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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CORPER KOFO (Episode 8)

I spoke with Tobi, who said if the BDM insists i should drug him to sleep wherever he takes me to and leave, and i'm like wow!!! that is risky Tobi what if he dies?what if something goes wrong with him? i told her im not going to do that,i don't have the nerves to.
its a Tuesday morning after the independence, a lady is sitting  upstairs waiting for the BDM,she is 6ft tall, light skinned, gorgeous ,wearing a TM lewin purple shirt on a black short skirt(yes....very short to show off her nice legs) .hmmm, the purple shirt actually flattered her light skin,the BDM came out  to introduce her to us all ,her name is Chioma,she is a new staff (now deep within me,i am very happy ,just hoping that oga BDM will now direct his attention to her, i kinda felt light in my spirit),now BDM called out"KOFO please put her through ,as she will also be part of retail banking unit."
We exchanged pleasantries and i tried showing her a whole lot, while trying to pack my things to go out now for marketing i caught my BDM staring foolishly at her and then our eyes met and he gave me a cheeky grin.....oophs whats my own ,as a matter of fact this idiot doesn't know i am glad he is distracted...*oloshi*

I was just going down the stair case when he called Chioma back  and told her he would like to go out with her so as to introduce her to some customers, Chioma replied saying *Sir, that's what Kofo is going to do*..... he replied ....ermmmm okay but you should come back early as i still have to show you some...ok sir Chioma replied ....

What in God's name is this man up to????? anyway i hope he concentrates on her  and leave me the hell alone..mtschwwwwwwww

I just got to the car and got an sms from him saying * girl you look irresistible,gosh i got hard at the sight of you this morning*sup you still have not answered me.....(now i am dumbfounded) calling Tobi faaaassssstttt!!!!

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