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Monday, September 3, 2012

Funke Akindele turns s good samaritan:saves an orange seller

I heard one gist over the weekend that Funke Akindele, beloved for her classical movie acts also turned a good samaritan offering support where it was needed in a timely manner. The narrative of what happned goes as this:
Funke Akindele was going to location when she stopped by a Mobil filling station to full her tank. When she was done filling up and about going out of the filling station, she saw some member’s of street cops arresting a walking orange seller. Upon seeing that, the star actress jumped out of her car and ran to the rescue of the orange seller. People living around the area witnessing what was happening were so surprised to see Funke and began murmuring whether it was JENIFA or not???
Funke then stood firm for the orange seller, arguing that nobody is pleased to be selling oranges under the sun, if not for situations, and that confiscating the oranges from the poor seller will only add up to her woes since it’s the only source of income she probably has. After making the strong arguments, it was all silent for a while after which the cops allowed the orange seller to go free and Funke dolled out some cash to the cops as an appreciation for their leniency.  Funke was compassionate and her gesture well appreciated

   awww....Jennifer that was nice of you to do sha.......eku ishe oooohhhh

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