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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CORPER KOFO (Episode 12)

Errrrmmm(clears throat) ....yes he's back from his trip, the N100,000 is still in my account(but i can spend it if i like....ehen i didn't send him message...yes o i don de get some kain liver)....He returned on Monday ,i have been trying to comport myself, i have contacted a lady in NYSC who has promised to get me a place when i am ready because from the look of things i might have to leave this bank to any available place to complete my service year.
   He's been all  quiet  though,but sent me an sms

'hey,sup! got you a gift,its in the car ,when you are ready ,come get my keys so you can go and pick it up'

i have totally ignored the sms,i don't need his gift,my YOMI will be back from UK soon  and i know he will get me the finest things in the world(yes,i love my baby that's my baby).He sent a reminder this morning ,i still did not answer, so about an hour ago, he went to his car picked it and dropped it on my desk. Inside the parcel is a gold wristwatch,i am yet to say thank you to him(i did not beg him na)....i called Tobi to give her the whole gist and she's like

 'babes you won't leave there because of him the NYSC lady is not promising to get you a cool place ,she only assured you of a primary school in bwari(LWKMD)I hope you know where bwari is??? that's where the law school is located ,its out of town<i'm not sure you would love to go there'
Hmmm, now the thing is the man is beginning to wonder and at the same time get angry that i have not even bothered to say thank you for the expensive gold wristwatch...(he should have given it to his wife na,she would have said a better thank you mstchwwwww) i sure i want to go to bwari???? hmm ,how do i survive this deviil(BDM)????Chioma is been smiling all day ...she hasn't said a word...(silly girl) meanwhile she came to take a look at the parcel and has been happy like she's the recipient (ahhhh,this girl ehn),she only said "babes collect far as say you nor use your mouth request for anything"....hmm Chioma that's you know i have not touched the 100K yet????Chioma: na wa ooh, if you nor broke give me na,at least sow a seed in my life the Lord shall bless you abundantly....LOL>>>>> week is my birthday and i equally need money too....Chioma:ahhh does he know that?Kofo:why would i want to tell him,i have had enough trouble from him please?????....At this point i got another sms saying 'its either you don't like me or you don't like the wristwatch'   i simply replied 'thanks for the wristwatch sir'.He replied saying;

   BDM:  what are you doing this evening ?
  kOFO: I will be attending midweek service sir
  BDM: spare me this sir thing kofo, so how many hours is it gonna last?
(hmm,me i don't have units to be wasting that i am replying this man's sms oh)
KOFO: 2hrs and after wards i would love to go home straight!
BDM; relax Kofo,i have not asked you about where you would be going after wards
KOFO: so sorry , just felt i should let you know,
BDM: ok ,no problem, can i come take you home?
KOFO: My friend has offered to help 
BDM: Well ,tell her not to worry,i would take you back home...
KOFO: but sir, i already gave her my word
BDM: my dear Kofo,let's not argue over this....

Olorun ejo (God abeg) is it by force to take me home....OK lets see how it goes, ,because as far as I'm concerned  tobi will take me home in her car period!!!

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