtesy Lagos traffic),we had our usual branch meeting  and afterward work began .....At 8am my boss called on me to attend a meeting on his behalf with a client and that i can make do with his car(this is something he doesn't do,give his car to a junior staff,ok sorry me sef na Ajuwaya,i never reach Staff) ,when some colleagues saw me going out with the BDM'S car,the looks on their faces said a  whole lot(e concern me?na dem sabi) .Well I'm back to the office,the meeting went well,the client is going to be fixing a sum of 50 million in our branch(fixed deposit). On my way upstairs ,i almost collided with my boss coming downstairs,didn't know he was coming down(at this moment my heart was beating very fast and i guess his too was doing same,the look on his face said a  lot....) so i quickly apologized, and he asked to know how the meeting went, i told him it was great  and briefed him about it.
   After a few minutes i got a mail on my phone(the phone is actually an iphone that was bought by my sweet Yomi on  my last birthday ) telling me the following day was my BDM's birthday(huh?)...and that their will be a dinner to that effect after working hours tomorrow..just as i was thinking of a reason not to attend that dinner i noticed the first floor was empty,everyone had gone out for marketing, Yomi's call came in.....awwww (i had to comport myself,Yomi knows me too well)so he went all sweet on how he has missed me and finally told me he was coming to Abuja for a meeting the following day.....(same day as my bosses birthday....wahala wa oh)i just smiled and told him "i can't wait to see you baby", when i was done with the call ,i felt someone was standing right behind me and as i turned back to see who it was, i saw my BDM standing too close for comfort..Just as i was about saying 'oh sorry sir' he gave me a kiss on my forehead asked if i got the mail about his birthday (at this time i was yet to recover from  the shocking kiss) .......i finally mumbled a yes and the he said"hope to see you there and please look HOT for me(he said this winking at me) i just stood there in shock(hmm ele da mi oh).....Now me a lagos geh is confused on what to do....Yomi won't take any excuse from me(please note Yomi is beyond a bf to me,he has actually met my parents).........omg!!!i am actually sweating under this AC....yay mogbe!!!!

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