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Friday, October 5, 2012

CORPER KOFO (Episode 9)

its a Friday morning , and the banking hall is packed full with customers, my intercom rang , i was told i had a delivery which was later brought upstairs,in it was a gold wristwatch, a rose flower and an IV to a dinner in Hilton ,attached was a note that read 'hello gorgeous,i am your admirer,not to worry you'll know me when you get there, please bring a police man along if you are scared,lol, please don't keep a gentle man waiting ,its 7:30pm darling....see you there'
  At this point my guesses went wild, i was suspecting a guy on my street who won't allow me hear word,but the point is that guy is far from being gentle.hmm ,now my BUSY BODY Chioma is all nosy,she wants to know  sup with the parcel ,well i told her and she wants to tag along, i just smiled, i immediately called tobi who promised to provide a policeman who will just be in the background and she will be there herself(hmm my ever loving Tobi), i told Chioma ,she can't go that its a dinner for two, but she pleaded that she doesn't have anywhere to go hang out this evening(see me see omo ibo oh,must you hang out on a Friday ???) Ok , I finally agreed ,'Chioma you can come,but na wa for you sha' .

The BDM stepped out and saw the parcel on my table and didn't utter a word,well i am not suspecting the mumu....... Chioma started telling me what to wear this evening and i'm like 'Chioma!!! i don't even know this guy ,so whats the looking HOT thingy???? oh pls... she insisted,' babes you know na ,but you just have to look very hot sha ,i have told you#dontdull' hehehehehehe this girl is crazier than i ever imagined though, LWKMDH.... ok lets see how this evening goes .......well the BDM is just in a funny mood today,I'm so glad he doesn't have my i didn't reply that his useless sms. hmm who could this be, i have ran out of guess though...will gist you all later about this Mr no name>>>LOL

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