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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halle Berry's Hot Body Secrets Revealed!

She keeps getting hotter even at age 46,the Cloud Atlas actress and mom to 4-year-old Nahla still has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood.Halle's body looks 10 years younger,infact she's an inspiration (to me)take a look at the star's taut tummy and long, lean of that, of course, is just good genes. Berry also works hard for her body. The busy actress sweats it out with the pro four days a week in hour long sessions that include squats, leg raises, lunges, and push ups.
Recently, the hot bride-to-be -- she and French actor Olivier Martinez announced their engagement in April -- has also been boosting her routine with a combination of cardio and weights.
"For the past two and a half months, she's been doing very intense, 30-minute cross-training workouts to shock her body,waoh....quite amazing!!!
health starts from the inside out, so to fuel up between sweat sessions and keep her metabolism in check, Berry chows down on five small meals a day -- often salads, fish, and soups.
"Cardio is important but nutrition is key," Bardonnet advised.(her pro) "To look like [Halle], cut sugar, flour, and cheese to twice a week."
#i shall try(winks)

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