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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Tobi is back from UK and as usual bought me nice things *wink*,I gave her the full gist of my outing with Mr Dave Osita and all through she was just staring at me while I spoke ,at the end ,the only thing she said was ‘KOFO DANIELS it seems you’re beginning to have some feelings for this man’

KOFO:  no na,Tobi! How can you possibly think that way?

TOBI:  Yea, the passion with which you gave me this gist………..

KOFO: LMAO! You’re not serious jor, there is no man that can take Yomi’s place in my heart, you of all people should know that…..

TOBI: I hope so****


For some days now ,he’s been very calm ,so I figured he’s been doing a lot of thinking ,especially since the branch had a party for all the children of the staff members, well who wouldn’t ,6years without a child, not even a miscarriage…..not easy though, so I sent him an SMS “relax Jesus sees it all and he will do it at his own time, which of course is the best time’ (if una like call me SU sister……mstchww)  he replied…..’Thanks, I have just being deep in thoughts, thanks though’.

 Since the office will be closing on the 21st December for Christmas break and Tobi’s introduction is on 22nd in Lagos, I had to go talk to him to please grant me the permission to travel for Christmas/Tobi’s introduction  on 20th ,so I walked into his office  and greeted but he was so deep in thought that he didn’t even notice someone entered ,not until I said ‘excuse me sir’, he told me to do a mail that he was going to approve  it.

KOFO: Sir, you need to take it easy .you didn’t even know I entered your office

MR DAVE OSITA:  Hmm! Kofo, my dad (Chief Jackson Osita) is an oil mogul and he’s about to hand over his company to any of his kids, I am the first son/child and by right it should be me, but I doubt it so much because I have been unable to give him a grandchild and I have tried so hard to build my career to this stage so as to be able to take over when the time comes, it bothers me so much, I feel like I am a complete failure.

KOFO: well, all the same you have to take it easy on yourself, because you have to be alive to take over the governance of your dad’s company,you’re not helping issues with the rate at which you’re thinking.

MR OSITA: (SMILES) thanks Kofo, you’re just amazing, don’t know why you don’t feel anything for me

KOFO: (Oti bere meaning “you have started”) let’s not start ,there are more pressing issues at hand ,moreover don’t forget to go see the director  in Federal civil service commission who promised to fix money with our branch (having said this I walked out of his office and he just kept staring,don’t ask me how I knew he was staring yes! I felt it)……….

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  1. Ok...I'm now a fan! Will watch out for the next episode