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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Justin Bieber and his Adidas are about to do the illest things.

Just days after Sharon Osbourne publicly opined that Bieber's star is fading and his career will soon fizzle out, the 18-year-old has inked a lucrative deal to be the new face of Adidas.
The "Boyfriend" singer announced his latest endeavor on Tuesday morning. The two-year deal will team him up with the German sportswear company's Adidas NEO label. His official title is — get ready for this one — Global Style Icon. In addition to appearing in the company's ad campaigns, The Biebs will compile a list of his favorite Adidas products, which fans will be able to peruse and, hopefully, purchase.
With this latest business move, Bieber's empire just keeps getting bigger. Currently on his "Believe" tour, Selena Gomez's boyfriend also has his own fragrance collection and plans to launch his own clothing line.
The Adidas announcement comes at an interesting time. Late last week, "The Talk" host Sharon Osbourne — who successfully managed her husband Ozzy Osbourne's career and has searched for rising stars on "America's Got Talent" — said she doubts Bieber will have a long career in the music business.
"I've met him. I've worked with him. I did a TV commercial with him," Osbourne, 60, said at the National Radio Conference in Sydney. "He's a really great little guy, but that's his problem. He's a little guy. His fans are growing up — they're 18, 19-year-olds now. …They're young women — and he still looks like that little boy! … I just don't think, from my gut — and maybe my gut's wrong cause it's not 100% — but I don't think he's going to stand the test of time."
Of course, Bieber turned to Twitter to defend himself. "Doubt me...I like it," he posted on Twitter, adding, "Not worried Sharon." He also posted a link to his new music video for "Beauty and a Beat," which is his collaboration with Nicki Minaj.
And if his career does peter out, as Osbourne predicts? Well, he can auction off all his new Adidas gear.

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