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Monday, March 11, 2013

Corper kofo......episode 22

(Kofo has been below the weather for a long time, and as such has not been able to go work, the doctor has advised she stays one more week at home  just resting and during this period , Yomi came from Lagos to see Kofo, on one of the occasions Yomi was there ,Mr. Osita happened to visit#goodbosstinz)

Kofo: ( Just lying on the couch watching Tv alongside my Aunt whom i normally call 'big mummy' we heard a knock on the door, it was Yomi)

Yomi: ah Big mummy ....good day ma

Big mummy: my son, how are you today?

Yomi: I'm very well ma'am.

Big mummy: eka'bo my dear..

(Yomi now turning towards me......)

Kofo: hey..

Yomi: how ae you feeling my love(asking as he plants a kiss on my forehead)

Kofo: (smiling like she won a lottery) I'm fine baby

(now big mummy is forming she wants to avail Yomi and I some privacy goes to the other living room)

Yomi: baby whats the title of this movie?

Kofo: 'act like a man ,think like a lady'

Yomi: hmmmm......(eyes rolling) ok oh!
( another knock on the door< big mummy goes for it and guess who it was? Mr. Osita !!!)

Mr. Osita : Good day Ma'am

Big mummy: Good day ,whom are you looking for?(big mummy sha remembered her British accent on this was speaking like it was some embassy interview...lmsao)

Mr. Osita: yes ma, i had like to see Kofo Daniels(at the mention of this ,Yomi's face changed),she's my staff.

Big Mummy: awww, you are welcome ,please come in

Kofo : good day Sir

Mr. Osita:  Kofo(with a huge smile) hope you're feeling better now, we have missed you so much at the office.

Kofo : i hope to be back next week sir

Mr. Osita: (now trying to give Yomi some attention) hello sir, I'm Mr. Osita ,Kofo's Boss

Yomi: hi I'm Yomi, Kofo's hubby to be(yes he had to emphasize ,a times Yomi amazes me sha,he just wants to prove a point)

Mr. Osita: (recognizing a competitor he had a grin on his face for some seconds ) oooohhh....its a pleasure meeting you.

Yomi: ( i expected Yomi to have said 'same here" but he just replied....) yea yea

Mr.Osita: Kofo i got you a few things (dropping a bag beside the couch where i was, i forgot my manners actually and went straight checking the bag and saw my favourite chocolate, and i said....)

Kofo: woooow! thank you sir,i can see my favourite chocolate( big mummy noticing Yomi's countenance said she was going to sahad stores to get a few things,so she left ,and mr. Osita left almost at the same time.)
Yomi: (giving me some strange looks asked)Kofo is there anything i should know?

Kofo: yes

Yomi: what???

Kofo: he's my boss, secondly i didn't invite him, he came on his own.

Yomi: stop playing smart with me< how come he knows your favourite chocolate?

 Kofo: Yomi.....haven't you heard of the word 'coincidence' ???

Yomi: don't be silly...we are going to be married soon...and some man acts like he knows you too well and i ask ,and you are trying to play smart with me????

Kofo: (at this point i could count Yomi's veins#angrymantinz) Yomi really?married? (now looking at my finger) sorry sir i can't find a ring on it

Yomi : ooooh shut the f....kup. we have come a long way, you should know i have plans,is it by ring?
Kofo: (not talking)

Yomi: (took my phone , went straight to my messages)sure you must have deleted your advice is DON'T LET ME CATCH YOU, 'cause if i do ,Kofo you will eternally hate me.
(big mummy's call comes in......)

Big mummy: tell Yomi to wait for me i got something for you two

Kofo: OK ma.
(now turning to Yomi)
' big mummy said you should wait for her

Yomi: oh yes i will wait for her, nonsense!!!

/.........Corper Kofo continues


  1. Kofo, leave this Yomi guy as fast as you can. He has threatened to harm you if you don't learn and he will not stop till he finds something wrong. This is because he doesn't trust. See the signs and move on while you can.

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