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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Management of the University of Benin, on Wednesday said it had handed over to the police 143 of its students for certificate forgery
Vice-Chancellor, of the institution, Prof. Osayuki Oshodin, said some of the students were arrested during the second semester examinations.
He said, “We arrested some persons who engaged in certificate racketeering and we are going to flush out any member of staff involved in these illegal activities.
“Some of the students involved in this fake admission, have been arrested and are with the police now. We cannot tolerate illegalities in this university and we appeal to parents to monitor their children to ensure that they are not involved in such a vice.”
#May God help us in Nigeria,ok he said some of the students got fake admission,who gave them the fake admission????? i am just curious oh.....i don't think the students are alone in this!!!
 Your opinions please.....

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