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Thursday, August 30, 2012

INTRODUCING......Diaries of a Naija female corps member. a.k.a corper Kofo(Episode 1)

     First day at work was waoh,i looked my best(#dontdull as a lagos geh)!!! i have always anticipated working in a bank..(ok sorry this na NYSC).This first generation bank likes to employ pretty girls(sure some of you are guessing already ,lol) i was taken to the marketing department dept and introduced to other colleagues....i was all smiles, the day went well as i didn't have much to do (as a jjc na).
2 weeks later ,i was given a target of 50 million naira(mogbe).....OMG!!! Where am i going to get such money? hmmm... well i already made up my mind that i will be driven away because i can't see  myself bring in 50 million naira.
 Well, it's one month today , my Boss(that's the manager of the branch usually referred to as the BDM i.e business development manager) started getting impatient with my attitude to deposit mobilsation....and also threatening to send me back to nysc(ah olorun maje ),i am here pleading with him to take me to Customer service unit of the branch ,but he has refused saying "Kofo you are a pretty girl ,i don't just know why you are not SMART"...(YAY!!!!me lagos geh nor smart???? isokkay).
OK now i know going to CS Unit is a NO NO for my boss. its about closing hour now,and an sms got to me from my boss saying 'this is Abuja you have to be smart baby'(ah ejo oh tani baby)...i didn't reply ,of course whats there to reply.... now he's going home(na oga na)took his jacket and car keys and winked at me, saying goodbye guys..i just smiled....please don't blame me to have smiled ,you probably don't know how cute my boss looks,this guy is dark ,tall,slim and has that rich tone that makes blush most often(yay gbese)....but i try most often to remind myself that this is a work place,he is married(but doesn't look it,too much swaggs) and moreover i have a boyfriend(Tayo) back home in Lagos. hmmm God help me in this city called Abuja over, have to be on my way home now.
   all I'm thinking about now is the way he winked at me.................hehehehehehe
If you like do *yimu* God pass you!lol

Keep up with this page all through my service year.....i hope to have a wonderful service year.

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