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Friday, September 21, 2012

CORPER KOFO (Episode 6)

The much dreaded friday is here, and yes my main boss,i.e the BDM is around looking all smart and refreshed, truth be told he's so on point today (yay!!!)
first thing  he did when he got in this morning was to call the branch marketing team for a short meeting on how far we have gone as per the deposit mobilization ....after everyone gave their report it was now my turn(emi kofo omo eko i can't dull),My report was very great (all thanks to Oga Goke) in fact he was so impressed with my report and said * Kofo, i'm really surprised you did this in my absence without anyone pushing you....waoh!!! well done* at that moment i started blushing...yes ke him nor go sabi how i take he afterward  gave me chocolates to share(which is the usual tradition in the branch ,anyone who goes on break/leave always comes back with things like chocolates to share) i did the sharing(lol,not because i like food oh jare,it was given to me to share)........

  At about 10:35am he sent me an sms saying;

*you will be going with me to see our clients (customers) in NNPC towers (central area) by 1:30pm and afterward we will go for lunch(that's if you don't mind anyway) *

Like i have a choice...i replied;

Ok Sir

I am just hoping its a harmless lunch..what is it with this man ni o aahh, well its 1pm now i need to start getting ready for the marketing/Lunch,God knows my heart beat has increased and my imaginations are running wild.

Will gist y'all later when i get back safely and unharmed.....YES UNHARMED!!!


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