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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CORPER KOFO......(Episode 5)

Its a Tuesday morning....and im a little bit lazy....God knows i am not interested in this branch retail meeting that's about to take place, because i have not really done anything about the fixed deposit mobilization.
 Well, i guess i am not alone on this....but my case is a bit serious because i have been tagged *a lazy girl*, my only hope of not being embarrassed today is that Oga Goke is going to man the meeting...Sure he's gonna be soft on my case...(pray so).
  Meanwhile, my main Oga called me yesterday that he's back in town(shuuuu see me see wahala oh, na me send am go holiday?),why would he be letting me know he is back in  town but due to resume on Friday, I just in a very pleasant way told him *oh welcome sir,hope you are fine* , he replied saying *is that all you can say Kofo? (what else am i supposed to say? aaah egbami oh) and i braced myself up saying,*sorry sir ,is there anything im supposed to say that i haven't said?.....the yeye BDM said Kofo na wa for you oh...(first time of speaking in pidgin to me)well i missed you(huh? how possibly can you miss me< now i know this man has been fantasizing) ....i just smiled because i was actually dumbfounded..(me i didn't miss him oh,as a matter of fact i wish his holidays could be extended) he ended the call saying well,see you guys on Friday. Hmm ,i just don't know what to think about anymore ...Yomi has been accusing me of not calling him like i use to do,that's another wahala ( a very personal wahala, i don't like my Yomi getting upset oh)....

ooooophhhhsss just heard my name ....guess its time for the branch retail meeting...i pray i don't get embarrassed today ,meanwhile tomorrow is my CDS day...(so relieving that i don't have to come to this office tomorrow)..... 

........>#Corper Kofo remains a good geh .......

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